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  1. Killjoy left to check on everyone else, as she made her through one of the halls, she felt a sudden dizzy feeling as her vision went blurry and spinning. Killjoy help her head unsure what was going on with her until everything suddenly stopped as the hallway went dim as it were the middle of night. "wha...?" she said as she took a step forward, but stopped as she heard whispers everywhere. She looked around trying to see where the whispers were coming from, though it was in vane. "whose there, come out." she called out. Nothing came to meet her as the whispers grew louder where she could understand some of the words "Murder, Kill, Destroy, maim." the whispers cried to no end. Killjoy grit her teeth knowing that its just illusions of her betraying mind. "This isn't real, none of this." she said to herself trying to snap herself out of it. "is it....?" a voice sounded from behind her, her own voice twisted with death and blood lust. Killjoy froze as she slowly turned her head to see her other self covered in blood as the bodies of her family laid on the floor. The darker self leaned in "It's not real now, but it will be." she said as maniacal laughter rang through the hall. "no-" Killjoy began to say. "SILENCE!" the darker self yelled as Killjoy saw the blade drive through her chest, but as it did so everything went back to normal. Killjoy quickly searched her chest for wounds, but nothing was there. She fell to her knees as her breath grew heavy and shook, it was for the very first time in years, she felt true fear. Shade looked at Kasey "so...when do you wish to start?"
  2. "Your ability IS your own strength, it's a part of you, it happened because your mind focused on what you wanted most. To deny it will only drag you down. You've made it this far without having to use but what happens when it's needed, you never tried to control it so how can you trust it when there comes an obstacle where it leaves you no other choice but using your ability. You need to learn to control it." Killjoy said brushing the dirt of her shoulders. Shade nodded "she's right, you may have live with a noble life style, but there WILL be a time where you will need your ability to push through the toughest problems." He point to Killjoy "Lady Red would never have got this far on mere normal strength alone. Plus she would be a vampire by now if it weren't for her ability." He said softly. "Take pride in your ability, it's what makes you...well you. Our abilities is what makes us strong, strong to protect the weak, and destroy the ones that seek only destruction." Killjoy explained.
  3. "she's doing well, a little impatient, but that's with all children her age. She's still only a child so I'm keeping everything simple, though soon I think she will have to learn that her ability is not for pranks and games, Though forgive and old man's curiosity, but she mentioned your ability and you seem to want to hide it, would you be so kind to let me witness your magic trick? This is my profession after all." he asked softly. "Yes Kasey, show us this magic trick since you clearly avoided getting your tasks for this morning." Killjoy said crossing her arms. "If your father has to do chores, so do you."
  4. Suddenly a woodcutter's axe fell on the floor with a thud besides Trax. "Get up, you have chores to do since you insist on staying here, you have duties, or have you already forgot?" Killjoy said sternly and completely unforgiving. "It's your turn today to chop the firewood, we need wood to roast the boar you spent all night to obtain." Now mockingly "this is non negotiable, I'll be back in five minutes, be ready." She said walking off to make sure everyone is doing their part. Shade gasped as he grasped above his heart as he quickly looked back "dear, don't do that, my old heart can't take such surprises." He said with a chuckle "your classes aren't until an hour from now, what are you doing here so early?" He asked softly.
  5. Killjoy just sat there as she narrowed her eyes at the statement of destroying what's inside of her "were it so easy..." she whispered as she stood up stretching and popping her neck. "It's a start though." Luna looked puzzled "what do you mean it's a start?" She asked. Killjoy looked at Luna "he isn't as strong as me, but he can use his teleporting and speed a lot better to make up for it. I still have the advantage in strength and possibly combat experience. Though the speed will be troublesome. Maybe equal, but in our own ways. Guess he will want that sparring match soon then." She said with an annoyed sighed. Luna giggled a little "it's surprising how many look up to you, how many strive to be as strong as you, it's quite inspiring." She said with a smile. "Though you might want to keep him on watch for a little bit." She said now seriously. Killjoy nodded "yeah, the taste of great power is more potent than any drug or drink. I saw the greed in his eyes...the corruption the power brings. He's going to have to learn that with such physical strength, your mind has to be equally so."
