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  1. If you would like to be in my MLP christmas celeration photo just pm me with your OC (photo please)

  2. Hey there RDD! I have a character in CC that could become friends with Sky. Her name is Flamewing. Unfortunetly, I don't have a character app for Blade.
  3. I'm getting a little worried about my character app for WoE. No one has said anything about it but patience is a virtue.

    1. RarityDash


      Don't worry. The RP Helpers get busy, but I imagine someone will get to it soon. :)

    2. MessageinaBottle


      When no one replies to it for a couple days, it means it'll be accepted. This happens 70% of the time :D

  4. Sumbitted a character to WoE! YAY!!

    1. SeriousSam


      Can I see? I just want to read over it if that's okay with you.

  5. meeeeeeeee Forum: xXDashieXx Minecraft: xOLunaOx
  6. wow its been a long time since if been on here

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    2. SongHeart
    3. QuickLime


      It's certainly not a month

    4. SongHeart


      in Kentucky time, a week feels like a month

  7. Does anyone like reference sheets for their characters? Thinking of opening a request thread for them. Tell me if I should or not!

    1. Sailu


      that would be lovely~

    2. SongHeart


      i'm not sure if i know what you mean by "reference sheets"

    3. Rosewind


      Reference sheets detail information about a character for use in roleplaying games. Applications sort of fill this niche on the forum.

  8. Check out my signature thread just request and i'll do it!

  9. From the album: Requested Art

    Just my OC. Used my sketchpad and Flare BIC pens.

    © xXDashieSmashieXx

  10. xXDashieXx

    Requested Art

    Requested art i made for other people. ENOJY!!
  11. All about dash again... finally got a signature picture! xD

  12. Celestia in my picture is simply stunning

    1. starswirlthebearded


      Celestia is always stunning.

  13. mhmsjaosjfdfjsofj >.<

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    2. Slazer



    3. SongHeart



    4. Rosewind


      Let's knock off the spam, please.

  14. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??????? I saw the trailer but I didn't know they POSTPONED it. Might have to wait longer. Not might but HAVE to wait longer.
  15. We need people for the RP Rise of the new six. You can find it in FFA in the OOC section! Please join 3 spots open actually 4 :P

  16. Or her and Applejack. It seems legit if you have to pick two to be together.
  17. When i change my avi, someone always takes the idea of it...

    1. Conor Colton

      Conor Colton

      Well at least Elsa pony is pretty :P

    2. xXDashieXx


      Yea. So is the real one down below.

  18. Just finished my new RP!! Slots are open!! Please join!! :)

  19. MY FRIENDS ARE CRAZY. They are going to play TENNIS in MOSCOW and there is a BLIZZARD outside... What to do with them...

    1. Slazer


      Get hot towels, chicken soup, and flu vaccines?

    2. xXDashieXx


      yup should do dat

  20. What does RP Apprentice mean?? O-O

    1. Bellosh


      It means you have an app or more approved for Canterlot Chronicles, but nothing for World of Equestria yet.

  21. Just joined World of Equestira. It is complicated :P

    1. Bellosh


      Actually, you don't have a WoE-approved app yet. Just wanted to remind you.

    2. Rosewind


      I fixed your user permissions. You should now have access only to Canterlot Chronicles. You're welcome!

  22. AHH!! We need a Twilight, Cadence and Rarity!! My RP needs people to play them. They all have an important role! If you want the part message me first 3 gets the spots! Cheers, xXDashieXx

    1. tartarus


      You still need people to RP in your RP? What kind of RP is it? {as in, what's the basis?}

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