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  1. Killjoy scratched the back of her head "H3ll..." she said with a sigh "what I would give just to keep life how it was...where my body didn't get broken by monsters. Now we both have a long road ahead of us...I mean sh/t just looking at my ancestors' training routines just make my entire being ache, and some of them are something I could never even dream of being. It's almost like we devolved as time passed..." Luna thought for a moment "well the need for such power has also passed, it's like the creatures from long long ago, giant savage beasts...but now...merely birds that sing the songs we hear as the sun rises. The world is changing constantly, and as everything else, we must change with it, but of course the Batkin are the exception since they have lived long enough to see everything change. Though in life...there is always a balance. An overlooked concept, but it's as real as the air we breathe. The Batkin has rose up to tip that balance, and so now there must be another force to put that scale back to a normal state...balance. As it has always been. It's just now...we must be that force to bring that balance. Though...as we get stronger and destroy the Batkin threat, we then tip the balance and of course the cycle goes on." She said putting her hands together "so when you say you wish for life to be as it was, it has never changed." Killjoy nodded "hmmm, I suppose that is true, well if if we are tipping the scale, might as well stomp it down." She said with a smirk as she started to walk off. Luna smiled "you missed my point but ok bye" she said with a faint laugh.
  2. Killjoy chuckled "well what's the fun in anything without a little risk right? Well my reasoning for getting a trait isn't for that honor and glory." She smirked "My whole reasoning Is that I merely have a score to settle, no more, no less. I will not rest that Bi-" Luna quickly covered Killjoy's mouth as her yelling was muffled, but was obvious that great profanities were being spouted as her hands waved around violently along with her foot stomping several times. Luna smiled nervously "please excuse her, the term filter isn't quite in her vocabulary just yet, once shes got something on her mind, it becomes vocal and there is just no way of preventing it." She letting out a nervous laugh.
  3. Killjoy looked around at those who gathered around in the study, her eyes rested upon the black cat sitting on Luna's desk "ok so I guess I'll be the only one to ask, since when did we get a cat...and why are we all here?" She said rested her left hand on her hip and her right on the hilt of her Katana. Luna glanced at Killjoy "patience Red, I'm sure all the answers you seek will be answered shortly." She said softly. Killjoy rubbed the back of her head "well...ok...by who?" Maelstrom sat down on his throne "well done my brothers, you all did fine work today, I do believe you have all earned a fine night of feasting. I have had some of our workers bring back some prime cattle. Only the best for those most loyal to the cause."
  4. Maelstra put his hand up and signaled to the silent fang members to retreat, but stil keeping his gaze on Celestia "you all go on back to the Castle. We are done here, I'll follow shortly. His eyes narrowed at Celestia "Careful not to be to quick to underestimate Sun Princess, my magic may not be as strong as yours, but i make up for it in...other attributes, and you will find that out soon enough. So dont work too hard Sun Princess...I dont want a single sign of stress on that pretty face of yours when I mount your on the wall in my throne room, same for your sister..." he said opening a portal behind him and the Silent Fang. The silent fang quickly retreated into the portal followed by Maelstrom "until next time..." Maelstrom said before the portal closed Luna sighed "well of course it wont be easy, we are talking about bringing Nightmare Moon back to help the very ones who banished her and betraying her "children"...and we dont even know if we have the power available to even keep her under control and if we don't, well you could say the Batkin now have the key to world domination....but no pressure right?" She rubbed her temples "so excuse me if I seem a little stressed over the matter, I know it's got to be done and I'm willing to go through with it...I worry more about everyone and...Red...than about myself."
  5. "Everyone's effort is all a waste, your race will die and make way for the strong to rule this earth." Maelstrom appeared in front of his Silent Fang "you know as much as I do that your...dragons...were nothing but mere play toys to true predators, and for you Sun Princess, you will find that your kind is becoming obsolete, your magic grows weak along with your sister. Suddenly an overwhelming black aura surrounded his body, the ground cracked and buckled under his sheer presence. "We can end it right here...right now if you so wish Sun Princess...why wait?" He said 8n a calm and collective manner, but the challenge in his voice could not be any more clear.
  6. Luna sighed "everyone needs help these days, even us." She said to herself quietly before glancing at apollo "well, if what you say is true." She picked up the pendant from the floor "then would you possibly know or know something about bringing Nightmare out without summoning her fully?" She set the pendant down on the desk "not only that but be able to help if she even wants to?"
  7. Luna smiled "let us hope, we do need an advantage in this war, if not might, then let it be wits that turns the tide. Though shouldn't I go with you? It would be safer that way." She said as she levitated the books and stacked them in the nearby corner.
  8. Luna glanced up to Celestia "well there is a lot to read, but yet has given so little answers." She said with a sigh before closing the book in front of her. "Though do be the utmost careful when on the front lines, it goes without say that anything can happen." She looked at Apollo "as for the...cat, I suppose I have a few questions that YOU may be able to answer that history couldn't."
