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  1. Killjoy narrowed her eyes as she approached Trax staring him straight in the eyes. "You aren't acting right, the Trax I met in my head wasn't so careless. While you are just shrugging off your son's pain an agony." She grabbed onto his head as if trying to inspect something closely "good thing I'm here and not my other self, she would maul and maime you if she heard saw such things. I personally don't care if the boy lives or dies, but you shouldn't either." Her eye twitched "are you under the influence of dark sorcery? Huh...huh...are ya, are ya?" She asked repeatedly. "Only result for dark sorcery is death."
  2. "Being crazy doesn't make you dumb, just unpredictable that's all, and since my real name was given to me by someone even I hate more than anything in this world...Killjoy will do. I killed a lot of people to get that title I'll have you know and I will not have it wasted." Killjoy said in confidence as if proud of her achievement. She then realized something "F##K I LEFT MY ARMOR ON THAT MOUNTAIN!!" She yelled as she pulled on her hair "that armor cost...well I threatened to kill his family so I didn't pay anything..." she was silent for a moment "BUT THAT ARMOR IS STILL PRICELESS, EBONY STEEL IS COSTS A FORTUNE!!" she yelled "not only that but I fought countless battles in's special..." she said quietly. She quickly got up and looked at "by the way, you are taking the fact that your son will continue to be tortured in the mist horrendous ways very well." She said as if forgetting about the the episode she unfolded.
  3. Soon a hand grasping onto a mangled severed arm "it's not that, even he knew he couldn't beat me by conventional means, so he had to pull out all of his tricks, he now knows that he isn't as strong as he first assumed he was, and so malacath saw that I couldn't be beaten by normal means, so in short I win in a way, though Oakley is going to have to stay there for the time being." The crazed Killjoy popped half her body out of the dirt completely OK. "Though there is this weird feeling I'm having, like a long itch has been scratched." She said thinking for a moment. "Like...I actually dont...feel the need to kill you for some reason. Though I really want to kill those vampires though, thinking they own the olace." She looked at Trax, the insanity still clear in her eyes, but calm. She fully climbed out of the dirt, dropping Treachery's arm. Her stomach growled loudly "and I'm hungry...." she frowned "and she hasn't taken back control so I suppose I'm here to stay for a while."
  4. Only laughter came out ad Killjoy sat up "oh I haven't felt a rush like that in years, you ignorant fool, thinking that using your little powers were supposed to actually hurt me when you never realized I've been doing that kind of thing for over six years now." She chuckled "oh an your little speech was oh so cliche, I mean come on, calling me a monster blah blah blah. I might just puke, like you were some righteous hero just there." She said laughing finally standing up. "Though I'm a little upset that Trax thinks this all it takes to bring me down, ME, like I'm fragile or something." She scoffed, she stopped "wait, what was I doing again?" She thought as she looked at Treachery "oh right, look this was all fun and all, but this going on and on, and I'm getting a little bored sooo" she said as she suddenly punched Treachery hard enough to send one of his fangs flying out of his mouth along with a couple teeth. As Treachery went flying and hit the cliff side, few large rocks followed suit colliding into his body with great speed and force as they broke on impact. Giving Killjoy time to get up and clear the distance between them. "If you wanted pain, I got it." She laughing as she took Treachery by the throat and taking his arm and squeezing, in doing so, the bones in his arm shattered. Killjoy stomped down on the side of Treachery's knee causing his leg and knee to shatter. As Treachery fell Killjoy put him into another choke hold as he knee went down on his spine and doing what she promised earlier and snapped his spine in half. Knowing that all this will heal quickly, she knew it wouldn't be quick enough to recover from the immense damage she has inflicted. She took hold of Treachery's collar bone and pulled breaking it with ease. She then wrapped her lags around Treachery's torso and squeezing as his ribs faltered and we're crushed. Killjoy slowly started to squeeze onto his throat "keep this and it will be your neck, then your head."
