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  1. Radz scoffed as she held up her hoof, a magical barrier formed in front of her blocking Rose's onslaught. "I suppose I could say I'm a little impressed...you've survived this long. I guess I can kick it up a notch." She said aloud before dispersing Rose's volly of black magic. Suddenly Rose found herself in an empty plain of white and gold. "I bet you can tell where you are, it must be here if we continue this...mmm... fiiigghht..." she said not actually sure if what they are doing could be called as such. "Anyway...long story short...this is the realm of the gods, if I were to get a little serious...well, the entire world would be at risk of total annihilation, and that just wouldn't do. With that said..." a large powerful, destructive aura exploded out of Radz. All laws of physics were non existent within her aura of power. "Let's see how you do against me being semi serious." She said in her usual snarky tone. Within a blink of an eye, Radz's hoof slammed into Rose's face sending a catastrophic shockwave strong enough, that the earth would have been in shambles within minutes. Radz then followed with a knee to Rose's gut, sending yet another apocalyptic shockwave.
  2. Killjoy turned her head away from shadow, not even giving him the courtesy of eye contact. "You know d@mn well I don't have to look...she will come to me...plain and simple. Just for record, we aren't friends...so stop talking to me like we can be. I don't care what side you chose to be on...we are not Allies." She said coldly as she walked off.
  3. Radz sat up "well let's take annoying a little higher shall we?" She said standing up, she looked at Rose as she dusted herself off. She took a deep breathe as she held her hoof up to chest level, as she exhaled a small sun formed over her palm. "Let the shadows fade under the sun's glorious light...let it burn away the darkness in righteous fire. Cruel Sun..." she said as she gently pushed the small sun towards Rose. Once the orb of fire reached the sky above, it expanded instantly to the size of a small town and it gained in speed. Once it got close to Rose, she was once again exposed to unrivaled heat. "Solar flare..." as this was said the sun exploded with the power to violently shake the continent. Not a soul in Equestria would be unaware of its power.
  4. "Did you honestly think that pitiful attack would even harm me, do you REALLY think that low of me to use such a weak magical explosion?" Radz said from behind Rose. Her horn lit up, as it did so, unfathomable heat started to irradiate around her. "Let me show you what true power looks like..." a massive red beam of light shot towards Rose, the beam itself was large enough to change the sky's color to the same crimson. Rose was sent into the ground as the area within a kilometer raised drastically in temperature. Trees lit ablaze and dirt become glass, any clouds or bodies of water evaporated in an instant. Nothing was safe from the hellish fire as it burned with intensity of the sun tenfold. Radz wasn't one to be reckless however, all of her allies were protected inside a magical barrier, safe from blast. As the beam reached the ground, a large explosion erupted out. The explosion would be enough to level large cities such as Canterlot and Vampireece to the ground withing mere moments. Radz halted the beam and looked on at the destruction, searching if Rose was still breathing.
  5. Killjoy stood already on the island. She used her immense speed to make it to shore safetly without injury. "I'm here, it's hotter than friggin tartarus oug here!" She exclaimed "and humid as hell...its gonna mess up my hair...why am I cursed with such bodily inconveniences!"
  6. Killjoy stood up "well now if our newbie's hormones are finished swarming around in that tiny little body, I guess we should just hit basics and sound off. I'm Colonel Killjoy, I'll be the one you report to if there is information to be shared. Anything you acquire must come to me, and I to General Trax. So now since that is out of the way...i better get my expectations of you fulfilled. If what they say true...that shouldn't be hard...right?"
  7. Radz floated down from the air and landed onto the ground between Rose and Oakly. She stared directly into Rose's eyes "you know, I'm a very tolerable mare, but there are three thing that I cannot abide. 1...." she paused for a moment and just growled "screw it....you are the embodiment of everything I hate in this entire existence. So I'm gonna let you in on a little secret..." she cracked her hooves "you have made me REALLY angry, I'm gonna enjoy every moment of me bashing your face in, even after you're dead, I'll make sure no one can recognize you...there will be nothing but bloody pulp covering the ground once I'm done. Though why stop at just your head, all your flesh will be ripped to shreds, your bones...dust. if there is even an afterlife for lower than scum like you, you better pray I don't find you there. I could destroy you a million times and I'm very certain I'd lose no joy out of it. I guess that's not really a secret...but what is a secret" her eyes showed a very sadistic side "I absolutely LOVE it when they scream...are you a screamer Rose?"
