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Ice Storm[Ready]


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Ice Storm2.png

Name: Ice Storm


Gender: Female


Age: Young Adult Mare


Species: Unicorn


Eye colour: Aquamarine


Character colour: Icy Blue


Mane/Tail/Other: Ice Storm has a long mane that is a bit rough around the top but is tied with a hair tie at it's base where it hangs just down from her shoulder. Her tail is a tad bit on the wild side. Her mane is mostly a pure blue with a single streak of white flowing down the middle that breaches around where here horn comes out of her forehead. Her tail alternates these same two colors starting and ending with the blue.


Physique: Just a slight bit taller than the average unicorn, but not by a lot. She is also a tad bit on the skinny side as well.


Residence: Originally from Fillydelphia, moved to Canterlot, then to Ponyville


Occupation: Owner of Frozen Delights Ice Cream Parlor and frozen goods store. Also runs a skating rink in the winter.


Cutie Mark: Two shards of Ice in a mound of snow


Unique Traits: She has a mastery of Ice magic, although she cannot control weather with it, she can use it for almost any purpose she needs to, however, she mostly just uses it to run her shop.




Ice Storm was born in Fillydelphia, and she hated it there. The only thing she remembers about the place was how much pain she felt while she lived there. Everything started off fine. Her mother Mist Weaver, and her Father Silver Mane were always there, as parents should be. However, a couple years later, everything changed. That was when a popular Trottingham Aristocrat named Golden hoof appeared.


He had originally one of the primary supporters of the Aquarium that her mother had in Filly. It was, and possibly still is the largest aquarium in Fillydelphia. Her mother had every type of fish that she could get her hooves on in each tunnelized tank. She had a knack for knowing which fish could go well with each other to avoid unwanted drama within the aquarium. When Golden Hoof arrived, he began to pour even more money into the family and over time, the money and the fame began to go to her parents’ heads.


On top of all this Golden Hoof disliked Ice Storm. In fact, this was true of most fillies and colts. He was under the impression that they cost too much and took too much time to take care of. So he wanted nothing to do with them.


Her parents meanwhile had gotten swept away by fame and wealth, and after a while forgot that she was even there. The never showed her any sort of love, or affection, and the only time they actually noticed her was when she started wetting the bed in her early foal years, a condition that to this day, she has never grown out of. They took her to visit a few doctors, but none figured out what was wrong or how to fix it.


After that, the only thing that her parents did was buy her things. Now, most ponies would be happy with being able to get anything they wanted at a moments whim, and many of these things were expensive. However, they were still material items that meant nothing to her. Only a couple of these items were an exception. These were the two pairs of hoof-bracelets that her mother bought her. They were made from pure white gold, as the ones on her front hooves were diamond inlaid while the ones on her hind hooves were Sapphire.


On top of this all of the other fillies had been bullying her in ponycare and pony school as she hadn't developed any sort of magic. This was made even harder for her because at least the other fillies in the school with similar issues had a family to go home to and take care of them. She just went home to what she felt like were empty shells of her parents. There was no love there, only fame and fortune. They had fallen under the misconception that love could be bought. Ice was more than aware of how false that was. Her parents never understood this when she brought it up, and she finally got tired of it.


She decided to leave. Upon doing so, however, decided to give her parents one last chance. She stood in her doorway for an hour yelling that she was leaving and never coming back. Her parents never looked up, not once. She left disheartened with only her bracelets and a small bag of personal belongings. She wanted her old parents back before they got swept away in money, and her bracelets were the beacon of hope that someday she could get her old parents back.


Once she was out of the city, she felt something that she had never felt before, relief. She had done it. She had built up the nerve to leave Phillydelphia behind. Now she just needed to figure out where the best place for her to go. Without a second though, she went to the once city that she had heard about in ponycare. She left Fillydelphia, heading for Canterlot.


Much to her dismay, what she failed to remember, was that Canterlot was on the top of a mountain. Fortunately, the mountain paths that were marked going up along the sides. When she got most of the way there, however, an ice storm moved in. Ice Storm was caught off guard, and didn’t know what to do. Shelter was a priority, but nothing was close. She continued, figuring that she would run into a cave eventually. It was a mountain. There had to be a cave somewhere close by. Unfortunately there wasn't, and she was getting tired.


She fell to the ground exhausted and when she did, her unicorn horn went off. Her eyes when white and ice started to mold around her. It started to take shape in the form of a small hut that enclosed around her. The amount of energy that had been taken from her was immense. When she recovered she had no idea what had happened, but she looked around her, and she was inside a shelter of ice that she had just made the night. Another bright light filled the small ice hut. It worried her until she saw that it was coming from her flank. When it cleared, it showed her new cutie mark. It was two shards of ice in a mound of snow. This made her very happy. She blacked out moments later.


