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Caesar Romaine [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Caesar Romaine

Nicknames: The Galloping Gourmet

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Colour: Moss Green (#8DCC6A)

Coat Colour: Cream (#E3ED9A)

Mane/Tail/Markings Colour & Style: Long curly Leaf Green (#60963F) mane with Dark Green (#5D501F) streaks. Medium length curly Dark Green (#5D501F) tail with Leaf Green (#60963F) streaks.

Physique: Husky

Origin/Residence: Roam

Occupation: Traveling Chef/Food Critic

Cutie Mark: Bowl of Caesar Salad surrounded by a Olive Branch Laurel


History: Born in Roam in southern Itaily, Caesar was raised with the unique sites and sounds of the beautiful and culture filled city. His father, a gondolier, and his mother, an aspiring actress in the local theater, raised him well, teaching him to appreciate the finer things in life, while still keeping humble and thankful for the little things that life brought him. Growing up as a young colt, Caesar like many foals his age, sought long and hard to discover his cutie mark, and his parents were always there to support him and give him suggestions. Traveling many a time on his father's gondola, he thought to emulate him, and so his father gave him the chance to ferry him and his mother across the river near their home, warning him though that it wasn't as easy as it seemed!


Of course at the time, Caesar scoffed, it couldn't be so difficult, he watched his dad do it countless times! And so he tried, though the boat rocked to and fro as he did, the ride started off smoothly enough, and he made it half way across. Feeling a surge of confidence that this was going to be easy, Caesar sped up, and the boat began to rock more, and more, until finally the boat tipped, and out the three went. Peeking out of the shallow water, Caesar was completely embarrassed and disappointed, but with warm smiles and a bit of soft chuckling, his parents embraced him and said that he did well, encouraging him to keep trying things, that he'd find his talent in time.


And try try again he did. Everything from simple things like basket weaving, where he ended up weaving what looked more like a blob of straw and twigs than a basket; to more difficult things, like fire dancing, though being young, he couldn't play with fire, and thus he practiced with streamers on string, right up until he had tangled himself up and rolled inside with a huff. He had even attempted acting with his mother in the theater, though his role was rather small, that of the third living tree in act six of a play, he felt elated at the chance to be on stage and help. Though when the time came for his line, he preformed it well, but tripped on a root, causing him to fall, adding another embarrassing attempt to his list. But still his mother congratulated him, and encouraged him, never losing faith in her child.


Though a foal can only take disappointment for so long, and Caesar began to sulk, spending his days after school wandering around the city with his head hung low and shoulders slumped and feeling like he'd never figure out what he was good at. But destiny always seems to find it's way in the times that a pony feels at their lowest. A small gathering in the city square caught the colt's attention, and with his interest peaked, he made his way through the crowd, squeezing by or over ponies to get through to find out what the hubbub was about. At the center of the crowd, a mule, only a while older than Caesar at the time, was doing a cooking demonstration, showing the crowd quick and easy ways to prepare delicious, and affordable meals, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Watching her make food that looked so delicious so effortlessly left Caesar amazed, she chopped the vegetables while she mixed her own salad dressing, she mixed batter for cake while searing the cabbage for her sandwiches. She did it all, and without breaking a sweat at that! Clapping enthusiastically, the colt was absolutely enthralled, and when the Chef beckoned up volunteers to try the meal, Caesar was up there and seated in a flash.


While the other volunteers commented on how good it was and complimented the Chef, Caesar sat quietly and savoured each bite slowly, taking in the robust mix of flavours that seemed to bring out more of each other the longer he chewed. The dressing's tart vinegar taste complimented the salad perfectly, and the fresh tomatoes were bursting with flavour. The sandwich was toasted to a flaky crispness, while leaving the already seared cabbage alone, not over cooked. And the cake, it was almost like biting into a cloud, soft, moist, full of flavour, light hints of lemon in the vanilla frosting and sweet tart strawberries that decorated it. Had he not been busy eating it, he would have been drooling. After finishing his meal, he finally spoke, telling the chef just how great the meal was and how well he could taste each flavour together and apart and that it was the best meal he had ever had. Though he asked her not to tell his mom he said that. With a smile and a laugh she thanked him, patting him on the head and saying that it wasn't just thanks to her that the food tasted so good. That everypony who had a part in it, from the farmers who grew the crops, to the stores that picked the best, they all were to thank as well, and to she told him, that if he wished he could make things just as good, if not better, she added.


