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The World of Remnant (Closed)


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Andrea flipped on her hood and began psyching herself up for battle. Marching out in front if HER team, Andrea turned to face them. The girls look was fierce and serious. She took a deep breath then spoke with all the confidence she could muster. This being Andrea, that was a lot, even with a wounded ego. " Alright gang! It's time we put aside our differences and start acting like an actual team! These guys aren't gonna be like those fanger chump losers! These are gonna be actually trained, competent hu-people! Now, i know we threw around ideas about how to beat their faces in, but we also need to know what to do for ourselves. Now, i know none of you know what You're doing in actual combat, but i propose we focus on the strengths I've noticed from you!" Andrea cleared her throat and gestured very delicately toward herself, "Obviously, I'll focus on Stealth and assassination's provided the terrain allows for it. " turning her gaze toward  Tehengu, Andrea smiled and said " But now, im gonna need someone to watch my back and cover me while i stealth up. I figured that job was easy enough for you." Gesturing non-chalantly toward midnight without even turning away from Tehengu " your job is even easier since i know you can't comprehend nuance. Just use that big shield of yours to protect my cover okay? That easy enough for you?" Laughing a little at her own comment, Andrea walked up to Slash and put her hands on his shoulders. " And your job is to draw aggro and not die! Just bring then to a place I can get them and we'll tag team them together, you face to face me from the shadows." Backing back up, Andrea faced her team and said " Hows that all sound? Don't want any of you embarrassing MY team now"




Allen scuffed himself off trying to make sure he was as clean and presentable as possible. "Your flower is not useful for the fight! It makes us look weak." Finishing up his grooming, Allen looked toward the flower wearing terry. "E-even if it does look positively adorable..." He muttered under his breath. Turning toward Vinny, Allen scoffed, "Even if I'm not leader, I'm part of this team so it is in part MY team, besides, someone has to act in charge. Might as well be me." With that, Allen followed the res of his team toward the arena. Arriving at the arena, Allen sneered "look at all these weaklings, so uncivilized, walking around without a care in the world.

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"Err...are you alright? You weren't that hyper a minute ago" Slash asked, a little worried about Andrea. Just a second ago she wasn't as confident but now it's like her butt is on fire. "Sounds like a plan on my part. But remember, it's 'our' team" he said as he looked at everyone, putting his hand on Tehengu's shoulder and Midnight's. "It sounds cheesy, but we've been through a lot...the four of us. We are all in this together." 



Vinny ignored Allen as he wasn't worth any of his time or energy, and instead kept eyeing their opponents. The camaraderie was something their team lacked, but it still wasn't as strong as what he has back home. The removal of the pain-in-the-neck called "Allen" would have improve this fault to a great extent. Unfortunately, it isn't possible, and it will be their downfall. 



---"Team Samaritan and Team Cavity, please report to your respective gates." a voice on the intercom announced.---


"That's us I guess. Let's do this everyone." Slash smiled, looking at his team members with pride. 



Vinny looks back at the members of his team and nods. "Let's give it our best effort. Make Atlas proud to call us their students." he says before turning to walk towards their gate. It didn't really matter, he knows what needs to be done. 

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Midnight turned her eyes onto Andrea and her plan, or attempts of a plan. She hesitated, before letting out a sigh "My shield is a little bulky, i'd rather use my two blades this fight unless they have like, a cannon or something that is powerful. If you need me too, i can get their attention off of you instead"The Faunus offered, even if something felt wrong with the person she was talking too. 

That's when she heard the announcement, and a dark smile crosses the Faunus' mouth "It's showtime...Lets just hope we all do our jobs eh?" Despite all her attempts, the Faunus couldn't NOT glare at Andrea as she said this. That human was just, something else. Hopefully dead if Midnight got her way once Kaydens plan had been unleased. 



For Kat, she heard her team name and perked up instantly "That's, us right? A-are we fighting already Terry?" She askes the teammate whose arm she was basically using as a map. She took the time to look at the flower he'd placed in his hair, and nodded with satifactoin. It suited him, he looked reallly pretty because of the flower...or was just the flower pretty?

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Tehengu hummed slightly at Andrea’s plan, and the little back and forth between her and Slash. It was already his job to cover the team. Thinning numbers before they overwhelmed the front line, picking off certain targets, or just plain old covering fire, but his job was to do it for the whole team as much as possible. He nodded to Slash’s words, stretching a bit in preparation before they went off to start the fight. 


Terry smiled as Kat put the flower in his hair and complimented how he looked with it. He raised an eyebrow at Allen’s muttering, not really able to pick out what he said. Probably just complaining about the flower more. 

“Thanks, Kat, it sure is a pretty flower.” He smiled as they walked to the arena and were almost immediately called for over the speakers. “Yeah, unfortunately we’re up already. Cmon, lets go show them what we can do.”

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 Yeah, yeah I know I know." Andrea said waving her hands dismissively. " I'm just trying to hype up OUR team." She said with some major sass on her tongue." Can't do that by being a debby downer you know?" Placing her hands on her hips, the girl let out a little laugh." My plan is perfect, I knew it, haha!  " Turning her attention toward Midnight though, she scoffed, "You can use whatever so long as you do your job. But just in case you don't know, since well, you're you, a shield generally works better for defense. Someone like you could easily tangle those swords up trying to block with them.


Turning her attention back to Slash, Andrea flashed him a soft smile and a thumbs up. " And I'm sure we'll tough it out through even more. Besides! I'm still here, so you're all safe.


Upon hearing the announcement, Andrea didn't even wait or her team mates and started speed walking in the direction she thought she needed to go. " