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  1. Killjoy raised an eyebrow, she wondered what sort of ace they even had. "What does he mean by "we may still need our Ace" what in f as it is our Ace up our sleeve?" She asked aloud. Luna shrugged "I really have no clue...no one has said anything about a secret weapon...surely I would have known about it by now. I just hope whatever tricks the general has left will be worth and finally let us gain some ground in this war. I'm sick of this stalemate."
  2. ((Yeah I'm game. We can just have Radz square off against Rose?))
  3. Maelstrom chuckled "do not let yourself into your anger, they are not worth your rage. Keep that inside until it matters, then rip them apart until there is nothing left for their friends to identify. Just keep your mind focused on our mission, I can't have you distracted." Killjoy caught herself on her feet and braced herself to compensate with the force against her. "What the h3ll is going on, why is the ship moving at this high speed!!??" She yelled.
  4. Luna thought for a moment "we already stepped a cross the line, all we can do now to keep the peace is to degrade ourselves by dwelling in secrecy. We let absolutely no one know about this allience. Me and my Sister will just have to deal with the repercussions of our actions once this war is over. The people will demand justice...and at that point." Luna's face became serious "we can NOT deny them what they overwhelmingly deserve." She stared directly into Trax's eyes "be prepared to fulfill their wish, even if it comes to an execution to someone you might later call a brother or sister." She said with great authority. Maelstom observed the refined version of Black Star's concoction, it was exactly what he asked for. "Very good Black Star, I am impressed with this new form. How long will it take to present this to all our forces?"
  5. Luna shook her head "it's not that General Trax, it's not whether or not they can be trusted, it is indeed their crimes. Using the dead is one of the highest war crimes that could be committed, let alone the very use of black magic. How do you think we will look to our people for ignoring such horrible actions taken against us and turning around and allying with the very ones who have committed said atrocities? I'm well aware of the advantages they bring us and knowledge they can provide, but everything we are doing is both politically and morally wrong in every sense, and I'm aware that we are left with too little choices to make...I...We have betrayed the very people who wish for justice." She explained in a mellow tone. "How can we look the people we protect in the eye and justify our actions?"
  6. Killjoy shrugged at Triton's question "whether or not those stories are true is no concern of mine, I'm here to do what my princesses' wish me to. We just gotta go in, grab what we need, and get the h3ll out. What I know for fact is that if we know about this artifact, so does the Batkin...well the evil ones. If this artifact is so important, then they aren't gonna risk sending grunts, I'd wager the top five are going to be on that island with us. Question is, will we he able to stand as equals? Some time has passed since our last confrontation so let us pray we closed at least most of the power gap between us." She said putting her foot up on the side railing of the ship. "Either way, we wont have any of these questions answered until we get on to the island." Maelstrom witnessed half of his ships destroyed, but as usual, he stayed unfazed. He was actually quite surprised to see beings with such power "well this is interesting indeed, it seems that finally after a thousand years, we will have a challenge, at least hopefully."
  7. Killjoy glanced at Shadow and Shade, but didn't give them any sort of acknowledgement. Her hand now resting on the hilt of her sword. The fact that she had to stand next to the one that killed two of her men back at the outpost, appalled her greatly to the point it almost made her sick. Luna noticed Killjoy's body language, but couldn't find any reason to scold her, she knew what Killjoy felt was indeed justified, it's hard to forgive. Luna cleared her throat and put on her formal smile "indeed Shadow, the honor is all mine...our allience will bring out a whole new era, humans and batkin living in peace and harmony, as equals."
  8. Towards the rear of the ship, the doors of the Captain's quarters flew open as Maelstrom stepped out in his usual stride, hands behind his back. He calmly stepped his way to Ally's side. He gazed at the figure surrounded by the watery vortex "I do believe he has no intention of moving dear Ally. If they wish To have a taste of our superiority, then I say let them. Though of course...be sure to not underestimate."
  9. ((Sorry for the delay...again, I know it's probably annoying by now)) Killjoy's shut eyes winced as the brightness of the sun came through the window and placed its light upon her face. Slowly, Killjoy's eyes opened, using her hand like a shield from the blinding orb of fire in the sky. After a few moments, her eyes became adjusted to the morning rays. She slowly sat up rubbing her eyes before glancing to her side to see Luna still asleep. Killjoy yawned as she tossed the blanket aside. As with every morning, it was no surprise to say a mess was an understatement for Killjoy's hair. Killjoy stood up, her pale skin almost seemed to glow in the sun's rays. Killjoy looked back as she heard the sound of sheets rustling and tired moans. Luna slowly sat up "ugh, up already?" She asked with a yawn. Killjoy nodded "well yes, I am a soldier...so I have a soldier's sleep schedule." She replied with a smirk. Luna shoved her face into her pillow "then remind me to change the schedules." She said as the pillow muffled her voice. Killjoy chuckled "I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea, that would throw everyone out of routine." She explained. "I don't care." She huffed, face still pressed into her pillow. Killjoy sighed "stop being a lazy body, even princesses have to be up and ready this early." She said yanking away the covers as Luna's bare body quickly curled up and she let out a small squeal. "Not too fast, I have a system, my body has to adjust!" She complained. Killjoy laughed "not happening, now come on before I drag you by your feet." Luna quickly shot up "you wouldn't...!" She exclaimed. Killjoy gave Luna a sly grin. Luna saw that her Hopes for a bluff were destroyed. "Ok! I'll get up, I'll get up." She said with a deep sigh as she twisted her body to the side of the bed. She rested her feet onto the floor as she winced "cold..." she muttered. Finally, Luna slowly stood up, but her posture was as if she was the undead. Killjoy raised an eyebrow "aren't you being a little dramatic here." She said with a laugh. Luna groaned "kill me..." she said as she shuffled her feet to her wardrobe. She opened up the wardrobe and took out her usual attire. Each piece of clothing seemed more like a chore as she slowly got dressed. "Are you happy now?" Luna groaned shortly before yawning. Killjoy smirked "not quite, we still have to make it outside." She answered as she put on the last piece of her armor. She strapped her katana to her hip "you ready to head out?" She asked. Luna slowly moved her exhausted gaze at Killjoy "no..." she answered. Killjoy laughed "good, let's go." A few minutes have passed, before Killjoy and Luna were heading out of the castle's gates and into the city. Killjoy glanced over at Luna who has seemed to be a little more awake now. "Oh, Luna I almost forgot, I have a question." She said. Luna raised an eyebrow "what is it?" She replied. "Well while I was in that tomb, I found the first of my bloodline, the alicorn, of course she was dead, but her body was strangely still perfect. Her body was still warm to the touch even...you'd think she was sleeping, yet there was no pulse. So I suppose my question would be....do alicorn not decompose like normal humans do?" She asked. Luna was puzzled "we have longer life spans and all, but we still act the same as everyone else when we die. So it's quite odd for someone to supposedly be dead for hundreds of thousands of years, and still be in that perfect condition. Well I mean...from what I've read, she is...well was extraordinarily powerful, as I said before, me and my sister combined could only hold up to a fraction of her power. Maybe even nature can't overcome her will, even in death." She paused "but it's only my theory." She explained. Killjoy thought for a moment "that could be the case, too bad there isn't more about her. I wonder why there is so little known of her, yet she defeated a God like darkness, saving the world...you'd think there's be tales and songs about her." She said scratching her head. Luna nodded in agreement "it is rather odd, but it's just the way it is I guess. Only way to find out more is to bring her back from the dead...which of course is impossible...at least impossible with the magic we have." She explained. Killjoy nodded "oh well, guess we will never know." More time has passed as Killjoy and Luna made it to the camps. They quickly made their way to the command tent, upon entry, they saw General Trax. Luna smiled "I must give my congratulations on the new promotion, it's been quite some time since we've had a field general, and I can honestly say it's quite fitting, given that the one before you was...well you." She said with a chuckle. Killjoy gave Trax a nod "now all they gotta do is let me take the rank of Colonel huh?" She said with a smirk. Luna sighed "rude..."
  10. Maelstrom lifted his head and examined the transformed soldier. "I can honestly say I am impressed by the physical improvement, but a soldier without a mind is impaired with lack of reason and logic. What is the point of winning if none of them can witness their glory with their own eyes. Especially the soldiers that have faith in me as their ruler, I would be betraying them if I took away their freedom." He explained calmly. As he glanced at Black Star "I think it goes without saying, refine your concoction, I expect the same physical prowess, but their minds left alone. Is that clear?"
  11. Maelstrom raised an eye brow as he examined the vial in Black Star's hand. Maelstrom felt a sense of unease as he looked into Black Star's wild gaze. His use of Black Magic is pushing him away from sanity. He narrowed his eyes at Black Star "you have my attention, please show what you have in that vial of yours and possibly explain it's purpose, and this better be what you say it is. Killjoy broke the treeline resting on a hill the over looked the entire city of Canterlot. Killjoy looked at the front gate of the city and noticed a figure walking out of the gate. Killjoy knelt down and took a spyglass out of her bag and looked through. Her eyes widen as she saw one of the Silent Fang members walking beside Apollo. What surprised her the most was that the guards acted friendly towards the Silent Fang. "What the he11 is this?" She muttered to herself. As she collapsed the the spyglass and tucked it back into her bag. She stood back up and began rocketing towards the city without being spotted by the guards. Luna sat in her room still reading through field reports, all of which, were the same. No progress or losses, just a massive stalemate. Luna quickly jumped as she heard feet hit the floor. She looked at her window to find Killjoy standing there. "Red what on earth are you doing? There is a door." She said in surprise. Killjoy tilted her head in confusion "what do mean, there are Silent Fang coming in and out of the city. Are we not under occupation?" She asked. Luna sighed and rubbed her forehead "no we are not under occupation...that Silent Fang member is a defector, a long with a few others and a number of Bat kin" She answered. Killjoy raised an eyebrow "so...the Bat kin decided to join us...?" She asked still not understanding. Luna nodded "that is correct. I know it's quite a surprise, but please be calm when I say some of the top Silent Fang are here." She said with a nervous smile. Killjoy grit her teeth and was about to speak but Luna interrupted "but not that one!... you dont have to worry." Luna quickly exclaimed. Killjoy took a deep breathe "and you trust them?" She asked. Luna nodded "I do." She replied. Killjoy nodded "very well. If you trust them, I have all my faith in your judgement. My blade is sheathed until given reason otherwise." She said. Luna smiled "good."
