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  1. Am I the only one who thought they could've done better with the CMC getting their cutiemarks?

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    2. MessageinaBottle


      I agree, Smartbrony, reminded me exactly like Twilight's. And I see where they might have been meaning to go with the episode, linking the CMC with the main, but rushing it in two episodes was a bad idea to me. Watching two episodes of them finally getting their cutiemarks, in some awesome quest would've been nice, but instead just rushed it.

    3. MessageinaBottle


      And I'm not hating on the story, just felt rushed. And how they expected us to just accept Princess Tiara so easily, I needed to see more than just a song, and a plot twist, or at least show her gaining friendship as we go, like they did with Sunset Shimmer.

    4. tacobob


      Rushed? It's been a story that's been going on for five years now...And I like how Tiara is going to be a little nicer, but she's still gonna be a bit rough around the edges..

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