With that thought in mind, Caesar smiled brightly and thanked the chef once more before bolting off home. His inspiration in seeking his cutie mark was renewed! And so he began to cook, and bake, and broil, and simmer. Every day, every night, whenever his mother went to market, he tagged along, meticulously picking out what he felt were the best ingredients to cook with. It didn't come quickly to him, and took much practice, but within a year he had done it. The night of his family reunion, nearly a hundred of his relatives had came to his parent's home, and he had convinced his mother to let him, and him alone, fix the meal for everyone. Days he had spent before the event, getting everything he needed ready, hours he spent in the kitchen the morning of. He hadn't worked so hard in all his life, but he kept on. And when the time finally came to serve, he was ready. Covered in flour and batter and leaves of various veggies, but he was ready. His mother and father aiding him, Caesar brought out large plates of delicious lettuce wraps, garnished with sprigs of parsley, large bowls of salad that were bright and vibrant, fusilli with a mouthwatering bolognese sauce made with the finest roma tomatoes, fresh celery and carrots, to name a few. And for desert, tiramisu, a small fountain of chocolate fondue, cannolies, and a large cassata.


With his hopes up and a smile on his face, Caesar presented the food before his family, and bade them bon appétit! Of course his famished family wasted no time in digging in. Many were surprised at just how good the food turned out to be, and surprised further when they found out that young Caesar had made everything. By the time the festivities had ended, nary a bite of food was left in sight, and the colt was beaming. So many compliments he had gotten that evening, he felt wonderful. But the night was only about to get better. As he was helping to clean up, he saw something he hadn't noticed before, right on his flank, clear as day, his cutie mark! Jumping up in joy, he nearly dropped the baking dish he had balanced on his back before setting it down and running to show his parents, who were just as overjoyed for their child, and promised him a day on the town tomorrow, after a nice rest.


Many years later, Caesar had opened his own restaurant, a quaint little bistro in Roam, it was like a dream come true for the stallion, but he felt restless. He was quite happy with his food, and how many people in his city loved it. But there was so much more to the culinary world that he hadn't gotten to try yet! And so, promoting his sous chef in his absence, Caesar bid his city and family farewell and put his hooves to the open road and began his travels, stopping from city to city and trying the best cuisine they had to offer, giving tips and advice and critiques on the way. One afternoon, he was given a dandy idea by someone, a news letter. Something to share with ponies around the world who loved food and drink and good company just as much as he did. And soon began his new career, as The Galloping Gourmet, once a week he would stop in whatever town or city he found himself and would write, sending his letters out to places he visited, or places he wished to, spreading the word of little cafes and restaurants, plus his advice and recipes to share. Now Caesar has gotten a small following in the culinary world, which can only seem to grow as he continues his journey.


Character Summery: Caesar is a wonderful chef and a quick learner, being able to catch on to even some of the most complicated recipes given enough time, this combined with his strong pallet makes cooking his passion. Truly Caesar wishes to taste the greatest foods in the world, and someday cook a meal for some of the most prestigious places in the world.


He has a deep love for food and cider, but also enjoys visiting the theater or taking a nice boat ride, as it reminds him of home and his younger days. Beyond cooking, Caesar has taken up painting in his free time, of an evening he sits in his hotel room or on a hill, painting the view of the town, something to remember his stay by that will last longer than the taste of the food.


Generally Caesar is a blast to be around, friendly and out going, he'll often strike up conversations with folks that are eating at the same place as he, even if he's never met them. To which of course not everyone takes kindly, and he understand, some ponies are like that. And while he can certainly give out gentle critique of food, it's often hard for Caesar to take himself, feeling as though he's failed weighs heavy on him, and often causes him to spend sleepless nights making and remaking the meal that got critiqued until he feels it's once again up to his self set standards.


Poison Joke Reaction: Pallet Swap, sour things taste sweet, sweet things taste sour, etc.

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Hi Dubstep! This is an excellent and very unique OC app! All of the required fields are filled, and it is very well written! Great work! I love the character concept! Well done! :D:D:D

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