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Folarin Hooves: Chuck Taylor Design


Thought I'd try something new!

Custom Chuck Taylors I decided to do featuring my OC Folarin Hooves on the right foot. Twilight Sparkle is on the left. (She's best pony :) ) It isn't quite finished need to let it dry then add a few more coats of paints then some clear varnish, so...there not quite ready for wearing unfortunately. I'll update the finished pair in a couple days. (Still have request to do. :!: )

From the album:

LM's Original Characters (And Then Some)

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How the hell...? This is badflank. What about the Cutie-Mark though, it seems to be missing.

Its there, its the greyish looking part near his flank. The drawing was large enough that only the top part of it would fit I wanted the whole thing though.

I would wear the hell out of those.

Thanks. :) I'm glad you like them.

you could turn a healthy profit with thoes

Thats if anypony/anyone would want a pair. I love making stuff for people :D

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Another possible media is TOMS shoes. They are my sister's goto shoe of choice for painting.

A lot of people wore them when I was down south in Alabama, but I've never seen them painted. I'll have to try it out. THANKS!

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Thats if anypony/anyone would want a pair. I love making stuff for people :D

if thats the Quility work your puting in them Im sure alot of people myself included would support your cause

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If I had money I'd comission you a pair with Pinkie Pie on the right foot and Pinkamina on the left.

Sadly I'm flat broke and potentially in the red.

Yeah, thats why I think it wouldn't be a profitable endeavor in many places. I'm not sure how many people can afford them, how much I should charge, etc.

I guess I'll start a thread (eventually) and see where it goes from there.

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..That is absolutely the greatest and best thing that I have ever seen in my life ever. *Bows* You're my new hero, LM!! :D

Wow, no one's ever said I was there hero before. :) Thanks

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