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  1. So tired...went to go see Kasabian on Saturday...nearly fell over in the mosh pit >_<

    1. CrystalEdge


      You poor thing *hugs*

    2. SuperSaiyanMeg


      ;_; thank you *hugs back*

  2. Hey guys! I have just returned from Cosplay con! It was great! I even spotted a few Pinkie Pies, Rainbow Dash's and a Apple Jack! As well as various anime characters. Check out my pictures at http://instagram.com/supersaiyanmeg
  3. Just came back from Cosplay Con! It was amazing!

    1. RainbowDaringDash


      Lucky, wished i could have gone :( U had a good time?

    2. leapman
    3. SuperSaiyanMeg


      Yeah I did thanks :D

  4. Yay I finish school tomorrow! Forever!

    1. SeriousSam


      I get out for the summer here in...7 minute

  5. Ugh...Exams are stressing me out! :(

  6. Hey guys! I need help, I don't know what to draw :o has anypony got an idea?

    1. Ciraxis


      How about some landscape? From FiM of course. Or even better, from our Roleplay locations. We have lot's of descriptions but aside from that everything would be according to artist wish.

    2. leapman


      Draw the equestria games!

    3. SuperSaiyanMeg


      That sounds like a great idea! I shall get on it! :D

  7. Heya guys, I recently watched the episode 'Filli Vanilli' and all I have to say is Fluttershy's (or Flutterguy's) voice is amazing! I can't get the song out of my head!
  8. Ugh I hate revision >.<

  9. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! You're a really good drawer!
  10. Just finished watching Date a Live! Now for the second season!

  11. Hey guys *sigh* I have got so much going on today. I have to stay in school from nine till two, doing nothing but art. And at half eleven I have to go the the dentist. When I get home Free! Iwatobi swimming club is going straight on!
  12. Indeed it is, it's my pikachu DS :3
  13. Heya Guys! Yesterday I went shopping and I was in this kid shop with my dad who was looking for some avenger Legos and I stumble upon this in the girls section. I couldn't resist! It's so cute and cuddly!
  14. SuperSaiyanMeg

    My Drawings

    Just a quick album of my drawings :P
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