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  1. Maelstrom just stared down "it looks like we have our winner of this tournament. I believe congratulations are in order. Though before we bring this to a close, is there anything our champion has to say or maybe someone higher you wish challenge?" He said moving his hooves behind his back. He felt very confident that everyone under his command have done more than just improve their strengths, they excelled far beyond his expectations. Sadly there are still some kinks Maelstrom planned that to work out in some of the higher ranking vampires. Maelstrom's eyes glowed bright orange as Shadow suddenly felt his energy surge through his body as he was rejuvenated to full strength, even his wounds quickly disappeared. Maelstrom gave a portion of his strength so Shadow didn't have to struggle to stand due to the devastating battle that took place mere moments ago. Though given the amount of energy Shadow lost in his fight, Maelstrom way more than enough energy to supply.
  2. Maelstrom lifted his hoof as the barrier was reinforced even further, Even Maelstrom's power wouldn't put a scratch into it. "You are correct, this fight will be rather entertaining." He glanced back at Ally "Though let me ask you this Ally...who do you think will be claiming victory in this battle?" He glanced back at the arena "I feel a near equal presence of power resonating from both of them so it's hard for me to say."
  3. Maelstrom was unphased at the result "Black Star's defeat was well seen before this fight even started. He let his pride get in the way of what is important and chose to underestimate his own brothers and sisters, in doing so, he stayed ignorant to the growing strengths of those who wish to surpass him. It's a shame such talent was left to stagnate. If Black Star made effort to improve, he would not be bleeding into the dirt as we speak." He said like a disappointed father.
  4. Maelstrom watched on as he put a hoof up to reinforce the magical barrier "I am more than pleased to see that our brethren have improved themselves, it is obvious that during one thousand years, their strength has been dramatically increased. They took their loss seriously and worked hard to make sure it never happens again." he said as he approached the very edge of the arena, just outside the barrier. "though are still some kinks that need to be worked out...." he glanced at Caesar "pride can only get you so far..." he said quietly watching the battle closely "it lost us the first war...and ill be d@mned if I let it do it again"
  5. Maelstrom stood there paused for a moment, waiting for another possible second wind from Demi. Maelstrom clapped slowly "well done Caeser, your prowess in combat is what makes you undeniably a valuable asset to the cause. Now without anymore delay, let's move on to the next round." He said calmly before sitting back in his chair. As he watched the tournament, the lust for battle filled his soul.
  6. Maelstrom just folded his arms and watched carefully "a rare sight indeed, either way, we are going to see something grand tonight." he said glancing at Ally "though I must say im surrised you did not wish to partake in this tournament."
  7. The Night Hunters (private)

    ((alright sorry man...been so chaotic.)) (fast forward 15 years.) Luna sat in the courtyard with a book in her hand gazing deeply into the piece of literature. She glanced up and gazed at the burial site of her fallen partner, memories rushed her into her mind like a flood. Luna let out a deep sorrowful sigh as the pain she felt in her heart still burned as if the saddening event just happened. "as the days go wish to see you and be in your embrace never once withered in the slighted, and here we are...more than a decade has passed...and yet I hold on to a fools hope that you would somehow come back to me." she got up and placed her hand onto the tombstone "Even though the pain I feel from your passing is immense...I am joyful that you, after so much hardship, have found peace and now rest without the weight of your burden." she said softly with a slight smile even with a tear rolling down her cheek. "Mom!" a voice called out. Luna quickly wiped away the tear and looked towards the voice as a girl, about 14 years of age stood in front of her. The girl was an exact copy of Luna, but with crimson hair and eyes. Father Shade perfected his experiment of gene splicing and was able to place a child in Luna with both hers and Killjoy's characteristic. "yes Scarlet, did you need something?" Luna asked with a smile. Scarlet stared at Luna for a moment "I was just trying to find you, but then I remembered where you always go to read." she said looked at the grave "can you tell me more about my other mom?" she asked. Luna sat back down on the bench and padded the space beside her. Scaret quickly made her way over and sat beside Luna. Luna smiled "of course I can..." ((roll credits! unless you want one last thing to add?))
  8. The Night Hunters (private)

    ((Fast forwarding)) The sun was just about to fall under the horizon, a ceremony for their losses took place in the courtyard of the manor. Only Luna remained, standing under the large oak tree where a grave laid by the roots. Luna just stared at the pile of dirt, as she did hours before. No longer having tears to shed, she merely watched the fresh grave, futilely hoping they made a mistake and her love was alive. Luna heard foot steps behind her as she glanced back. It was Father Shade with hanging incense and bright red roses. "It is a great shame to lose a soul such as that was ready to ready to do what was right." He said placing the roses down onto the grave and putting the incense by the tombstone. "Indeed it is...but she was more than that to me..." Luna replied "of course my dear princess, we all loved her, she was almost like a daughter to me. My heart grew heavy with great sorrow once I found out our dear Red was gone." He said as he stood next to Luna. "We were supposed to live normal a famil..." Luna said with a saddening sigh. Shade paused for a moment "Princess...if I may..." ((I you got something to post for right now, go ahead, if not, I was gonna wrap it up after fast forwarding 15 years))
  9. The Night Hunters (private)

    Luna dropped to her knees with her hands over her mouth in shock as tears instantly poured down her cheeks "Red!" she called out, but at that point, it was too late. Killjoy was already gone. Luna ran up and grabbed Killjoy's hand "you can't leave me...not like this..." she rested her cheek onto Killjoy's hand sobbing "I told you not to kill her!" she lashed out at Trax pounding her fists on Trax's chest even though her hits were mere pebbles being tossed to him "you b@stards... how could you!?" she cried as her hits slowed down to a halt before loudly weeping.
  10. The Night Hunters (private)