  12. Luna took a moment to stop reading the plethora of field reports piled next to where she was sitting and looked up. She let out a deep sigh "well my sister has said everything that needs to be said, though I will say that if you have any more of these kinds of plans in mind, do inform us before you go off and put them into motion. I don't think I can handle anymore of these surprises...not to mention I have to deal with the captain when she gets back." She said using her fingers to rub her forehead. "Just hope she finds what she's looking for down in that tomb." She whispered under her breath.
  13. Killjoy walked up to a tomb that nature had long ago retaken as vines, moss, and a plethora of vegetation covered what once was stone. "They could at least had someone clean up a little..." she said to herself as she brushed some vines away to reveal a long staircase that seem to go on forever. Killjoy took a step inside, the torches all along the wall instantly lit up. "Ok...creepy..." she quickly made her way down the stairs. Even with her extreme speed, it took a minute to get to the bottom. Now a large hallways with statues lining the walls. Killjoy noticed the statues all looked like her, but in different heights and equipment. Some in light leather armor, some clad to the teeth in steel. She approached the statue of the ancestor she saw while she was knocked out, something was different. All the other statues had their armor and weapons. She looked back at last ancestor "why is your gear not here...?" She asked wiping the dust off a little. "If only they were still here, they would have done a lot better job than me." Killjoy moved on down the massive hall. "There are so many if them...but Luna said their was..." she cut herself off as she reached the end of the hall and came to face a large wall with symbols and writing as if telling a story. It was very first of Killjoy's bloodline, an alicorn that destroyed a great evil. She scanned all over the wall and saw what looked like a hand print. Killjoy gently pressed her hand onto the print, it instantly started to glow as what sounded like mechanisms behind the wall started to move. Killjoy took a step back as the large wall lowered down onto the floor. Killjoy's eyes went wide as she saw herself in large gold plated steel armor sitting on a throne. She looked as if she was sleeping. Killjoy walked forward not sure what to do or say until she got only inches away. Killjoy put a hand on the side of the woman's neck to feel no pulse. She was indeed dead, but her body was perfectly preserved. Killjoy quickly put two and two together "so this is my first...alicorns dont decay when they die...? Something to ask Luna when I get back I guess." She said noticing a large pendant around the body's neck. On the pendant there was writing on it. "Those who have, know and willing to share the color of pain are ones to be graced with God." Killjoy read aloud. "What does this mean...willing to share the color of pain...are the ones to be graced with...God?" She scratched her head as she took off her ancestor's neck. "We are the same, What's yours is mine right?" She said putting the pendant in her satchel. "This armor..." she said put her hand on the chest plate. Amazed by such craftsmanship. "Not even a spec of rust..." she turned around to look around a bit more and other large doors with same hand print. Killjoy smirked "today should be a good day."
  14. Luna shrugged "I dont trust it, I guess more skeptical to the idea. Yesterday our enemy and today wants to be friends. In times of war, this would raise all the red flags imaginable. Trust however...is earned...they want our trust, let's see how much they are willing to give for that trust. I dont know about you, but I want absolutely everything they know, down to the size boot each soldier wears. Until then, we need to keep them under guard and to never leave our sight. I can see to it that they dont do anything that would threaten our safety." She said pitching in her thoughts. "We can always deny them and send them elsewhere. It's your call."
  15. Maelstrom stood up and examined the stone golem carefully "these could work, traditional weapons would have little if no effect on their stone flesh, however." He paused for a moment "I have a feeling that our former brothers and sisters will not be taking the simple exile route. Knowing Shadow, he will be seeking the humans for a disgusting hope for peace. That will most likely involve forming an alliance. Have the golems be durable enough to fight former Silent Fang. Also while you are constructing these golems, try to find something that would let us keep the advantage. We are not going to be one step behind again." He glanced at all the Silent Fang left. "And in want everyone to keep they skills and strength at peak performance, we cant afford time for leisure." He said as he sat back down on his throne, resting his cheek on his fist. Even after everything that has happened in such a short amount of time, he remained still, collected, like a iron wall that refused to budge under the pressure that broke the wills of many. Maelstrom thought hard on what his next would be.
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