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    Looking for mares and stallions to roleplay with my ooc pony he is a young stallion pegasus and does have a cutie mark

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  1. I was going to see my pony friends by going in to the town, smiling as i walked in the cloudsdale cafe to get some food. for me and my pony friends to go on a adventure to a large hill past the forest to eat and have fun. before heading home he does a trick in the sky for his friends to end the day to get ready for flying school the next day.
  2. *I was walking around ponyville looking for a home and family to take of me, as i was looking around to see if any ponies wants to take me in as a part of the family as i have no home to go to or to stay with to be part of the family to play and have fun with, why also trying to make friends to hangout with for some fun. to find a family that will take him in to be a part of they family until i got taken to a pony orphanage until i got adopted.*
  3. i am getting hungry how about you and i do have my own shop up here
  4. we made a lovely light show as i land with a rainbow trail behind me
  5. what should we do to have fun, on getting more ponies to come to see our show, rainbowflashdash said with a smile on his face.
  6. hi there as rainbowflashdash said with a smiled, walking towards you still happy.
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