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  1. Killjoy looked at the horde in front of her, she smirked as her gaze met Shade's "now is all of this necessary? Surely someone who took an outpost single handed can fight me one on one right?" She pointed her sword at Shade "so come now, you want to determine our skill yes? These walking skeletons won't stand a chance against me, let me see what YOUR capable of too, that is if you are afraid of death..." She said with a wicked grin.
  2. Maelstrom chuckled as he just leaned back "proud as always." Killjoy looked back at the two corpses of Red and Hobbs "no...this is more like a challenge..." She said looking back at the outpost " they knew we would see, if they didn't want to raise an alarm...they wouldn't have left their bodies behind." Killjoy stood up as she unsheathed her katana, the black ebony blade shined as the light revealed engravings if a foreign language all down the blade. She looked back at Oakly and Kasey "watch and learn kiddos..." She stepped out if the bushes and out to the open " and enjoy the show" she walked a few extra steps to where she was in plain view from the outpost.
  3. The Night Hunters (private)

    Killjoy looked at the table "we also just lost the element if the unknown, in the ambush, I'm sure Violence gauged the strength of the Black Legion... so now we might have a harder time getting through, it's safe to say the vampires will have an idea of how this army works." She thought for a moment "like before, we will hit the outer wall defenses with our trebuchets before marching through that wide field, Kasey will take half of the forces during nightfall to get them in position into the secret entrance, wait till morning and I'll lead the frontal attack on the city, while the vampires are distracted, Kasey will take his force into the city. At that point in time, Kasey, your mission will be getting that gate open. After that it will just be a close quarters brawl to the throne room. From there, the Legion will stay outside and make sure nothing gets in while me, Trax, Stryker, Hazel, and Solar will enter the throne room and end this." Killjoy said looking at the group "at least my input, anyone else have any suggestions?"
  4. Maelstrom chuckled "say what you will, but I can't seem to recall ever seeing a sheep dog killing the alpha wolf along with four others and seriously injuring two. If not a wolf, a bear..." he argued as he leaned back in his throne. "Rival say dog, but I know what I saw in her gaze." He narrowed his eyes "no doubt...she was a predator alright." He glanced at Ally "in fact, she was a lot like you in a way. Even in her dying breathe, she had a smile on her face, as if she enjoyed the fight as much as you did even though you showed it a lot more."
  5. "Its just like most things in life, the ones you have to work for only become much more sweeter in the end, she didn't go down like the rest. Even though we lost half of our brothers... I can't help but admire the mortal's strength to last as long as she and her friends did. They fought with honor and courage. I remember vividly as if it just happened yesterday, that black armor she wore, torn to pieces dripping with blood. That large sword that she wielded like a feather, was chipped from tip to handle, blade cracking in two. Body riddled with injuries no normal pony could survive. Those eyes, I'll never forget the determination in those blood red eyes, even though it was clear she was to die, yet she stood, ready to use teeth and nail to the bitter end. That was exactly what she did... if we were on the same side....I believe I would have fallen for her, she was also as beautiful as she was strong..." Maelstrom sighed "shame someone like her had to die." He looked at Ally "I know, I shouldn't be feeling this way towards my prey, but what can I say, she was a guardian wolf among cattle."
  6. Maelstrom sighed "Well there is a lot we still don't know, but like I said earlier, we need Shade to be cautious if your theories are true. I too remember our costly victory very well." He put his hoof over his chest as large scar across his entire front side of his body. The same mare Ally fought gave him the scar. "We wont make the same mistake ever again. This time we are prepared, and ready for that sort of opposition." He said as the memories flooded his mind "but if there are descendants, avoid them until we can gauge their strengths."
  7. The Night Hunters (private)

    Killjoy walked down the halls for a moment before being stopped by Luna standing at the end of the hallway. "I'm guessing she told you..." Luna said quietly dipping her head. Killjoy sighed "she did..." she replied. Luna looked up avoiding eye contact "and...?" She asked. "I said fine... on the condition that she sticks close to me through the entire battle, never to leave my sight." Killjoy said rubbing the back if her head. "Did she say anything?" Luna asked. Killjoy shook her head "wouldn't have mattered, it was non negotiable." She answered. Luna nodded understanding the situation, tears started to roll down her cheeks "both of you come back...promise me." She said clinching her fists. Killjoy sighed "you know I can't do that..." she said looking away. "And why not!?" Luna yelled "why!?". Killjoy looked at Luna "Because I can't promise for myself... Because what waits for me...I'll never know." She said gritting her teeth "I don't know I'll make it through this." She admitted. Luna just stood there silently, not knowing what to say. Her body started to drop but was caught as Killjoy held her into her arms. Luna just resistant very little as she started to sob. Killjoy could do nothing but hold Luna tightly."
  8. "And let's all wish Shade the best of luck and give him all of our support. What happens next relies solely on his success." Maelstrom said with a slight grin "And we will be one step ever closer to what we have been waiting hundreds of years for, one step closer for us to be back on top of the food chain...and once again be feared by all around the world, eventually making Equestria a vampire nation." His voice carried the definition of authority "But we must be patient brothers, we have a long road ahead of us, stay strong for our victory is assured as long we stay united." Killjoy lowered her telescope "how can I sleep now when there is excitement just yards away. You two go on ahead, I won't be dozing off any time soon."
  9. The Night Hunters (private)

