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  1. I need some new roleplay ideas with my characters! I'm in the mood for anything! Something simple, or some huge adventure! I got a lot of characters to choose from, so let me know who you wanna get to know! My characters could use some new friends as well. Any new relationships is good to me! Here are all my characters!! Click Here.
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  3. "Sure, she's pretty impressive," the griffon spoke, her voice sounding unimpressed. She particularly wasn't invested in the conversation, though she normally wasn't anyway. She just sounded bored. Her cousin rambled on about Rainbow's friends, as Gill spaced off from what she was saying. They stopped in front of this house with a really strange griffon on the top. Gillian wanted to just leave so, so, bad. Thankfully, the one time Gill liked the over-talkative persona, Zelda took over on all the talking to the stranger. She just let her tail whip around behind her in boredom, as the two griffons talked to each other. The only time she listened in was when Zelda started to talk about herself, then about Gill. She kind of smile of the idea of being the 'super fast cousin'. It felt right to hear. But her smile soon transformed into a frown, as the old bird went on about treating the two 'hens' to a 'lunch'. Gill's immediate reaction was to scrunch up her beak in disgust. She wasn't mean enough to give him a big fat 'no' though, so she stayed completely silent. She left it up for Zelda to respond to his idea. Meanwhile, the half-cheetah just stood by, looking around at the houses around her. If they did bring this griffon along, he'd have to come to Gill's house too.. great.
  4. Ali's ears pinned back when Fluttershy told her to keep the venom out. "Ah know, Ah know, don't gotta keep remindin' me!" She was getting way too grumpy, being stuck in the dark with a hurt filly kind of made her extremely nervous. The short mare didn't know how to control her emotions too well, so they always came out negatively. So as of this moment, Ali really wanted to scream and punch things. Too bad she had a little delicate filly in her hooves right now. After spotting the huge creature, Ali watched as the shy mare approached the monster quite bravely. The farm pony was quite impressed once again, but of course would never ever admit it. Though a lot of the shouting seemed to do nothing, as the monster never once reached out of the shadows. Alizarin had enough with the silence, finally losing her (what seemed to be) cool nature, and reached behind herself to grab a rock. She then chucked the rock right at the monster, hitting it straight in the face. "Bullseye! Try messin' with us! Now leave us be!" Throwing the rock wasn't the smartest idea to think of, as the monster roared so loud Ali's mane stuck backwards. The short mare now could get a little idea of what was staring at them, as the monster came flying at them! A very large manticore showed itself to the group. Alizarin's eyes shrunk. She'd never seen a manticore that size, nor one in the Whitetail Woods. Why were all these bad things in the most peaceful forest? And they still haven't even seen the monster that poisoned Apple Bloom! The manticore came right at Ali and Apple Bloom, and Ali felt stuck. What would they do?
  5. Bellissima Stella raised her hoof to knock the flock of hair out of her face as she nodded her head at what Blueblood had said. Bell wasn't the best with magic, not by a long shot. Sure, she could do simple levitations and such, the main spell she could cast being autotune. The pink mare can quite simply make her voice sound rather fake. As a popular singer these days, it was something ponies liked to hear. It did mess with her voice afterwards though. "Er- yes. My magic lacks quite the amount of quality that other unicorns may bring to the table." She gave a sweet smile to Applejack, reassuring that her and Blueblood wouldn't scam the idea. As the apple pony left to rest, the pink unicorn sighed. She felt a little more pressure off her chest as she listened to Blueblood's orders. Though, she still felt a little lost. Probably from the lack of experience helping her community. Finally orders for her were presented, and when she heard them, the sweat from her brow started to fade away. "Just water? I guess that's properly important." The mare smiled at the white unicorn, trotting by the turbine and sitting down in the grass. Thankfully there was a tree right by them, creating a little bit of shade. "Just let me know when water is accountable. I shall retrieve when summoned."
  6. Street Art heard Slide shout out her name, making her quickly trot right to him. She was a little out of breath, not being the most.. athletic. But, she felt incredibly relieved when she saw the bright red stallion. She cleared her throat in quite an elegant way, sitting down for a brief second. She balanced her body to wipe the sweat off her forehead. Slide spoke suddenly, making Arty nod her head. "Yes yes, we should vanish from this predicament." The purple mare slowly got up, as the ponies who were chasing them could be heard in the distance. She suddenly felt rushed, trying to start running off. She didn't run though, she stayed at a solid trot, closely behind the pegasus. "It wasn't that big of an obstacle. They're not the brightest group of stallions, now." She kept her horn aglow, as the deeper they got, the darker it became. Soon enough though, Arty began to hear running water. Not until something large rumbled behind them. A large rock rolled down the walled of the cave, almost crushing the unicorn.
  7. "Yeah, I one hundred percent agree with you," she shouted at the griffon. Her voice was barely heard from the intense wind that blew in all their faces. Golden honestly thought her bones were going to shatter from how frozen she felt. Even with all the clothes, she couldn't feel 90% of her body. Even the inside of her mouth was frozen. She just needed to stop talking. But, the pegasus was quite the yapper, especially in circumstances like this where she needed to keep talking to fill up the void between the ponies. The atmosphere just seemed so cold. "If you say so, birdy." The tan mare slowly shrugged as she drug her hooves against the frozen wasteland. "Just lemme know when you need something. As long as my arms don't fall off, I can help whoever." Finally, Daze started to spot a large shadow only a little ways away. Fiver seemed to spot it before she did, as she said something first about it. "Oh, Celestia, finally some good news." As they made their way to the cave, Daze couldn't help but try and sprint over to the cover. The mare reached their destination in less than a minute, hiding herself from the bitter wind and snow. She turned, waiting for the others to join her. The cave was way warmer than the outside, probably because the cave was in the opposite direction at the wind. "C'mon guys! We don't have a lot of light to waste!" Daze cleared her throat, thinking for a second. She realized the cave was deep, and very, very, dark. She knew she didn't have a light on her, and she also had no idea who or what was in the cave. The mare began to overthink. Hopefully her new friends had some sort of light..
  8. She tried untying him as quickly as possible, with both her mouth and her magic. She felt rushed, but generally tried to keep her cool. The purple unicorn didn't know how to act. She had to be fast though, incredibly fast. Arty couldn't get caught right now, both of the ponies needed to be at the rehearsal to finish their jobs. Hopefully they could get out soon.. Finally setting Slide free, she quickly ran down the stairs, while also trying to be quiet. That was a rather hard feat, having three hooves. Having a disadvantage wasn't the most perfect thing in Equestria right now. The unicorn had to deal with it though, as this situation was too dire to be ignored. Of course though, the flirty mare tripped on a rock and fell face first into the ground. Slide was immediately at her aid, but she ended up whispering, "I'm okay, sweets. Just go down the cavern, I'll meet you there." She motioned towards deeper in the cave. Waiting for him to run off, she got up in one swift motion, hearing the gang ponies run right at her. She turned around, seeing them hauling themselves. Thinking fast, she levitated the pile of rocks and started chucking them at the group with her magic, hopefully slowing them down as she started running deeper into the dark cave. Normally the unicorn wouldn't know what to do in situations like this, but a certain bat pony she met one night a long time ago made her think quicker. They yelled in annoyance as each one got knocked down from the rocks, making Street Art slow down. She was beginning to lose her sight, as the cave got darker and darker. Hopefully Slide was around here. She lit up her horn for some brightness, a magenta aura shining across the rocky walls and ceiling. She quickly spotted a red stallion which made her breathing slow. "I'm surely glad to see your handsome face," she whispered. "I lost them for a dash of a second. We best keep moving our hooves though. They might find us in less time than we ponder." She began to walk father down the cave.. hopefully nothing would set hoof in their lane..
