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New "Official unofficial" Canterlot MC server (planning atm)


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The old thread was resurrected so many times I thought I'd start a new one since I seem to be the only one who actually has a live MC server with a pony-themed world...

Server is in progress, looking for builders, BUT... Important question here...

Would you all be willing to play on a forge (well Cauldron - I do have some plugins I love) server, or would it need to be Bukkit?

If we go with forge (which I'm currently using - 1.7.10) I will be more than glad to populate equestria with everyone's favorite ponies, and you'll have a lot of fun new toys and blocks to play with (including slopes and custom-made MLP-themed add-ons like Zap Apples, the EoH, etc) However, if everyone would rather have a bukkit server, I am still willing to build it and maintain plugins to add a lot of functionality (citizens, quests, etc) but there will be no ponies running around equestria... and obviously no special plants, mobs, or other "non-vanilla" blocks and entities and such...

So, before I finish up the tutorial section and open up the server to builders/players, I have to know...

Forge (cauldron) or Pure Bukkit?

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I'm not a spectacular builder but I can do a thing or two, and I'm fine with whatever the majority is fine with, to be honest Forge is especially awesome to me(but I ADORE mods so, the more the better as far as I'm concerned.) To be honest I've been looking for a good MC server/group forever, IDK If you'd even want me there but I think it'd be amazing fun.

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Well it doesnt look like there's much of a choice now (for those unaware, Bukkit got a DMCA Takedown notice, and three of the devs abandoned it, and basically it's dead...)

So the server will be Cauldron for now, and in the future it will be pure Forge (if it lasts that long, apparently from what Iv'e heard nobody will touch forge with a 39.5 foot pole for some reason... T_T) Currently finishing up the tutorial area, if anyone else wants to be notified when the server opens to the public, (or has suggestions of mods/plugins they REALLY want to see) please post!

(and keep in mind this is a popularity-driven project --- if you have any interest in it or think you might want to play on it in the future, post! Otherwise it WILL be canceled if there's not sufficient interest)

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I've got three people (possibly 4) on board for FORGE now, so I've commited to running Forge (well technically Cauldron since there are a few bukkit plugins I like such as WorldEdit and I got tired of waiting for Essentials to update (though it has now, it's just simpler to keep things on cauldron)

An update on the build itself - I have 90% or so of tutorial island done, I need to build one mini-dungeon (very small and simple, shouldn't take long) and one "escape path" from a current dungeon, then all that's left is to finish up the quest chains (which are ~90% done) and add in some shop keepers. The starting city currently has a bank (yes it works like any MMO bank - it's secure and semi-universal (some worlds will have their own banks to prevent game-greaking items from being moved between worlds)) as well as a farm supply shop, a weapons and armor shop, and a bakery. I still need to add all the shop keepers and an inn, church (free healing - decided it was more logical for clarics to 'bless' you than to try and make a workable inn --- inn will be there for acquiring quests) and the Zoo, wherein a quest will grant players access to the Equestria world (completely unbuilt at the moment, though I have plans to add in some skematics)

Biggest hurdle I have at the moment is (1) a block ID conflict popped up due to being forced to remove a mod (minor loss, but it's caused some ID issues now) and (2) creating a means of giving builders access to materials they need but not to the game-breaking mods (there are literally bosses that can one-hit-KO you without Diamond armor or better) If anyone knows of a good "restricted creative mode" mod, I'd love to hear it, otherwise I'm looking at a system that grants builders blocks a stack at a time from a menu which will require many hours of coding on my part to prevent abuse.

Lastly, while server is still functional, I have not finished configuring some of the plugins, specifically DropBlocker and Minetweaker (used for removing crafting recipies for admin-only items that are simply too OP to give players access to) I also have not updated my own mods that add in quest and equestria-related items.

So, ultimately, server is around 75% ready to open, but a lot of big hurdles to cross. Working diligently to make it functional though. Hopefully soon I'll be opening to a build team and then to players as a whole.

For the record, yes, there will be a way to bypass tutorial island since it exists outside of the main game (including being in a seperate world) though it's highly advised NOT to bypass it because it shows how the quest system works as well as explaining some of the new mechanics that are both useful and REQUIRED in some of the planned worlds (such as climbing fences and crawling through 1-block-high spaces.

Also if anyone has suggestions on Mods/plugins they REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see added, I am willing to listen. I have posted what I think is a complete list atm, but there are a few more that might be added)

Mod/Plugin List (tennative, possibly incomplete):

Major Plugins/Mods:

Custom NPCs




Carpenter's Blocks


Mine and Blade Battlegear

Better Records (adding music is restricted to OPs atm)

Backpacks (multiple tiers avalible, some atainable only through quests --- also restricted to a set number to prevent players filling their inventory with backpacks)


Pet Bat

Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod

Lanturn Mod

Admin-only Mods (players wont see these, as they're uncraftable and most will be buried under a pile of bedrock to prevent access)

ComputerCraft (for advanced dungeon control, puzzles, and possibly pseudo-creative-mode for builders)

Innumbris's Peripherals

Security Craft

CamoLights (glowing blocks like blanks, wool, etc)

Wireless redstone

ReOP (debugging plugin to let ops de-op to test permissions then re-op without console)

WorldEdit + WorldGuard





Content Mods

(do not read if you want to be suprised by new content when it pops up)

Zelda Sword Skills

ArrowGun (aka autocrossbow)

Gravestone Mod (moseleum dissabled, player graves dissabled)

Tall doors

Waterpipe (aka hookah "devine smoker mod")

Lycanite Mobs


Gravity Gun (very buggy atm, OP only)

Portal Gun (very buggy atm, OP only)

Villager's Nose

Secret Rooms Mod

Content I will be adding with my own mods:

(again, do not read if you want to be suprised)

Sci-Fi Weaponry (for Sci-Fi world)

The Sonic Screwdriver (currently building a GUI for it's many functions)

Elements of Harmony and Rainbow Keys

Zap Apples

Quest Items (useless plot coupons)

The. Ultimate. Sword. "The Godslayer" aka "Herobrine's Wrath"

Pony-related food items such as applejuice and juiceboxes

Tenative Mods:

Better Pets (several options being considered, each with their own flaws)

Vehicles/more mounts (very scared of adding any sort of flying mount)

Mo' Creatures (if it ever updates)

The Twisted Mod (for dynamic text-to-speech feedback)

Feedback is highly requested.

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