    War's flames faded and ceased. "Thank you..." Killjoy returned to her body once War was finally thrown back in the dark recesses of her soul. Killjoy fell to her knees before slumping over on her back, a pool of blood slowly forming around her. Her natural ability fighting to keep her alive, but was only just stalling her inevitable fate. Her entire life flashed before her eyes as memories, bad and good flooded her thoughts. She looked at Oakly and Spring "Spring...I'm so sorry...I've caused you a lot of pain. I failed as a mother to protect you...Oakly." a tear rolled down her cheek "it's going to be your duty watch over my daughter, I'm counting on you..." Her vision started to become Hazy as her body started to go cold "so...this is what's like... to die..." she glanced at Trax "please... I want you to bring my body Luna."
  11. The Night Hunters (private)

    War smirked, the ground cracked and warped as she stood even under Caesar's word of control "you're too late to save her foolish child, but I must thank you, if you weren't so weak and feeble to save the boy, I would have to wait even longer to unleash my wrath, then again you should be grateful, in a sense I saved her life...however...its this face...that is going to be the last thing you and your mother are going to see. Save your breath, any threat you have are know as much as I do that there is absolutely nothing you can do to me, but do go on screaming for her, it would please me greatly to see the feelings of helplessness and betrayal in your eyes as I destroy you." She said grabbing spring by the throat and began to squeeze, slowly gripping tighter and tighter. She grabbed her sword and thruster it forward but froze only mere centimeters away. War's eyes widened "WHAT!?" She exclaimed as she tried to move her arm "that's not possible!" Killjoy shook her head "I never said I gave up...I could only do so much...but that promise...honor it!" War's eyes, unable to control them, turned to Death. Killjoy grit her teeth "DO IT!"
  12. Maelstrom clapped slowly as he stood from his seat "well done Caesar, you have once again shown your strength and prowess in battle, very good indeed. I can say for all of us, that we are grateful to have you among us, and seeing that you have not suffered any noticeable damage, I say we can go ahead and move you up to your next opponent without delay. So next contestant join our victor, lets see if our Caesar has improved enough to climb to the top." he said sitting back down.
  13. The Night Hunters (private)

    "ENOUGH!!" War shouted as her flames exploded from in all direction, scorching the four in its wake. All the damage that was dealt to War disappeared from her body without a trace of it ever happening. War glared at Caesar "these words you use, they will hold no power anymore, I'm done playing games." Caesar was suddenly bombard with bolts of fire as each struck his body with devastating force before exploding and burning his flesh with such intensity, it would take even HIM a long time to heal from such damage. The fire bolts kept striking him until he was dug into the earth hundreds of feet down. Death was met with the same treatment except it was hundreds of bolts hitting him all at once cause an explosion large to raze and entire city cause Pestilence and Famine to be shot back from shock wave. Pestilence was forced downwards as War kicked him into the earth, War put her hand up as fiery pillar shot down from the sky on top of pestilence. War flicked her hand to the right controlling the pillar as it tilted right forcing pestilence into a far away cliff side cause it to explode with debris and dust reaching out thousands of feet into the air. War finally face famine as her hand flicked upwards as another fiery pillar shot up from the ground forcing Famine into the sky. Fiery bolt then proceeded to bombard him from the opposite direction. War dropped her hand letting the flames of her wrath cease, letting Famine fall and colliding back down to the earth. War chuckled for a moment that led into a chilling laughter as she stood among her opponents, all battered and broken. Killjoy slowly looked up, her eyes seemed as if they no longer held a soul. "When the time comes...remember the promise you have made to me..." she said before a shadowy presence wrapped around her and pulling her into the darkness.
  14. Maelstrom stood up from his seat "now I must remind you this is only sparring, you're not aiming to kill." He said he raised his hand "prepare yourselves..." he paused for a moment before swinging his hand down "Commence!" Killjoy glared at the team leader "are they THAT dangerous?" She quickly walked up to the leader and grabbed him by the collar "have you ONCE looked into a d@mn history book in your life!? The Batponies aren't like us, they are stronger, faster, better than us in every way in physicality. If you thought Changelings were bad...then you'll never want to witness what Batponies are capable of. " she pushed the leader into the ground "now let's go again! We will keep repeating this until all of you do it right!"
  15. The Night Hunters (private)

    War appeared behind Pestilence before grabbing the back of his neck as it burned his flesh to the bone. Her demeanor, once calm and collected, now held nothing but anger. War delivered a flaming punch into Pestilence's spine as he went flying into a far away hillside causing it to explode. Suddenly, death was sent into the sky by an uppercut as Famine was grabbed by his throat and suffered a couple devastating blows to his face, each blow causing powerful shock waves. War teleported in the air beside Death, Famine still in War's grasp, was slammed into Death as they rocketed downwards back to earth. Suddenly War came out of a fiery portal in front of Caesar "that's a nice trick, I must admit that you caught me off guard. Sadly for you, it won't happen a second time." she said instantly back handing Caesar forcing him to the ground "apparently you never understood what the horsemen do... we don't protect life...we end it, be it through bloodshed, poverty or decay, we are here to destroy ALL life!" her hand presented hellish flames. she grabbed Caesar by his collar up into the air. Suddenly horrible burning pain shot through Caesars body before a large explosion of flames threw him back making collide into the castle walls and through all the buildings in between them. War grabbed her sword once again "and no one..." her dark flaming aura grew dramatically. She tested their strengths, now it was time to show them all of her's. The ground warped and cracked as she took a step forward. "is going to stand in my way to fulfill our purpose."