  5. Killjoy laid there for a moment as she coughed up some blood before chuckling that soon turned into laughter then slowly turned into what only could be known as insanity. "Oh so that's how it's gonna be...let me play around a bit to think I won then start getting serious right at the end?" She said as she slowly climbed out of the crater as her injuries were already starting to heal, dark flames poured out of her wounds as the dark crimson glow of her eyes pierced through the dust. Killjoy stepped out from the cloud of dust "I must commend you though, you are the first in so long to put her through so much pain to let ME out to play. You obviously pushed her into a corner" She said with a twisted smirk and a sadistic chuckle. "I know what your thinking, how can a human get up and walk off what all you just done, well that's good question, but I honestly think you know, because some twisted higher power made me an instrument of annihilation and so as you can see everything you did, all that effort is slipping away." Her voice became twisted and spine chilling as she stepped forward her movement became loose and non caring. A dust cloud passed by, as it passed l, Killjoy was gone. A split second later the bottom of Killjoy's heel slammed onto the top of Treachery's head as he was driven into the ground as the ground exploded crating a large crater. Killjoy quickly sat on Trwachery's back and put him in a choke hold as she was slowly going backwards "now since you were so rude, you can either give up or you can have you spine in half." She said feeling the spine slowly giving "time is ticking."
  6. Killjoy quickly ducked to the side as she landed a hit on the left side of Treachery's ribs, after her constant abuse, Treachery's ribs faltered as the loud familiar sound of bones cracking. Killjoy smirked as she felt the bones fracture. She then tapped in to her full strength as her right arms almost seemed like it was on fire. During the upswing, the air broke as her fist traveled though it causing a loud boom followed by the impact with Treachery's chin creating a powerful shock wave the cracked the ground beneath them. Treachery was sent flying upwards to where he was almost to the cloud above. Killjoy crossed her arms tapping her foot as she acted impatient for her opponent to fall back to earth. Killjoy looked up as Treachery was nearing the ground. Killjoy jumped up to meet Treachery as she spun kicked him in the back of the head sending rocketing into the cliff side.
  7. Treachery soon realized through his volley of attacks, that her body felt harder than steel. "You're going to have to hit a lot harder than that if you wish to beat me!" Her voice echoed through the dust cloud of the crater, as the cloud cleared, she was gone. Suddenly a foot slammed into Treachery face sending him into the ground, on the bounce Killjoy quickly spun to behind him with a burst of strong and fast punches into Treachery's spine and rip cage, each hit creating powerful shock waves. Killjoy kept Treachery juggling in the air for a few seconds with endless punches into his back. Her movements were way more quick an precise unlike how she was in her armor. Treachery finally started to descend, but was grabbed as his stomach was slammed onto her knee. Killjoy quickly lifted Treachery's head up as it was soon met with Killjoy's elbow sending him skidding into the ground creating a large scar in the earth.
  8. Killjoy's chest plate fell to the ground with a loud thud and shortly followed by the other pieces "then I assume it's fists then, hand to hand combat." She said stretching a bit. As of until now, they have only seen her fight with armor and a weapon. None of them have yet seen what she can do with her hands. She now has the unknown on her side, but so does her opponent, she hasn't seen Treachery fight at all. The smoky black aura immidiately blasted off from her body as her powers were released. There wasn't really a plan at all, only to win the fight at all costs, for Oakly's sake. She glanced at Trax and gave him a nod, she wasn't going to back down. She looked back at Treachery as she cracked her knuckles "all I wanna say is, no hard feelings after I put you in the dirt eh?" She said with a smirk.
  9. Killjoy quickly took a step forward "then how about a bet, a test to see how confident you are in your "associates" put me up against your strongest priest in a one on one fight. If I win, you do the exchange, and if I keep Oakly...and I am yours to serve in what ever you see fit." She exclaimed staring down Malacath knowing if he refused, he might as well be spitting in the faces of his loyal followers.
  10. Killjoy glanced at Trax "well at this point do you really have a choice not to?" She asked before looking at Malachy and everyone with him. "Besides, look at him, he already fears us if he needs all of these priests with him." She whispered. She put her focus on Malacath "well if you haven't heard me the first time, I'll say it again, I'm here for the boy, Oakly. Of course at an exchange, body for body. So the deal is him." She said with all seriousness "like I said before, only a fool would refuse such an exchange."