  9. Killjoy looked over Azure's scar "that's quite the badge there...wonder what was guarding my ancestors' history to give you so much trouble." She said taking the scrolls, she looked over the seals and recognized the symbol of her ancestor a thousand years ago. She quickly broke the seal as the scroll unrolled itself nearly touching the floor below. Killjoy's eyes widen "oh wow...it even details her training records, these routines make my training exercises look like child's play. Well...this would definitely be the boost im looking for." She as she grazed over the other scrolls "well looks like I got a very long road ahead of me, might as well research these all today and get this started tomorrow." ((Should Maelstrom get in on this, it would give me a chance for him to get some action and give an idea on his power.))
  10. Killjoy was puzzled by Azure, not even a competitive remark. She raised an eyebrow "uh...ok...and this special something would be...what exactly?" She asked scratching the back of her head.
  11. Killjoy glanced at Azure "how I feel is irrelevant...I can move, I can train, I can fight." She said putting a hand on her right shoulder as she rolled her arm, she smirked "plus I can't sit idle while a brat like you is ahead of me, no way no how. So dont get comfortable kid, I'll be putting you back on your @ss into the dirt like the good old days before you even know it. It's nothing personal but I got a score to settle."
  12. Killjoy and Luna were back in the study. Books piled onto Luna's desk, she scanned through page upon page. "Ugh, who knew there were so many of you through time..." she said finally stopping "oh wow..." she spouted. Killjoy leaned forward in her chair "what...what is it?" She asked. Luna's eyes gazed at Killjoy "well...what I'm seeing here, the very first of your bloodline, was an alicorn...and a very powerful one at that...stronger than me and Celestia combined. Apparently this ancestor fought and defeated a great dark entity, but there isn't much on it, it seems time has made this whole event a foggy memory." She said showing an illustration of the dark being. "That was what I saw...but why am I seeing it, if the being is gone?" Killjoy asked. Luna looked back at the page "unfortunately...no, it doesn't explain anything as of why this being would be seen throughout your bloodline and only your bloodline. Maybe a curse before it died?" She asked no one in particular. Killjoy sighed "whatever it is...hopefully I can contain it somehow." She said putting her head on her hand. "Agreed...well, maybe Nightmare Moon will have something to help." Luna said closing the book. Killjoy grit her teeth "I still dont like it..." she said. Luna sighed "I know, but it's the only chance we got of turning this around." She explained "though right now, you should be trying to find someone or something to get that extra training you need." She said putting a book back into one of the shelves. Killjoy nodded "right." She got up out of her chair and walked out of the room. A few moment later, killjoy walked out into the training grounds and stood beside Trax "so what's the plan?"
  13. Killjoy sat on her bed holding her hands together as sweat headed down her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw shadows move and form a figure with the same red eyes that she saw in her head. Killjoy slowly turned her head hoping she was just seeing things, but there it was, plain as day, right in front of her. Her eyes widened, for the first time in her life, she felt fear as her heart pounded rapidly. The shadows dispersed as the chamber door swung open "Red wha-" Luna paused, seeing Killjoy in such a shaken state. Killjoy looked at Luna "I've faced a lot of horrors and never flinched, even feeling the overwhelming strength of the batkin...nothing...but what I just saw...is something else entirely." She said as her voice shook. Luna sat on the bed beside Killjoy "what did you see?" She asked. Killjoy lowered her head "I dont know...but when I looked into those burning eyes I saw horrors beyond all comprehension. She told me there was a darkness...but I never imagined it was like this." She said. Luna press killjoy's head to her chest " what do you mean by SHE" she asked. "While I was out...i saw my ancestor who fought the batkin a thousand years ago...and she warned about a darkness that has cursed our family since before you and Celestia were even born." Killjoy answered. Luna thought for a moment, she just held on to Killjoy tighter.
  14. Killjoy glanced at Azure, she did wonder a little bit where his extra strength came from. She quickly cleared the thought from her mind, it did not matter. She was going to get stronger, but her pride wasn't about to let her take lessons from her student. "Yes it has Azure...I'm glad to see mine and Trax's training be put to good use, and a lot stronger than the last time I saw you..." she said trying to hold the rage she felt towards her defeat. Suddenly images of flaming red eyes flashed through her mind. A chill ran down her spine "I have to go..." she said before quickly taking her leave, nearly slamming the door behind her. Luna watched Killjoy's exit and looked back at Trax "I should probably go to...you know as well as I do that behaviour is not normal for Red. Though before I go, Azure, i must ask how you got so much stronger?"
  15. Luna took the pendant and examined it "well however we do it, we could probably use this a catalyst of some sort to trigger the nightmare." Maelstrom stayed silent for a moment "Nightmare Moon is no longer my concern... so to answer your question, we will be ruling this world ourselves. There is no longer a reason to hold on to idols..."