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  1. I'll be gone for a little bit...I've been unexpectedly out of town the past week or so, and now I have way too much homework to catch up on. I'll be back...sometime.
  2. Alright, I finished the last few tweaks and I think it's good now...
  3. Alright, cool. (: I'll fix that up then, hooray!
  4. Ever read Silmarillion?

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    2. WillowWing


      Eh... I tend to stay away from Middle Earth/Equestria crossovers. The only ones I've really were really bad, and kinda put my off of them. Is that one good?

    3. Ciraxis


      It's hilarious. Read it - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19910/1 - and thank me later.

    4. WillowWing


      Haha~ Alright then. :P

  5. Thank you! And I added an extra bit about her troupe. (:
  6. Okay, it's finally finished! x3 Took long enough...
  7. Yes! (: I haven't posted anything yet, because it's still not quite finished, but I've got the all kinks ironed out, for the most part.
  8. That's what I was thinking. It just makes sense! More sense than Vinyl and Octavia.
  9. I was definitely expecting lots of comedy as the story progresses. (: The prologue and first chapter are up here.
  10. Beginning the first chapter of my PinkieScratch fic~! x3

  11. Willow turned back to Candy and the rest of the group just in time to see the Professor Clyde Krashkop rolling to a stop at Candy’s feet. He tilted his armored head slightly, resisting the urge to crack a grin at the elderly pegasus’s slightly less than competent appearance. Though he was sure the professor would be a wonderful addition to their team, Will now hoped more than ever that ‘Tiny’ wouldn’t escape or decide to go mental on them. They would already have a Manticore on the loose; the last thing they would need is an old pony getting in the way and being eaten. Finally allowing the smile he had been holding back to spread over his face, Willow dipped his head towards Candy. “It’s nice to meet you Professor Krashkop.” A giggle escaped, unbidden, from his lips. “And yes, you may call me Will.” The pegasus’s ears perked up suddenly as they picked up on the faintest hint of thunder out in the distance. His smile slowly faded and he bit his lip, glancing around at all the other ponies around him. “Erm… Shall we go then? Though I don’t think the rain will be here any time soon, I would prefer to not take any chances at getting wet…” Will loved the rain, but there was nothing more annoying than getting itches under his armor, and little crawling drops of water, he knew, were sure to annoy him partially to death. He trotted a few more steps toward the Orca, impatient to see this mysterious Tiny, as he had never seen a Manticore in person before.
  12. Huh. I never thought of that. I'm usually not one for...more introspective stories unless they're just one shots, but this would be a good way to practice that, now that I think about it. Hm.
  13. Well, I have an idea I've been toying with for awhile...but I've been kind of putting it off because I don't know how it would go, and it doesn't seem very realistic. It's basically Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch. Maybe a little shipping, I dunno, but the main plot was gonna be something like Scratchie comes to Ponyville and plays a show and Pinkie comes (obviously) and turns out to be an awesome dancer and Scratch wants Pinkie to travel with her and dance for her shows. (That was a horrid run-on, I'm sorry.) I was gonna have them go to Canterlot and do...stuff that I haven't thought out yet, but it's not really that detailed yet. The problems I'm having is that I don't think Pinkie would just abandon her friends to go dancing with somepony she doesn't know very well, and I'm just not sure how the whole thing would work out. I would really love to do something PinkieScratch, but...well yeah, anypony have any thoughts? Ideas? Anything would be awesome~
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