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  1. Luna took a moment to stop reading the plethora of field reports piled next to where she was sitting and looked up. She let out a deep sigh "well my sister has said everything that needs to be said, though I will say that if you have any more of these kinds of plans in mind, do inform us before you go off and put them into motion. I don't think I can handle anymore of these surprises...not to mention I have to deal with the captain when she gets back." She said using her fingers to rub her forehead. "Just hope she finds what she's looking for down in that tomb." She whispered under her breath.
  2. Killjoy walked up to a tomb that nature had long ago retaken as vines, moss, and a plethora of vegetation covered what once was stone. "They could at least had someone clean up a little..." she said to herself as she brushed some vines away to reveal a long staircase that seem to go on forever. Killjoy took a step inside, the torches all along the wall instantly lit up. "Ok...creepy..." she quickly made her way down the stairs. Even with her extreme speed, it took a minute to get to the bottom. Now a large hallways with statues lining the walls. Killjoy noticed the statues all looked like her, but in different heights and equipment. Some in light leather armor, some clad to the teeth in steel. She approached the statue of the ancestor she saw while she was knocked out, something was different. All the other statues had their armor and weapons. She looked back at last ancestor "why is your gear not here...?" She asked wiping the dust off a little. "If only they were still here, they would have done a lot better job than me." Killjoy moved on down the massive hall. "There are so many if them...but Luna said their was..." she cut herself off as she reached the end of the hall and came to face a large wall with symbols and writing as if telling a story. It was very first of Killjoy's bloodline, an alicorn that destroyed a great evil. She scanned all over the wall and saw what looked like a hand print. Killjoy gently pressed her hand onto the print, it instantly started to glow as what sounded like mechanisms behind the wall started to move. Killjoy took a step back as the large wall lowered down onto the floor. Killjoy's eyes went wide as she saw herself in large gold plated steel armor sitting on a throne. She looked as if she was sleeping. Killjoy walked forward not sure what to do or say until she got only inches away. Killjoy put a hand on the side of the woman's neck to feel no pulse. She was indeed dead, but her body was perfectly preserved. Killjoy quickly put two and two together "so this is my first...alicorns dont decay when they die...? Something to ask Luna when I get back I guess." She said noticing a large pendant around the body's neck. On the pendant there was writing on it. "Those who have, know and willing to share the color of pain are ones to be graced with God." Killjoy read aloud. "What does this mean...willing to share the color of pain...are the ones to be graced with...God?" She scratched her head as she took off her ancestor's neck. "We are the same, What's yours is mine right?" She said putting the pendant in her satchel. "This armor..." she said put her hand on the chest plate. Amazed by such craftsmanship. "Not even a spec of rust..." she turned around to look around a bit more and other large doors with same hand print. Killjoy smirked "today should be a good day."
  3. Luna shrugged "I dont trust it, I guess more skeptical to the idea. Yesterday our enemy and today wants to be friends. In times of war, this would raise all the red flags imaginable. Trust however...is earned...they want our trust, let's see how much they are willing to give for that trust. I dont know about you, but I want absolutely everything they know, down to the size boot each soldier wears. Until then, we need to keep them under guard and to never leave our sight. I can see to it that they dont do anything that would threaten our safety." She said pitching in her thoughts. "We can always deny them and send them elsewhere. It's your call."
  4. Maelstrom stood up and examined the stone golem carefully "these could work, traditional weapons would have little if no effect on their stone flesh, however." He paused for a moment "I have a feeling that our former brothers and sisters will not be taking the simple exile route. Knowing Shadow, he will be seeking the humans for a disgusting hope for peace. That will most likely involve forming an alliance. Have the golems be durable enough to fight former Silent Fang. Also while you are constructing these golems, try to find something that would let us keep the advantage. We are not going to be one step behind again." He glanced at all the Silent Fang left. "And in want everyone to keep they skills and strength at peak performance, we cant afford time for leisure." He said as he sat back down on his throne, resting his cheek on his fist. Even after everything that has happened in such a short amount of time, he remained still, collected, like a iron wall that refused to budge under the pressure that broke the wills of many. Maelstrom thought hard on what his next would be.