  8. Killjoy raised an eyebrow, she wondered what sort of ace they even had. "What does he mean by "we may still need our Ace" what in f as it is our Ace up our sleeve?" She asked aloud. Luna shrugged "I really have no clue...no one has said anything about a secret weapon...surely I would have known about it by now. I just hope whatever tricks the general has left will be worth and finally let us gain some ground in this war. I'm sick of this stalemate."
  9. ((Yeah I'm game. We can just have Radz square off against Rose?))
  10. Maelstrom chuckled "do not let yourself into your anger, they are not worth your rage. Keep that inside until it matters, then rip them apart until there is nothing left for their friends to identify. Just keep your mind focused on our mission, I can't have you distracted." Killjoy caught herself on her feet and braced herself to compensate with the force against her. "What the h3ll is going on, why is the ship moving at this high speed!!??" She yelled.
  11. Luna thought for a moment "we already stepped a cross the line, all we can do now to keep the peace is to degrade ourselves by dwelling in secrecy. We let absolutely no one know about this allience. Me and my Sister will just have to deal with the repercussions of our actions once this war is over. The people will demand justice...and at that point." Luna's face became serious "we can NOT deny them what they overwhelmingly deserve." She stared directly into Trax's eyes "be prepared to fulfill their wish, even if it comes to an execution to someone you might later call a brother or sister." She said with great authority. Maelstom observed the refined version of Black Star's concoction, it was exactly what he asked for. "Very good Black Star, I am impressed with this new form. How long will it take to present this to all our forces?"
  12. Luna shook her head "it's not that General Trax, it's not whether or not they can be trusted, it is indeed their crimes. Using the dead is one of the highest war crimes that could be committed, let alone the very use of black magic. How do you think we will look to our people for ignoring such horrible actions taken against us and turning around and allying with the very ones who have committed said atrocities? I'm well aware of the advantages they bring us and knowledge they can provide, but everything we are doing is both politically and morally wrong in every sense, and I'm aware that we are left with too little choices to make...I...We have betrayed the very people who wish for justice." She explained in a mellow tone. "How can we look the people we protect in the eye and justify our actions?"
  13. Killjoy shrugged at Triton's question "whether or not those stories are true is no concern of mine, I'm here to do what my princesses' wish me to. We just gotta go in, grab what we need, and get the h3ll out. What I know for fact is that if we know about this artifact, so does the Batkin...well the evil ones. If this artifact is so important, then they aren't gonna risk sending grunts, I'd wager the top five are going to be on that island with us. Question is, will we he able to stand as equals? Some time has passed since our last confrontation so let us pray we closed at least most of the power gap between us." She said putting her foot up on the side railing of the ship. "Either way, we wont have any of these questions answered until we get on to the island." Maelstrom witnessed half of his ships destroyed, but as usual, he stayed unfazed. He was actually quite surprised to see beings with such power "well this is interesting indeed, it seems that finally after a thousand years, we will have a challenge, at least hopefully."
  14. Killjoy glanced at Shadow and Shade, but didn't give them any sort of acknowledgement. Her hand now resting on the hilt of her sword. The fact that she had to stand next to the one that killed two of her men back at the outpost, appalled her greatly to the point it almost made her sick. Luna noticed Killjoy's body language, but couldn't find any reason to scold her, she knew what Killjoy felt was indeed justified, it's hard to forgive. Luna cleared her throat and put on her formal smile "indeed Shadow, the honor is all mine...our allience will bring out a whole new era, humans and batkin living in peace and harmony, as equals."
  15. Towards the rear of the ship, the doors of the Captain's quarters flew open as Maelstrom stepped out in his usual stride, hands behind his back. He calmly stepped his way to Ally's side. He gazed at the figure surrounded by the watery vortex "I do believe he has no intention of moving dear Ally. If they wish To have a taste of our superiority, then I say let them. Though of course...be sure to not underestimate."
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