  11. Luna felt a sharp pain in her heart, she already knew how she felt about Oakley but she wasn't quite ready to hear that her daughter was in love. It was a sign to her that Hazel has growing up. Luna slowly sat down to get her thoughts together. There was no way of hiding what she felt. "Well then, we will do everything we can possibly do to make sure he returns." Killjoy stood besides Trax half a mile away looking over Canterlot Castle. Killjoy stared for a moment "Trax, you may not agree with all of this or what I say." She glances at Trax "but if you want to get your son back, you MUST do exactly what I say and follow my lead." She said walking towards the castle. "Just be ready with those fancy knives." A few minutes later, the large gate of the castle broke apart enough for her to get through. "Malacath!" She yelled as loud as she could knowing he would hear. "I've come to strike a deal for the boy, I have an offer only a fool would refuse, just come out and we can discuss things!"
  12. "I already know what they are doing...they are torturing him, right now he is feeling pain beyond all measure. They are going to try to break his mind and spirit until there is nothing left to call himself. If they succeed in doing so, none of us will be in his memories." Killjoy said sternly as she moved Trax aside and kept moving forward "besides, I have a plan to get him back without a fight, but I still need someone to accompany me, I'll need to call upon your teleportation ability one last time" she said as she glanced at Trax "whether you agree or not, I'm not going to stand by while Oakly suffers the same agony I went through and set a darkness inside his heart. you know as well as I do, time is not on our side, and he doesn't have much left." Luna grasped Hazel's hand "don't worry, we will get him back, what ever it takes."
  13. Killjoy didn't have to ask who Ally was talking about, she already knew. She started to head back to the training room for her armor. Luna put a hand on Killjoy's shoulder "don't go, you know they will be waiting for you." She said with concern. Killjoy grit her teeth, Luna was right, it had "trap" all over it. "You have a point, but even you know the types of things they will be putting Oakley through. I have to go get him, they are going to try to break him." She said pulling herself away. Luna tried to reach for her again but in vane. After a few minutes, killjoy was already going out the door, she grabbed Trax by the collar and herded him to follow "you're coming with me to get Oakley back." She said sternly as her aura was starting to form but it was way more intense as her eyes shined brighter than usual. Her anger was clear to see, no one was going to kidnap her student and survive.
  14. Killjoy entered the large training room. She pulled a lever on the wall as the center if the floor opened up and large pillar of steel rose from the floor. Killjoy unstrapped her gauntlets, then her chest plate, finally her leggings. Each piece of armor hit the ground with a loud thud, as the sheer weight made itself clear. Killjoy wrapped her knuckles in a thick cloth. Killjoy tightened up her chest wraps to keep her movements quick. Killjoy put up her fist and started to sway from side to side in a fighting stace. The smokey aura appeared as her eyes got dark. She threw one punch, her fist striking the steel as a Shockwave was created from the massive impact. The thunderous boom echoed through the manor as each hit shook the walls of the training room. As the punches came, the force was increasing little by little before after a while the two foot thick steel started to buckle and bend. Killjoy didn't let up even as the cloth on her knuckles were stained red as she started to make them bleed. All she could think about after seeing Ally was her life in the past and everything that made her who she is today. She finally just used everything she had as she slammed her fist in the pillar, making it bend even more, and one last punch. The pillar of steel faltered as it bent in a full 90 degrees. Killjoy backed away from the pillar, her breath was heavy as sweat dripped off her chin. She looked at her hands, watching the blood drip off her fingers. She sat down on one of the benches unraveling the cloth revealing that the skin was almost all gone showing the bone, though they were already starting to heal as the skin started to close in front of her eyes. Killjoy sighed "even pain is something I don't feel anymore..." she said quietly to herself as she leaned her head on the wall. Luna chuckled at Tavi's taunting. She looked back at Ally "she's right, anyone can conquer the darkness inside them, she may be a part of you, but you must prove to yourself that you are stronger than your other half, but you got to be ready to travel the long hard road ahead of you." She said as she heard the loud booming sounds from below, the floor vibrated under her feet. She sighed as rubes her eyes "and there she goes hitting things again, so much rides on her shoulders..." she said quietly.
  15. Luna smiled "and we can give you the help you need, but I have to ask for your best effort if you wish to rid yourself of those awful voices, and together, we can make your life a lot better, but you have to trust use if we are to work together." She said softly. Killjoy just kept walking, Ally reminded her too much of herself when she was around that age, the hopelessness, the fear, the rage. Killjoy clinched her fists, the very sight of that girl opened up old wounds, deepening the cracks of her mind. "I need to hit something..." she said out loud to help herself as she started to make her way to the training room.