The next morning, she made it to Canterlot. She hoped that the ponies in Canterlot would be nicer than in Philly. That wasn't the case though. The ponies in Canterlot were worse that Fillydelphia. They didn't accept anypony that wasn't born there. The only ponies that had shown her any kindness was her very few friends, whom she had also found out weren’t from Canterlot. They suggested to her to go to the magic academy since she was a unicorn. They figured it couldn’t hurt and she decided to give it a shot.


Not too long afterward, she became a student of the academy. She had passed the necessary material to get in. They noted that while she wasn't very skilled in the way of most magics, she had an extremely high amount of potential with the arcane arts of Ice. After a while, her instructors were able to refine Ice's ice magic to where it cost her almost no energy to cast.

This, however, didn’t stop the other Canterlot fillies from making it known that she wasn’t from around here. This began eating at her. The disrespect that was being shown to others simply because of where they were from was absurd. This didn’t make any sense to her at all as everypony was still just that, a Pony. She didn’t see what made one pony so special over somepony else. No pony had a right to be treated like that.


This is also where she met her two closest friends, Silverheart and Moonbliss. There were a few of the only ones in the academy that stood up for her. Like herself, they weren’t from Canterlot either. They showed what a true friend was, and what it was like to be one. However, even the help of her friends wasn’t enough to sway Canterlot. She knew that while no two ponies were a like, she hated nobility and how they treated others. Eventually, this lead to her just wanting her parents back, and bringing back old memories.


Eventually, she decided to open a store with her ice magic, and would sell tasty frozen treats during the summer time. She figured that everypony, even as snobby as many were here, would enjoy ice cream and snow cones. She was wrong. While there were the happy customers that found her store to be one of the best places in Canterlot, there were equally as many that hated it because of the carnival snacks that she sold. Many though it was to beneath their higher palettes of acquired tastes.


The final straw that made her want to leave Canterlot before she hurt somepony was when Moonbliss had to step in front of her to calm her down after one of the sassy ponies had bucked her sign over and shattered it. She was so angry that she could feel the temperature dropping around her. Thankfully Moonbliss calmed her down, and after a long night of discussion, they decided that it might be best for her to move her business to Ponyville. It wasn’t that far away so they could visit regularly, and from their understanding everypony there was a lot nicer. Now Ice lives inside her Frozen Delights Store in Ponyville. It stands three stories with her living quarters above the café which is on the first floor.


Character Summary:




Ice's personality is very complex. She is very intelligent, she's very bouncy, and can be very generous once ponies get to know her. She will go out of her way to help somepony she cares about, not caring about any bind that it might put her in and she will always see things through. That being said she's all about having fun, and is normally in a good mood until somepony brings something up that reminds her of her past. then she can easily fall into a small depression for the day.


That being said, there are a few things you shouldn't do around her. Disrespect is the quickest way to get a hoof to the face with her. She doesn't tolerate it. At all. After she'd been the target of it so much herself, she refuses to let others be treated in such a manner,


Likes: Ice, Night time, Water, Friends, Having fun, and cold temperatures


Dislikes: Droughts, excessivly long days, Hot Temperatures, and falling asleep


Magic in detail:


Ice Storm is a Rather Gifted Unicorn when it comes to magic, as she is very refined, and powerful with anything related to Ice, however she normally just uses this skill to make snow cones for her store in the summer time, and freeze the small pond in the winter for her ice rink and maintains the ice with her magic.


Other forms of magic that she can control are Telekinesis, a Light spell, which can leave her winded after any long periods of use, and the occasional teleportation spell that she basically an emergency get away spell for her because it makes her extremely nauseous and pretty much incapable of any real movement afterwards for a good while.


She knows no other spells, nor is she capable of learning any spells, nor is she able to actually improve her ability to teleport without extensive training.

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I know Ice Storm is in World of Equestria already. If you want to do both World of Equestria and Canterlot Chronicles, you can use the original app rather than this new one. The only reason you'd need an app for CC is if the Ice Storm for there is different.

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Oh, okay. I was looking through to see if the WoE Apps could be used or if new apps were required. I didn't see anything either way so I put this up. (very possible that I could have over looked it if it was there.). This application though is the most thorough, and appropriately detailed for IS. Would you recommend me updating her current WoE character Application to match this one then?

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Ah I see. Yes, you can use your World of Equestria app to play in Canterlot Chronicles, just as you could use the same app for Free For All.

If you're interested in updating your character, I'd recommend the following:

1) Private Message a moderator to request to have your WoE application placed back into the area where characters are created since you want to update it.

2) Update your pony and it will go through the review process again to get reapproved.

3) once Ice Storm is Updated, you can request that this application be deleted and then you'll have only one app you need.

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