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Heart Breaker[ready]


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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Heart Breaker

Gender: Female

Age: Older Filly

Species: Pegasus

Eye colour: Cobalt blue

Character colour: Sun tanned orange from hoof to nose tip. She also has some deep orange freckles sprinkled over her cheeks.

Heart’s mane and tail are both unkempt from spending time in the ocean. They have a slightly tangled appearance from recently drying from a salt water soaking. She does take care of her mane and tail she just prefers spending time on her board to spending time on her looks. Her locks are bright yellow with striking orange highlights. She normally wears them loose though she has been known to bind up her tail for serious surfing days.

This filly stays fit from her favorite activity, surfing. She does have toned muscles but Heart is never one to say no to snacks or meals with friends. Because of this she is not exactly slim. She maintains a balanced physique over all.

A board shack on the edge of Suntrot Bay right near Bridleback Shores is where Heart calls home. The shack is really just that, nothing more than some drift wood woven together with seaweed rope. She as decorated the entry to this dwelling with a colorful blanket that she purchased on a trip to Manehatten. She has also decorated the place with various shells and gull feathers over the years. Outside she has a fire circle and lots of driftwood logs to sit on. It is certainly humble but the perfect home for a pony like Heart.

All of Heart's life revolves around the sea and surfing. Her two main sources of income are holding surf lessons for ponies that come to visit the sea side and shaping boards. She sells boards out of her board shack. Although she does not get too many customers, she has been known to make quite a few bits every now and again from a good sale.

Cutie Mark:
A black and white four pointed compass over a red heart. 

Unique Traits:
Tide is a filly that belongs in the ocean. She is rarely seen without her trade mark rash guard. This black, sleeveless guard both protects the pegasus from cold water and makes her look awesome. She is also never far from her favorite long board. Though she can ride short and long boards she prefers the laid back nature of surfing the long board. Her board is bright blue, with a white bottom deck. She has also etched a picture of her cutie mark on the nose section of the board.

Her wings have an unusual sheen to them due to a technique she uses to keep them safe when surfing. It was soon in her career on a board that Tide knew she would have to find a special way to care for her wing feathers. The large orange plumage became soggy soon after she had caught a wave. She often used wax to give her boards a surface her hooves could stick to, why not try it on her wings? Tide spent some time with a block of wax, rubbing it through her wing feathers. When she was finished they had a chalky look to them and were completely water proof. When Tide next caught a wave she was able to spread her wings to add to her stability on her board. Her wing feathers were completely protected. This extra balance allowed the filly to perform tricks and ride waves longer than many other pony surfers!

Tide Breaker was born in Canterlot to two proud pegasi. Her mother High Shine and father Classy Top had both been born and raised in the high class city and maintained quite posh tasted. They brought their daughter up with dignity and tried their best to breed refinement into the young filly. They both often found themselves wondering about the young one they were raising. Even from her early days Heart Breaker went against the grain of Canterlot. Though she tolerated fancy galas, dinner affairs, and fine clothing, she did not love such things as her mother did. Both parents loved their daughter and wanted very much for her to be happy. They just could not seem to make Heart Breaker find joy in Canterlot the way they did.

One day, on a very special birthday, they decided to take their daughter to the sea shore. She liked to be outside and dearly loved being in the sun. What better present could they give their daughter then to spend a day with her in the sun? Heart Breaker had never been to the sea shore before. She instantly fell in love with it! The salty air, the white sand, the wonderful crashing waves! The filly felt more at home for that day then she ever had in Canterlot!

When she had come of age to leave the home of her parents she began her plan to live at the beach. Though her parents had trouble at first understanding their daughter’s decision to leave Canterlot, they supported her. They did understand that she had found something she truly loved.

Once Heart had made a home for herself on the shores of Suntrot Bay she spent many content days just sitting and looking out to sea. It was then that she spotted some ponies on boards, catching waves. Being instantly interested she waded out to watch them. Soon she was introduced to surfing and never looked back! It was on the event of catching her first wave that she felt her flanks begin to tingle. Sure enough when she brought her board back into shore her cutie mark had appeared!

The compass over the heart represented that though she had been born far from it, her heart would always be with surfing and the sea. The sea was her direction in life, pointing her to her heart’s desire. She developed a livelihood for herself revolving around surfing and the sea she loved. She became a board shaper, selling her craftsponyship to various ponies that she believed would be good to their boards. She has also been known to give surfing lessons to ponies that desire to both love and respect the sea.

Character Summary:

Heart Breaker is a laid back pony. Everypony who knows her feels at ease in her presence. She has an earthy, raspy voice that is quite interesting to listen to. Heart has a competent personality when it comes to what she loves best, surfing. This competence spreads through her life, giving other ponies courage to reach their dreams. Many are the day when Heart’s board shack is filled with friends. They come down to spend the day relaxing and being with a good friend. She also holds campfires at night when her friends are visiting. Staying up late in the night and talking about life is one of Heart’s favorite activities. She also maintains a love for her family. She returns to Canterlot fairly often to spend time with her mother and father. Though she does not love Canterlot the way her parents do, she still enjoys a day shopping and sipping smoothies with her mother


Heart is an all around good friend and daughter. She is a joy and an inspiration to many!

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