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  1. Behold, my old Star Apple remade into the new Sunrise Stardust! image Name: Sunrise Stardust Age: 24 Personality: Charming, witty, and playful. He's the kind of guy who tries to act cool and mysterious, but he gets flustered easily when complimented. Backstory: Born in the Wild West, his father was a farmer and his mother grew and sold flowers. None expected him to have mightier magic than most adults, but with his command over nature, he terraformed his dry hometown into a glorious natural paradise where food literally grew on trees. By the time he had turned six, the whole town had given up and relied upon him for everything. His daily schedule was so overfilled that multiple Sunrise Stardusts would be needed to complete it, but the ability to make more of himself was the second spell he mastered. When he got free time by delegating enough tasks to the convincing yet fragile "Sunrise Spares" he could create, he spent it riding on homemade magical hoverboards. When he turned seven, he met a new arrival in town, a girl whose magical might outshined even his. Yet she refused to do anything with her power besides train, and called him a fool for robbing the townsfolk of the chance to be self-sufficient. When he turned eight, using magic began to hurt. Yet he still felt he could not let his family or home down, not when they all relied upon him, so he left his hometown in search of more power, and she tagged along. In an ancient mountain, there was an underground temple dedicated to an ancient Dragon king whose name had been scrubbed from history. Sunrise got past tricky puzzles and dangerous traps, passing secret tests of moral fiber with flying colours. But to get past combat challenges, her expertise was needed. Finally, he made it to the heart of the temple, where the power of the nameless Dragon rested. There was a stone coffin full of bones, there was a big stone on top, and that stone was pierced by a Dragon blade that also pierced where the Dragon's heart should be. Sunrise pulled the sword from the stone, only for its power to try to devour him. This temple was not designed to keep out unworthy heirs to the Dragon's power, this temple was designed to keep out unworthy sacrifices! Sunrise resisted with his own magic, even as his own overflowing magic burned his own body. Remembering his family, his determination allowed him to overpower the Nameless Dragon and take his power for his own, restoring his body with the might of that old spirit. The Nameless Dragon's power could create anything. With that ancient being's power sealed within him, he decided to keep the now-drained and useless Dragon Sword as a souvenir. Finally, he had found more power. But that didn't solve his problem. His body wasn't mighty enough to handle all that power, so he went on a journey to train his body. Unable to use his ever-growing incredible magic without burning himself more than ever before, he was forced to rely on his speed, his physical strength, and the Nameless Dragon's ability to create things. Eventually, he found a mountaintop where other Foxes studied in their infinite library and trained in their hardlight dojo. They taught him how to be fast, tricky, and clever to win a battle. He expected to get buff in an afternoon and expected this to instantly solve all his problems, but instead, he trained until he turned sixteen. He had not mastered the art of absorbing magic and redirecting it, but he could still absorb power from the environment to grow swifter and stronger. He failed his graduation exam, so he abandoned his training and moved to the futuristic city of Bold Futura, where he proceeded to get rich making hoverboards and powerful magical weapons. Then his doctor told him he would die soon, because his incredible magic was killing him and the Nameless Dragon's might could only prolong his lifespan to his twenty fifth birthday. Believing this to be the end, he returned to his family and told them the bad news, only to find they had become self-sufficient and more prosperous than ever without him. He expected them to hate him for failing so many times in his journey, but they loved him. With the power of this love, he cured his terminal case of dying to gain immortal life. What do you think?
  2. My Magic headcanons: "There's Physical Magic, and Idea Magic. Idea Magic works that way because it does, meaning an ice spell can freeze fire solid if it's strong enough. And Physical Magic works that way if it makes sense, so an ice spell will just make fire cold and put it out. Magic has no rules. But generating magical energy by converting your own physical and mental energy into it, that follows rules. Moving heavy stuff takes more energy than moving small stuff, and magical energy is amplified by your emotions, your determination, and your reason to do whatever you're doing. Trying to lift a massive boulder with magic for no reason? Hard. Trying to lift a massive boulder to free some ponies trapped under there? Easier. Trying to lift a massive boulder to free ponies you know and care about trapped under there? Much easier."
  3. Here's what's been finished so far:
  4. Only his L button works so far, but things are going well. Soon, I will finish animating and coding his other buttons. Then I can get started on his Specials and Supers.
  5. I wish I could share your optimism when it comes to the MLPFIM reboot that's going to be made after this show ends, but unfortunately, it's going to be written by the worst FIM writers and Freelancers out there. Have you seen the leaked Hasbro emails on this? The Applejack-related one has a certain red flag a friend of mine in the industry warned me about, and it's not what you'd think.
  6. And this time, I'm going to stick around for a while because all my IRL troubles are over and my life's never been better! About Myself I'm SilverStarApple, I love Pokemon, Naruto, video games, and my dream is to be an indie game developer. How I found Canterlot.com I searched "Pony website" on DuckDuckGo. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM It was the one bright spark in my miserable life for a while. My life's better now but I the show's good seasons will always have a special place in my heart. My favorite main cast/pony Twilight Sparkle is best pony, and will always be best pony unless it's Pinkie Pie. And here’s the fun part. The rest of your post can be whatever you want it to be!: Well, I'm making my OC in mugen. His design has been finalized and his L light attack button's functions have been finished. I'm proud of his current design, it makes all his revisions and rewrites worth it.
  7. They do it because they feel the subconscious need to compensate for how "White" Twilight acts and sounds. It's the same reason why, if Twilight isn't black, Applejack will be. I don't like those reasons, nor do I feel certain behaviours and attitudes can really be called "White people things" or "Black people things". But when artists who want to draw a "Diverse" Mane Six do so, their first instinct is to make the "Whitest" pony less white. And to also potentially put Fluttershy in a sharia law jihad headscarf thingy.
  8. When the show ends, I hope they give it a proper season finale and I hope they give the mane six members some proper endings. I hope they don't just spend the whole thing trying to sequel-hook for a "Glimmer And Pals" spinoff that'll never happen.
  9. About Myself Hello there! My name is SilverStarApple, and I love MLPFIM. I'm a writer, artist, and upcoming indie dev. Well, I'm teaching myself how to make games, I haven't released any yet. But that still counts, right? Anyway, I'm here to make friends and chew bubblegum, and I didn't bring any gum. I like Video Games, Anime, Books, Cartoons, and practicing my art. I hate Toxapex, Bugthesderp's Micheal Bay-like take on the Fallout series, Microtransactions, Paid Mods, Lootboxes, and how Bayonetta is in Smash. She's great in her own games, but she's too good in Smash. My goal in life is to release that one game I always wanted to make when I was a kid, only refined and improved upon with what I know now. How I found Canterlot.com I googled "MLP Forum" and picked this one. I loved roleplaying when I was younger. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM It all started so long ago... If I remember correctly, it was a pony meme I saw on a World of Warcraft forum that made me decide to watch the show. I started watching through season one while season two was still airing, and this show got me through some really bad times. My favorite main cast/pony Twilight Sparkle. She was my favourite from the start, and she will always be best pony. Pinkie Pie is second, Rainbow Dash is third. More about myself: My computer's hard drive failed recently, so I had to reinstall everything. I recently started replaying Fallout New Vegas, it's a great game. House/Wild Card for life!
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