  6. Killjoy just laughed "you forgot one thing though..." She was instantly behind him "you're in my house little man." Trax's body was slammed down as Killjoy's foot pinned him. Suddenly the bodies of all his friends popped up all around him. "I do believe I struck a nerve with you, you care so much for your family, how cute." She said chuckling as she sent Trax's skidding along the ground. A red glow formed where a pupil would be in her right eye "Besides, I've already thought about it, I'm going to Kill you and everything you hold dear." Trax's family surrounded him lying in a pool of blood. "I'll be sure you hear every scream, every cry for you to save them, see every tear and emotion, every last bit of hope leave them. Oh and don't worry, I'll hurt you plenty more after I murder them." she said laughing as she teleport near Trax "If you want to fight me, then you picked the worst place for it, So how about a deal." she grabbed Trax by the hair "Let me out of here...because lets face it, we can hit each other all we want but it isn't going to make any progress. You find a way to let me out and we can see whose the strongest." she said sternly as she sensed the link weakening "I believe your time is up, until next time..." she said as she vanished into the black. Luna cut the link and fell into her chair from exhaustion. "oh Tavi, no victory would be achieved if he challenged her there. If that were the case your husband would be dead before the power surge. Sadly his time will have to wait, though maybe now he will see things the way Red wanted, whatever it is she wanted that is...." she explained "so calm yourself Tavi, everything is fine for right now." Killjoy opened her eyes and winced at the major headache "why does it feel I have the worst hangover...?" she asked as Luna started getting the chains "well you both kinda made a lot of effort. So did you see any of that?" she asked. Killjoy shook her head, no, it was just black, as if sleeping." she answered. Luna nodded "I see so then she must have put all of her attention on Trax then. Though....I think she made him mad, like real mad." she said pointed at Trax as Killjoy saw the white aura coming off of him. Killjoy just sighed "I did warn him."
  7. Trax was suddenly being lifted up by his throat. "I didn't ask how your life went after I killed your friends, I asked how many did I kill. Though speaking of family, they are quite lovely, such kind eyes, such a wonderful display of a what live really is." She chuckled " So now I want to know which one of them do you love most? I ask so I can leave them for last as I make you watch me tear each one of them apart one by one before it is your turn." She tightened her grip "you're all so...fragile, bones like glass and skin like paper." She clasped onto his side, her fingers touching the ribs. I can't break your bones, but I'll definitely make it feel like so." She squeezed down, slow increasing the strength "Only way to get me to quit is tell me which part of your family is most precesious to you. Give me another vague answer and it will only get worse." She chuckled as she dug her fingers into his ribs.
  8. Killjoy just laughed "he asks why, out of everything you could have come up ask why!?" She said leaning back "Well I guess that IS the question everyone wants to know now. Why...hmm well depends on what you mean, but I'm going to take a guess and say you are asking why I'm doing this. The question can't have only one answer, because it's fun, because I'm the superior part of her, because I'm what she wanted when she finally had enough of her Father, I was made and I killed and I kept killing. Does that answer your question?" She said resting her head on her hand. She stared for a second "wait...I remember you, yes I remember, you were that mercenary I saw years back in the southern cities of the Crystal empire. Oh how can I forget that face." She grinned "tell me, how many of those people were your friends, and don't lie because I'll know."
  9. Killjoy just sighed "of course you have..." she mumbled as she walked in the direction to Luna's office. An hour later, Trax was strapped into a chair while Killjoy was wrapped in chains "Right safety first, don't want anyone flailing around during this..." Luna said as she put up her hands. "For obvious reasons we will keep this link up for only a short while." she looked at Trax "you are either foolish or very brave..." she said simply as her hands started to glow. "Alright, connecting link in 3....2....1" Luna snapped her fingers and suddenly Trax was in complete darkness with no walls or floor to speak of. "oh I have a she sent someone here to see me. How cute, I'm flattered." a chilling blood curling voice rang our of the darkness "So you want to see what she sees do you, so you can what...understand?" Maniacal laughter echoed as suddenly a figure appeared in front of Trax, she looked exactly like Killjoy, but with two dark abysses for eyes with blood flowing down the rims. Her entire body wreaked of death and burning flesh, a horrific grin wide on her face. "well how do you do...?" she asked as corpses forming a chair rose up from under her as she sat down on it.
  10. Killjoy shook her head "not in the way you're thinking, Luna can create links as well as sever them, She can do a full visual link between our minds, it will be exactly like being inside my head, seeing what I see. Though, she will see you, and you will see her." She explained as she thought for a moment "though it's up to you, she will be VERY hostile, through the link, you can feel pain and she will try to hurt you as much as possible."
