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Spitfire [ready]


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Name: Untitled-1_zpsaf4dd587.jpg

Gender: Female

Age: Mare in the prime of life

Species: Pegasus

Eye color: Amber

Character color: Her coat is bright yellow like flickering fire light.


Spitfire’s mane and tail both have the look of being tossed by the wind from her various acrobatic endeavors. Her forelocks are kept back and away from her face lest they interfere with her high speed flight patterns. Her locks contain the colors of a smoldering flame, transitioning from rich golden yellow to deep orange. When she is flying these colors give aid to her appearance as a pony so fast she’s on fire!


Spitfire is ready for action! She keeps herself trim and in shape, befitting her role as the leader of the fabulous WonderBolts. She has lightness to her steps as if she could spring off into a death defying air performance at a moment’s notice!



This mare’s home is in Cloudsdale. She spends a large amount of time training recruits at the WonderBolts Academy but she also maintains a personal dwelling in the city. Since she is part of a traveling air show, Spitfire often finds her home to be wherever the next show is taking place. This doesn’t seem to bother her much, it just adds to the adventure her life has turned out to be.



She leads the Wonderbolts in all their endeavors. Part of being captain of the team is making up the new maneuvers that will be used in the show and approving new moves created by the other ponies on the Wonderbolts. She helps design their shows and flies point in most of their performances. She is also chief in charge of choosing and training new recruits for the Wonderbolts Academy. She takes this very seriously since she still remembers how she felt when she was chosen as a Wonderbolts recruit.


Spitfire also heads up Cloudsdale’s water transfer service, cycling water from the ground up to her cloudy home with many other pegasus ponies. Aside from her more serious jobs Spitfire and her crew have also been known to make appearances to promote various ventures. It seems where ever something big is happening, the WonderBolts are not far away. From helping control a rampaging baby dragon in an adult’s body, to flying high over the Grand Galloping Gala, the Wonderbolt’s captain seems to never be far from the lime light.

Cutie Mark:

pitfire’s cutie mark is three tongues of flaring fire that resemble a phoenix. This mark embodies her athletic ability and her motivation in life. They show off her self- determination and her burning desire to live life for all it can offer. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes to new life, Spitfire uses the challenges life presents to thrust her forward. This is also a perfect symbolism of the mare’s personality. Anypony that knows her sees this fire of determination burning brightly in her eyes and her heart.


Unique Traits:

Spitfire is usually seen in public in her Wonderbolts uniform. This cobalt blue and vibrant yellow jumpsuit covers most of her body, protecting her and allowing for less wind resistance during her flights. She also sports a pair of functional flight goggles atop her forehead, ready to protect her eyes from high wind speeds.


Spitfire was born in Cloudsdale on a fine summer morning to loving parents. While some ponies are given names that reflect their parent’s names, others are named for certain habits or abilities. Spitfire was named for the latter. Even as a young foal she had a dangerous light in her eyes. She required lots of attention in her infant days as she was often found wandering and exploring her world. As soon as her wings could flap Spitfire was on the go! She had such tenacity and a spirit that would never give up. It was for this that her parents decided on the name Spitfire.

During her filly days Spitfire attended school in Cloudsdale. Though she was average in all of her classes, she lived for physical education. This was the young filly’s place to shine! She easily took to the various sports and games that were taught in school, excelling above most of the other ponies in her class. As she learned of her love for physical activities, she began to test herself more and more. It was not uncommon for her to challenge other young pegasi to races around Cloudsdale. She pushed herself to her limits, finding that she could fly at incredible speeds and perform intricate feats in the air that most other pegasi could not. It was around this same time that she began to idolize the famous flight team the Wonderbolts. She imagined herself flying with them, thrilling the crowds, and feeling the rush that came with death defying trick flying.

Her parents noted her budding flight abilities and bestowed her with her first pair of flight goggles. She loved the gift and began to imagine herself as part of the legendary Wonderbolts even more so when she was wearing them. Her dream to be part of the fantastic flying team flourished during this season. She began to train herself, with help from her parents, to fly the difficult maneuvers and mid air acrobatics mastered by the Wonderbolts. Though she did not succeed right away, her tenacity helped her to stick to her plans and accomplish her goals of flight mastery. It was during her time of intense training that her cutie mark appeared. Burning flames in the shape of a phoenix representing her deep desire to live a life fueled with determination and a willingness to let setbacks push her on into all she could be!


Once her parents agreed that she was skilled enough, she set up a flight show to perform for the locals of Cloudsdale. The show would include barrel rolls, loop the loops, cloud hurtles, flag weaving, and all the other intricate feats preformed by the Wonderbolts team. She was able to draw a small crowd and they were at first skeptical when they saw what the show would consist of. How could such an inexperienced filly possibly pull off the tricks presented in the obstacles she had set up? This skepticism soon turned to mutters of amazement and then to open cheering as Spitfire went to work! She was marveled as a pony that could fly so fast she caught on fire! Everypony agreed after the performance that she was ready to attend the Wonderbolts training Academy.

Spitfire was nervous when she showed up at the training camp. Were her skills really enough to perform like those ponies she idolized? Could she really make a place for herself among the great fliers of Equestria? She was determined. She could do whatever she put her mind to. That same flame that had fueled her to begin training took her through her time in the Academy. When the time came, she and her good friend Soarin’ were accepted into the Wonderbolts team!

Spitfire never let up. Any flight trick that failed she would practice until she could fly it perfectly. She stood out like a flame in the darkness during her time at the Academy. She was chosen from among her peers to fly with the performance team after a few seasons of preparation! It was not long after that she was named as one of the top Wonderbolts fliers and soon after the next Captain of the Wonderbolts! It is this position that adds intensity to the fire in her life. She was now the leader of the group that brought her so much determination as a filly. She would make the Wonderbolts the best they could possibly be!

Character Summary:

Spitfire brings energy to all those she is in contact with. Her passion for life and her tenacity to keep after her goals are an encouragement to many ponies. She has grown a great deal of self confidence since becoming the Captain of the Wonderbolts team. She has an air of boldness about her that both brings other ponies courage and helps her to reach for the stars.

She gets along well with most other ponies. Spitfire enjoys a good party or gala and is more than willing to make social appearances. Though she is a little rough around the edges she can fit in with high class society thanks to her position in the Wonderbolts. She is mindful of the fact that she is a celebrity but she tries to not let this go to her head. Spitfire does know that many ponies idolize her which she uses as fuel for her fire to do the best she can.

Though she appears to have no end of friends, she does desire to have an inner circle of ponies she can trust. Most of these individuals are part of the fight team of the Wonderbolts. She does maintain a few outside friendships as well. Those who know her outside of the Wonderbolts tend to see a bit more of Spitfire’s relaxed side. She likes to spend time with other ponies, laughing and generally having fun.

This all changes when she dons the Wonderbolts uniform. Spitfire is a no nonsense leader when it comes to perfecting moves for Wonderbolts performances. She does not mince her words to her teammates when they are practicing. She is respected for having this attitude when it comes to her profession.

Overall Spitfire is a fun pony to know. She is always up for a laugh or a race with her teammates. She has a bold and energetic exterior and maintains a gregarious demeanor with friends and fans

“It's not just about pushing ourselves. It's about pushing ourselves in the right direction.”


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