  5. Maelstrom glanced back at Black Star, a little disappointed that the one boasting about his power was the last to stand. Though one thing he could not deny was Black Star's aptitude for the dark arts. Maelstrom sighed "then by all means Black Star, tell us all about the greatness that goes on in your mind." He paused to correct his sarcastic tone. "Any idea would help at this point, so please explain what you are planning, we are all ears." Killjoy looked through all the scrolls Azure gave her before his passing. She scanned over them with great focus as if trying to find something. She stopped with the oldest scroll available "there it is..." she mumbled looking at a small map that showed the location of the old tomb of the veils. Killjoy looked up as Luna, who was finally awake, walked through the door "why are you going through those old dusty scrolls again?" She asked. Killjoy glanced at the small map again "Azure handed me these scrolls that held information about my ancestors...but the thing is, there are some missing, these scrolls stop at around five millennia ago. But we all know its goes farther than that." Whe answered. Luna clocked her head to the side "ok...?" She said confusingly. Killjoy thought for a moment "well I'm thinking there is more down in this tomb. So I'm planning on taking a small expodition down there to see what I can find. Hopefully something that can give me what I need." She said rolling the old scroll up and putting it in a small satchel. "How long do you think that will take?" She asked. Killjoy shrugged "no more than a week." She answered. Luna nodded "well let us keep our fingers crossed" she said smiling. Killjoy gave a nod "agreed." She said before heading out the door.
  6. Maelstrom looked on as the ones he called family just turned their back on him so easily. Maelstrom put a hand on his chest, his anger was quickly replaced with grief over such a betrayal. "So...this is how we are going to play this game...?" He whispered to himself before regaining his usual calm composure, he glanced at Chandler "if we held back now, it give the humans time to fortify and dig in. We must keep pressing the attack to keep them busy. We must find a way to make up for this huge loss. We will have a very difficult time otherwise."
  7. Maelstrom growled "I dont care what you are here for..." he said as he unleashed his black aura, once again consuming the entire fort. "I knew I sensed a familiar presence a year ago..." the stone floor beneath maelstrom cracked and buckled. "But here is the thing former lord..." he slowly rose up back to his feet and stood steadfast against Apollo's force of command. "It doesn't matter who you help, it doesn't matter where you go, it doesn't matter how much you know..." he glared down at Apollo "you can not save them...and you have the audacity to call yourself the rightful ruler as if you didn't forfeit that right when you fell all those centuries ago." Maelstrom took a step forward "though the only reason you still sit there is because I wish to satiate my curiosity."
  8. Maelstrom glanced at Black Star as if giving a warning "there is not a soul here that is useless, even pawns on a chess board are of equal importance to the rest of the pieces. The two that are missing are very important, and if I recall Black Star, you were beaten by one of those "worthless" members. Next time before you open your mouth about any of our brothers, do check where you stand." He said calmly but with a very cold essence. Maelstrom stood up with his hands behind his back. "As you can all see, our recent battle costed us six of our dear brothers who we shall honor in blood. The only one to blame for their deaths is me, I should have chosen more wisely. For the ones close to those who were lost, I give my deepest apologies for my misjudgment." He said with a bow. "Though the loss is heavy on us all, we must not delay, let's us begin on what we know."
  9. Killjoy stared at caesar, she noticed his eyes and saw that they were the same as Ally's, her hand gripped the handle of her Katana tightly. Killjoy glanced at Trax as she heard his orders, she growled as she glared at Caesar walking off, but before he could disappear out of sight "hey...you can tell your sister I'm coming for her, next time she wont be running away without something missing...I can guarantee that..."
  10. Killjoy looked back seeing the ice spike going towards her opponent "that's mine..." she said as she sliced through the middle of the spike as both halves landed besides the Silent fang lying in the scorched dirt. "I'm not one to share." She approached the Silent Fang until she was only inches away, she looked over the battered body as the Silent Fang coughed "all hail Mael-" he began to say before Killjoy's blade drove into his skull "shutup..." she said coldly pulling out her sword and flicking the blood off into ground before slowly sheathing it. She glanced back toward her allies to see that everyone was still breathing and have successfully pushed back the assault. She suddenly realized that there was one missing, her former student. She scanned the area around but saw no sign of Azure "guys, we are missing one, I cant see Azure anywhere!" She called out.
