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Rain Tree [ready]


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Name: Rain Tree

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Zebra

Eye Color: Bright Green


Rain’s coat is striped dark grey and white. The stripes are evenly placed over her body, getting closer together as they travel down her legs towards her hooves. The stripes on her body are fairly far apart, leaving a good deal of white in between the dark stripes. Her hooves are a light shade of grey. She has a swirling sort of grey stripe on her forehead that is mostly hidden by her forelocks.

Mane and Tail:

Unlike most zebra’s, Rain’s mane is long and flowing. She has tied various beads and bit of colored twine up into her mane. Her tail looks like the average zebra’s tail, though it has had beads tied into it as well.


Rain is slightly lighter in build than most zebras. She keeps herself trim and fit and seems quite light on her hooves. Upon moving to Appaloosa, Rain acquired a black cowgirl hat. She wears the hat every where she goes both for fashion to help her fit into the style of Appaloosa and as necessity since she is often out in the sun on adventures!


She resides in an apartment above a starting out saloon in the heart of Appaloosa. It is a humble dwelling that has a small living room, basic kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom. At night it is easy to hear the noise from the saloon but Rain Tree is fine with that.


Primarily, Rain Tree works in the cider saloon, the Tumbling Crow, that she lives above. She serves cider and on the side she often plays her jumbe box drum to entertain patrons and passersby of her work place.

Cutie Mark:

Rain’s cutie mark is an ornate symbol for musical beats with a musical note to one side of it.


She earned this mark when preforming for her friends and family on her jumbe box drum. She was able to make such a wonderful beat that her family and friends couldn't help but start to dance! They were not just dancing for the wonderful beat but also because Rain Tree was able to bring the beat in so many different ways. Her personality gave other ponies courage and energy. Truly she was able to bring the beat to life! When she finished her performance she saw that she had earned her mark and every pony started to dance and celebrate!


Rain Tree moved from her native land of Unyasi when she was old enough to leave home. She was an older filly at the time that her parents deemed her wise enough to enter the world on her own. Rain grew up with a loving family in a traditional setting in her homeland. Her parents are potato farmers and still live where Rain grew up.

The day of her departure to the Equestrian maneland was bitter sweet. Though she was very excited to go and explore the world before her, it was tough to leave her parents behind. She knew of course that she could always go back to them but she had to go make a life for herself. Rain had always been fascinated with Equestria, especially the town of Appaloosa. She had heard all about the wild western area from a book on Equestria she had been given as a birthday present. Something about the hot dry land, the desert plants and animals, and the life of the Appaloosa ponies beckoned her. They were tough, they survived off the land, they made good with what they had. It seemed a wonderful place for her to go.

After making her way to Appaloosa with a few personal items, including her box drum, Rain Tree began to look for a place to live and for work. It was a boom town area with lots of opportunity for new jobs and new direction in life for Rain Tree. One day she set up her box drum and began to play. The ponies in Appaloosa had never heard music like Rain Tree’s and many very much enjoyed it! A particular griffon, Diamond Claw, heard Rain Tree playing and invited her to play in the Tumbling Crow, the start up cider saloon she owned. Rain Tree played and drew in many ponies that day! Soon Diamond Claw had offered Rain Tree a job serving cider and playing her box drum for patrons. This worked to the atvantage of both; Rain Tree now had a job and a place to call home, and Diamond Claw had a great way to draw ponies and griffons into her new establishment.

Character Summary:

Rain Tree is a boisterous zebra. She does have a soft side but more often than not she has the ponysona of a hard working, fun loving, western mare. She often challenges other ponies and griffons to various competitions from cider drinking and hoof races. When Rain Tree is around, you never know what might end up happening!

She is much skilled in the art of rhythm and beat. She plays the box drum extremely well and can pick up any other percussion instrument without a problem. She is great at giving other ponies energy and can easily put others at ease and help them to have fun.

Rain Tree adorns a good adventure! When she is not working in the Tumbling Crow she often takes to the trails around Appaloosa. She has made acquaintances and even some friendships with buffalo in the area. She takes naturally them for the their innate skills in working and living off the land. Since she was raised with such knowledge, she is very interested in learning the way of living off the land in the desert. She also loves to dance and has often been seen doing so in the Tumbling Crow.

Rain Tree is able to keep up report with most ponies and griffons. She does take challenges very seriously and will not let down until she has either won or been bested. When she is beaten Rain tends to retreat for a while to lick her pride wounds but she soon bounces back for more! She really likes to be around others that have lots of energy. Although she would not be outright rude to anypony, she doesn’t really like to spend time with gentle or quiet ponies.

The zebra had been known to run into her fair share of social problems. She is still learning how the poines of Appaloosa live and work. Sometimes she can be seen as a bit of a slacker as she is often playing her drum and getting up to various forms of mischief. She also has quite the prideful streak running through her, which can lead to misunderstandings with various ponies and griffons.

One of Rain Tree’s greatest fears is not being able to make it in the world. She depends of her job at the Tumbling Crow quite heavily and the thought of not having it scares her. She loves to feel needed and that she belongs, both things the Tumbling Crow provides for her. Not having her job would make her feel aimless as she uses it as an anchor in her life. She is very free flowing in life, but she needs a few anchors in her life.

Overall, Rain Tree is a very likable zebra. She brings energy, fun, and excitement whenever she goes. Others look to her as a source of strength and for a smile when they get down. Her sometimes rough exterior is tempered by a bit of softness inside, making her a fun friend to interact with!


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Yes, to be clear Cast applications work differently than OC. They go through a different approval process that involves voting. So by the time they are posted they have already been approved and cleared by the RolePlay Helpers.

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Just a reminder when you're able to RP with this pony: because Appleloosa has only been in existence for a short time according to the show, your OC couldn't have lived in the town for very long. Just something to keep in mind. :P

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