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  1. Dandilion nodded. "I have no idea why we have been summond." She noted the bat pony. She had heard of them but never seen one. How wonderfully interesting! She used her magic to pull out the scroll. "Did you recieve this same one?" She asked.

  3. I have finnished these, but have no way to upload atm TT.TT Give me a bit of time, my pretty ponies! :3
  4. ((Sorry... i just caught my bf of two years cheating, my mom kicked me out, and i have the flu... i will post, i am sorry...)) Dandilion got off the train at Canterlot and walked into the courtyard. Her heart fluttered at the beauty of the place. Two gaurds started twards her from the platform. "Dandilion? Please come with us. Youare requested in Celestia's great hall." She gulped and nodded, walking between the two gaurds. They entered the great hall, the doors high above her head. She noticed a collection of glowing flowers nearby, and her interest peaked. Wow! Sunrise Saffrions! Her hoofsteps echoed on the marble floors. The thrones of Luna and Celestia were empty. "We ask that you wait here. Others are on their way."
  5. Lesbihonest... i got the hots for rainbow-power applejack ^^

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  6. Everypony was having their own issues... i didnt want to throw mine in too...
  7. As the morning light filtered into Dandilion's window, she blinked softly. The pink sunrise turned her white coat a dusky rose. She yawned and stumbled from her bed. Gently trotting down her steps from her bedroom, she walked into her kitchen to have a muffin for breakfast. *knock knock knock* She looked at the door, confused. She opened it, and standing before her was a member of the royal guard. He looked fierce, the symbol of Equestria emblazoned across his chest. "Dandilion Enverhorn" He said around a scroll clamped between his jaws. She gently took the scroll from him with her magic. "You have been summoned by the high Princess Celestia for mission of great importance. Your instructions are listed within your scroll." And with that, he took to the air. She unrolled the off-white parchment: Dearest Dandilion, I have asked you on this day to arrive at my courtyard at exactly 4 o' clock this after noon. You have been selected with others to embark on a perilous journey to the Isle of the Griffons. I understand this may be beyond your capabilities, but I believe in you, and your kingdom needs your help. You have the choice to disregard this, but please come to my aid. Thank you, and deepest regards, Princess Celestia Dandilion's muffin fell to the floor. The princess... Needed her? Her face flushed. But why? I must go! She thought. She galloped up the stairs and began to pack her saddle bag.
  8. *hugs* it will be okay... we can get through it.
  9. I have decided... I LOVE PINKIE PIE!!!!!

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  10. So... hm. I have never really talked about this. I guess this is just such an accepting community, I thought perhaps I would. I have very low self esteem. Painfully low. And depression so bad, that sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed. Sometimes... I don't even want to wake up. Now, there are a million reasons for this. Being bullied, may relationship with my parents, my relatuonship with my on-and-off boyfriend, religious issues, my disorders. The reason I feel so... angry with myself about this is because I always tell people not to let things like that hurt them or hold them back. I am a hypocrite. A few years ago I had a friend with scars on her arm. She showed me the release that comes from cutting. I would use a safety pin and make scratches on my arms. But I never whent further, and eventually quit. Then... three months ago, I was losing it. A downward spiral, no way out. So... I picked up a pretty green knife and sliced open my arms. I was disgusted afterwards, and I only felt worse, but at the time... It felt so good. This was finnaly something I had control over. Finnaly a way for release, something that was all mine. Soon my arms were covered in scars and scabs. People started to notice. I started to lie. Finnaly it was the darkest moment I have ever had. The final precipice. I was losing it. So I called White Bird. A guy talked to me. He told me this wasnt the only option. He told me how I can stop, and many other things. He helped me realize I needed help. So... soon I will be seeing my new therapist. She combines healing with art. And she has a dog too. I am not doing this for pity or attention. I guess I am just saying... there is hope. I want people to know your not alone. There is another path. Hang in there! (btw, this is NOT my art. I don't know who the artist is, but if you do, I will put theur name on it)
  11. hullo ponies!!! ^^ keep it real, and love a flower! ^^

  12. Okie dokie my little ponies! ^^ Give me to the end of the day and iIwill have the link up!
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