  9. "Okay, we can stop by my place then." She shrugged, suddenly staring at the very large backpack on her cousin's back. She really wanted to ask what all was in there. Definitely more stuff than she needed. Griffonstone was way better off now, but Zelda probably thought this city was uttery unlivable. Gill understood though. A while back, before those two colorful ponies who changed up Gilda's life, the city was rancid. Times change though. Anyway, she didn't ask, because that would be confrontation. She didn't feel like talking much. Of course the silence didn't last long, which kind of made Gillian's anxiety skip a beat. She had to open up more.. great. "Oh- I'm doing good. Yeah. Flying is cool. Being a Wonderbolt would be cool too." She shrugged once again, whipping her long tail side to side behind her. Then her tail flicked up when she heard 'rainbow haired mare'. "You talking about Rainbow Dash?" A little hint of excitement washed over her eyes. She secretly admired the mare, probably the pony she looked up to the most in the Wonderbolts. Her aunt would talk about her all the time. Her and the rest of the Wonderbolts. Though, Fleetfoot was also one of Gill's favorites. "Heard she's the best flier. Not too sure how all the other fliers are though." Honestly, Gill never paid attention to any creature else when flying, just her. "R.E.A? Seems legit." Suddenly the pair stopped, which confused Gill. This surely wasn't her house. Immediately she felt uncomfortable, as a male griffon made his way towards them. His look itself made Gill feel rather weird. He only looked a little familiar. When he began talking, the half cheetah felt the urge to dash away quickly. She couldn't leave her cousin though. She probably wasn't used to weirdos like this. "Uh- yeah, she's my cousin," she simply said, feeling awkward. Hopefully Zelda would make this encounter less awkward. She seemed to be a friendly talker.
  10. The trio began to walk in the never ending cold, which was unbelievably tiring. The wind was so strong, Daze couldn't control where her legs were stepping. Too left, too right, crisscross... applesauce. She found herself on the snow's ground with a huff. She stood up slowly trying not to lose her balance.. or lack there of. She opened her wings a little to gain some sort of support from walking in this windy, snowy terrain. She was struggling big time. They had to climb up this mountain, that she swore looked taller the more she looked at it. She just wished she could fly.. all of them. They all had wings, this adventure would be over in an instant. But that wasn't the case. When they got closer to the mountain, she felt another pony inch closer to her. The little to no warmth made her actually feel something, it was so cold any sense of heat she could feel. She glanced over with her golden eyes, looking right at Fiver. "Huh? Oh yeah, I got some extra scarves and some booties, I think I got a couple hats in there too." She stopped walking and opened her bag with her frozen wing. "Just grab whatever you need, kay?" She looked at Zelda now. "You need something too? I got scarves and hats." After, they group continued to walk, the trail slowly beginning to disappear. With a huff, Daze stared at the ground, spacing off. She was thinking about a lot of thing. Overthinking, more like. She just wanted to be somewhere warm and cozy, with hot cocoa and a fireplace. Maybe cuddled up with somepony she missed a lot.. a little farm pony with a spicy personality. Her personality alone would make her hot. She snapped out of her thoughts as Fiver had an idea. "Geez, Fiv. That's wicked smart!" She started following behind Fiv by the railroad tracks, eventually leading to the large mountain. Hopefully this 'adventure' wouldn't get any worse.. or colder.
  11. Ocellus held the piece of hair with her teal hoof. Lifting it up, she showed her two friends what she found, and she was rather proud of herself for finding it. A proud grin stretched out her little face as she said, "It's Silverstream's mane!" She moved it closer to her face, getting a good look. "She definitely went this way.. but why would she leave in the middle of the night like this? It's just not adding up.." The little changeling suddenly started bouncing about as the ground she was on started to shake. She got a little frightened, jumping right next to Smolder. Hiding behind her buddy, she then peaked out, "Oh.. it's just Yon-" She was interrupted as the big Yak starting rambling on about not being invited. Not going to lie, Ocellus would feel bad too. Why wouldn't her friends want to invite her? But of course, this wasn't a matter of being invited. They just ended up waking up at the same time.. besides Yona. "Oh! We're sorry Yona," the shy changeling whispered. "We just didn't want to wake you up." The yak was rather loud, which freaked Ocellus out. They could easily blow their cover, since they were supposed to be sneaking around in the dark. Every creature had to be quiet..
