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Do the colors look familiar? They should!


I had originally written Kamikakushi no Shinrin, my Yokai wolf pupper, to be more akin to an isolated spirit that random travelers met when passing through his forest. Originally, he was even too prideful to use a disguise and remained in his true form all the time. But as we all know, WoE is a social area, so unless I planned very specific threads with very specific characters, there really was no point in having an isolated character who always hid himself from others.


So, I did some brainstorming and decided I needed to change some details, while Dio gave me an idea as to what those exact details might be. Thus came about this pony disguise of Kakushi's, an attractive stallion who's become so renowned in the modeling world that he can simply waltz into a studio and model for a bit then walk back out. No one knows how to get in contact with him, but he's always able to take whatever job he wants whenever he deigns to show up. Because of the wolf cutie mark the disguise has, said disguise has gotten himself known as...






*regrets nothing!*

From the album:

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