    Killjoy glared at Ceasar "You are correct, it's not your place. Hazel is MY daughter and I can't imagine what I would do if I lost her. You have the nerve to say I don't put all my trust in her." She clinched her fists trying hard to keep back her rage "it's my duty as a mother to keep my child safe, no excuses. I don't care what she is capable of, what kind of parent would I be if I can't after her, I made that mistake once, and I absolutely refuse to make it twice. Like I said, those are my terms..." she said walking passed them opening the door to leave "you have every right to go with us, but not choosing how. I'm sorry, but that's how it has to be, for mine and Luna's sake, especially for Oakly's sake." She said quietly before walking out all the way as the door closed behind her.
  10. The Night Hunters (private)

    Suddenly as if by reflex, Killjoy's hand slammed into the side if the bed she was laying on as it buckled and faltered from such force as the twisted mangled remains of the bed collided into the wall. Killjoy quickly got a hold of herself, she wasn't expecting such a statement. Though end the end, she knew it was to be expected. She knew that Hazel had every right to come along, especially if what she said about Oakly is true. Killjoy let out a deep rotatable sigh in defeat "fine...on ONE condition, you do not leave my sight and you stand by my side at all times, if you insist on coming along, those are my terms, no ifs, ands, or buts. That is the only way I'll let you God she said sternly.
  11. Maelstrom didn't even flinch at the challenging words, instead he just smirked "doubt in loyalty..." he glared at Black Star "there's no doubt there is a Loyalty issue..." he stood up with his hooves behind his back glaring down at the batpony mare. He looked around the room "forgive me if any of your were offended." he walked up to Shadow "i know there are some who only follow you, like Shade, dont think I never noticed, I'm not going to do anything. All I ask is his full cooperation even when you're gone, be it on tasks or by some random chance of fate you were ever slain, I need to know I can rely on him, that's all. So please be at ease brothers, none of your loyalty is being questioned, but..." he glanced back at Black Star "apparently I can't rely on one to keep a secret. Black Star I'll deal with you later." He said sternly "take that mare to the cells and then we can...discuss what to do with you." He walked back and sat on his throne. "If you still feel betrayed, please, speak up now."
  12. Maelstrom just put his head on his hand and thought for a moment "keep Shade on standby for now, keep an eye on the group of soldiers scouting the outpost. Through out history, the Sun Princess's soldiers were always a pain. A minor bump in our path, but won't stop my plans. Though do tell Shade to be cautious, we are a superior species but they have numbers and are very well trained. Especially if.... SHE had any descendants..." he said remembering an event hundreds of years ago. Maelstrom gripped one if the arm rests, the arm rest cracked and faltered as he crumbled in his fist.
  13. The Night Hunters (private)

    Killjoy sighed taking another drag "if I thought I could...I wouldn't be asking such a favor of you. I admit it, this is something I feel is beyond me... of course I'm going to fight, and try the best I can, but it's not a guarantee that I'll come out of this on top." She stood up "nor do I feel that I'll live through this."
  14. Killjoy chuckled "Well that's great news, haven't had a good fight in ages, if you are right Oakly, this will be quite fun indeed." She said with a sadistic grin "but then again, it's not like the guards in that outpost were trained like us, we are elite, they will find that out soon." Her crimson eyes summed to glow in the moonlight. Maelstrom just glanced at Ally "unfortunately not.. I send him to deal with a... domestic issue, so he should be returning within the fortnight and with any luck, some results." He said calmly.
  15. The Night Hunters (private)

    Killjoy sighed "then I think you know as much as I do...that if she comes out, you MUST kill me at all cost, I don't think I have tell you what will happen if you don't, I'm pretty sure our new friend Ceasar will also try" she said taking another drag "might be asking too much, but it's all I got." She exhaled a large cloud of smoke "I can feel it, my mind is at the brink of collapse, I don't have much time left to be myself..." Luna sighed "maybe so, but she is your mother too, and you need to let her know your intentions." She said in her motherly tone.