  12. Yeah. Just wait a few days, then you can post. No biggie!
  13. No worries! Haha Sounds good! I’m sure we can continue. Just pretend there was three of them haha
  14. Might take a little longer now, because I got very busy all of a sudden! So sorry in advance!
  15. "Oh, no I haven't," the little changeling said, responding to Smolder's question. She added a little head shake as she spoke. She glanced at Gallus down the hallway, as he mentioned he knew who it was. It wasn't really hard for Ocellus to figure out who. The smart bug already had everything playing in her head. It obviously wasn't herself, or Gallus, or Smolder, not even Yona. If it was Yona, it definitely would be more smellier in the hall. Gallus was 100% correct on that notion. The claw steps about be way louder too, and heavier. It just didn't ass up. That left Silverstream, which no creature had seem. It wouldn't be her first rodeo, escaping the night and all. It just made sense that the hippogriff took action to leave.. right out the window. "Well, I guess we know who left then. I certainly haven't seen her recently," she yawned suddenly, as no sleep was starting to get to her. But she shook it off, quietly buzzing her way to the clearly open window, right behind Gallus. Just right where he motioned the group to go. She couldn't help but chuckle as he commented on the cold air. "It's not that cold, Gallus." Her voice was soft and sweet, as she giggled again. Ocellus opened the window a little more, letting in more cool air. As she did this, she noticed a little lock of hair sitting by the window, clearly cut by the sharp edges. It was kind of hard to see the color of the hair, so the changeling made the smart move to transform into a firefly! She used her butt as a light to illuminate the hair, which showed the stripped colors of blue and lighter blue. Getting down this big lead, she changed back into her original form. "If we were questioning who this creature was before.. I think I’m beginning to get a good idea." She gave a cute smile towards the other two, the flew slightly out the window.
  16. I should get to it tomorrow! Hmmm.. I can draw her traditionally! Probably not digitally.
  17. That’s exciting to hear! I think you’re next, actually.
  18. Got new slots open! I'm bored, so fill 'em up!
  19. Well that's kinda poopy, but okay haha. This was one of my favs
  20. *boops this* Just looking at my older RP's, wondering if y'all are still up to continuing, or I can just leave this one be. Just some organization stuff with my characters and what I'm doing. I really did like this one!
  21. Wow! There she was! Gill's cousin in her full glory was right there in front of her. Honestly, she looked just as she remembered. Just.. bigger and older, but she was utterly gorgeous. All black, piercing blue eyes. She was sleek. Her fur seemed nice and soft. All her features seemed to have filled out well with a good number of years. Gill was impressed. "Uh- hey, cousin." She forced another smile, lifting her talon up for a respectful shake, but instead she was hugged. Oh, boy. How this griffon hated physical contact like this. "Nice to agh!" A little squeeze, thankfully nothing too strong. Knowing Zelda was a blacksmith, she probably was way stronger. "-meet you too!" Finally the hug was over, making Gill take in a big breath. The speedy bird hadn't been hugged in a long time. The last time was probably back on the first day of flight school, where her Aunt Gia gave her a sweet goodbye. The poor shy kitten was so scared for her first day. Luckily she got over that. Now being a little more confident, she cleared her throat. Her orange-green eyes looked at her cousin's regular smile, then opened her beak, "Yeah- sure. Food sounds good." Right to the point, the half-cheetah always was. She wasn't much of a long talker for conversations, but she felt she had to keep her cousin comfortable. She hasn't seen any part of her family in forever, besides her Aunt. Anyway, the griffon didn't argue about Zelda paying. Gill was running low on the bits, and didn't really wanna pay. She awkwardly cleared her throat again, looking around the desolate Griffonstone. Only a few creatures were out 'n about, though one think distracted her, which was a group of griffons setting up a tarp over a roof. "Um- there actually is a new bar up ahead. Just got built." She nudged her head forward. "They.. got some good drinks. Food isn't bad or anything." Gillian then began to walk, hoping her cousin would follow behind. She suddenly looked behind though, thinking about her luggage. "Oh- we can stop by my place if we need to drop your things off. It's on the way there."
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