  11. Killjoy growled "DONT YOU RUN AWAY FROM ME!!!" she shouted as she went to pursue before Ally could disappear but was cut off by the random Silent Fang as he slashed at Killjoy with his sword, Killjoy deflected the strike with ease. "You're in my way!" She yelled. The Batkin smirked before charging with great speed, but Killjoy quickly side stepped as the batkin passed. Killjoy sliced up his back with her sword "just walk away...before you become just a number in the mass of bodies that litter this ground." she said coldly. The Silent Fang grunted as the large gash healed quickly. "All because you were blessed with a new trait and trained for merely a year, you talk like you're better than us...truth is, you will all be but maggots under Lord Maelstrom, it is better to die for him, than leave for myself...dying here would be an honor knowing I gave my life to his cause. He-" he was cut off as Killjoy loudly scoffed "ugh, all I hear is your Lord's "truth" down your throat as if you were a royal maid. Just shut up and fight or walk away." Killjoy taunted. The Silent Fang growled as he suddenly shot forward and stopped just behind Killjoy. Killjoy's hand rested on the hilt of her katana that was now back in it's scabbard. Blood gushed out of the Silent Fang's Gut but the wound healed almost instantly. "Such speed...it's not...possible..." he said feeling the loss of blood weakening him, the need to feed was nearly overwhelming. "Well it is whether you like it or not..." Killjoy said as she placed her hand on the back of the Silent Fang's head as electricity scorched his skin and hair as he shot forward into the dirt creating a scar.
  12. Blood trickled down Ally's cheek, in the time Ally made her blow, Killjoy was able to make a small slice into her left cheek. Killjoy vanished out of the air before she hit the ground. Lightning seemed to came out of the ground and shooting towards Ally, the lightning burned her skin as Killjoy kneed Ally in the chin causing a shockwave. "Dont worry..." Killjoy vanished again and appeared behind Ally "I'm just warming up a little." She said kicking Ally in the side causing her ribs to falter, the landing another kick to Ally's right arm also causing it break. With each blow, electricity burned Ally's flesh. Killjoy appeared back to Ally's front spinning rapidly sending her heel down on top of Ally's head as she was driven into the ground once again creating a crater beneath them.
  13. Killjoy was already up and gone out of the scar in the earth. Suddenly Ally's face was slammed by Killjoy's foot sending Ally flying back. "You aren't winning this time..." she said as she instantly appeared behind Ally in the air "it's your turn to be broken." She said coldly as her knee drove into Ally's spine as it popped and cracked. Though she didn't have much strength, Killjoy was able to use the momentum of her overwhelming speed to create devastating strikes. "Time to start." Her voice became a bit contorted and her eyes showed what looked like faint black mist. Killjoy turned her katana around and struck Ally's face with back end of the blade, throwing her into the ground creating a crater on impact.
  14. Killjoy rested her hand on her Katana's hilt. Her newly constructed armor glimmering red. She watched on as the great battle unfolded before hearing an all too familiar voice and soom finding the source of such fanatical screeching. Killjoy glanced at Trax with a sadistic smirk, a dark shadow flickered in her eyes "you kidding? It's been a year of non stop training. I've been dying to to get another chance, but this time...I'll be making sure that it's her body that get broken." She said coldly as she suddenly disappeared leaving the ground where she once stood cracked and charred. Burst of lightning burned through a large numbered of vampire soldiers. Instantly Killjoy reappeared only inches away from Ally's face. Killjoy put a danger on Ally's chest as lightning coursed through body, Ally shot backwards a few yards, but before she could even touch the ground Killjoy was already above slamming Ally into the dirt with a scissor kick creating a shockwave sending debris from the crater flying in all directions.
  15. Killjoy stayed behind as she carried Luna to her bed. She slowly and carefully laid Luna down. "Well I guess you were right...the gamble paid off, now we will see where this all goes, I just hope these traits are enough." She said quietly before walking out of the room. Killjoy looked down at her hands and noticed that her body seemed to be in a constant state of vibration, she watched as the electricity flowed between her finger tips. "So...not only do I have speed, I'm able to manipulate the electricity i produce from...static?" She questioned to herself. She wondered just how long she would be able to move at such high speed. Killjoy remembered apollo's words. "Stamina huh...? Well I guess all those training excersizes paid off..."