  11. "You may see it as selfish, but you haven't seen what I have, and what I see now. Bottom line, I swore to protect my family, even if it means it's from myself. Let's say it happens tomorrow, I just suddenly fall, you, Solar, Stryker wouldn't be able to stop me. She's even stronger than I am now. She'll kill everyone and leave what we worked so hard for in ruin. Think about it for a moment, all it takes is a single tiny moment, the snap of a finger and she's out to play, it's that quick. Selfish or not, I'm not going to have my hands covered in their blood." Killjoy said not knowing why she is trying to explain this as if he would even understand the insanity that swarms her mind every second. She then thought of something "Do you....wish to see her, my true self? Maybe then you can understand the severity."
  12. "YOU don't call me by that name." Killjoy said sternly and a warning glance. "I honestly don't have an answer to that question. Because in time, magnified or not...I believe I'm doomed to become that darkness and lose everything anyway. It's just the choice of if I want it to all to crash and burn quickly or drag it out in time. The result is all the same. I fight, I lose, I kill everyone I ever cared about. The question now is...if just ending myself is the best option..."
  13. Killjoy chuckled at Trax's statement "start anew? You must he crazy...I can start a new when there are no more threats to humankind, or I die. I am the Hammer again the darkness of this world. The Shield that defends the weak....a Monster that Monsters fear. Good or evil, I believe I was born and raised for one thing and one thing only. That thing is killing, spilling the blood of whoever stands in my way of my goal, and my goals are whatever keeps my family safe." She explained. Luna sat at a desk deep in thought 'it's been so long since I've used my ability' she thought to herself 'I wonder if I could...' she quickly stood up "why haven't I thought of that until now!? It was so simple and clear that I never considered it, I'm so stupid!!" She yelled pulling her hair "I can't believe I didn't see it!!"
  14. Killjoy just huffed "he can search all he wants, but I'm going be the one who picks the one worthy. It's not up to him to decide who get such an overwhelming power. So whoever he picks, they will have to prove themselves worthy of War." She said scratching her head. "Seems only fair right?" She looked at the smoke like aura coming off her arm. She started to wonder if the power she has now is from becoming War, or was the power something achieved by awakening. It was probably a bit selfish of her, but she didn't exactly know if she wanted to give it all up, power greed maybe, all she could feel was the want to keep the strength she had, the strength that let protect her family. She balled her hand into a fist as the steel creaked from her muscles tensing. "Back to the sparing match, I'm not exactly sure if it's a good idea, I'm used to pain so training swords aren't a problem. It's just...I'm not exactly in control of my strength. There was once a time where... ((Flash back)) Three years ago, killjoy and Luna were walking through the forest to find a certain artifact for Father Shade's latest invention. "So what is it we are looking for?" Killjoy asked. Luna shrugged "Shade said there is a...blueprint that should be located in an old ruin. Apparently the design was made by an ancient race think he said...Dwarves or something like that. Anyway, Shade says he needs it to build something that would be very useful to us." She explained. Killjoy nodded "then why didn't we bring the horses with us, I didn't think four miles was just up the road to you." She said. Luna smiled "well you see-" she was cut off when a large bear stood in front of them, it was a very large bear, standing easy 12 feet tall. Killjoy quickly put Luna behind her. "Red, don't kill it..." she said standing closely behind. Killjoy quickly glanced back "what...why!?" She asked. "Because Red, it might have a den nearby and we are trespassing and close to its family." She said as the bear finally charged them. Killjoy, out of reflexes slammed her first into the side of the bear's head, the hit made a Shockwave as the bear slumped over lifeless. Luna covered her mouth "what did I just say!?" She exclaimed. Killjoy just stood there, she already held back a lot and thought it was enough, but the results obviously tell a different story. Killjoy looked back at Luna "but I didn't hit it nearly as hard as I could have..." ((End flashback)) At Luna's relief there were no cubs or dens in a 5 mile radius. The point is, I can be really soft, or fatal. There just doesn't seem to be an in between. I held back and killed a bear with one hit. You still have the body of a human, bones are like eggshells in my hands. It's not that I doubt your skill, it's just if I get into it and I hit you, we'll it's something I'm not going to risk. Your family would never forgive me.
  15. Trax suddenly felt a hand lay on his shoulder, the smoke like aura flowed beside his head as the blood red glare pierced his soul "so you're telling me he could have said that in the beginning and avoided all this hassle, you're telling me....that he tried to kill me knowing full well of the alternative, YOU'RE TELLING ME....THAT I'VE BEEN PREPARING SO MUCH INTO THIS FOR NOTHING!?" Killjoy grit her teeth in rage "you might have to fight me after all to stop me from kicking his bug infested @ss because I'm going to kill him!"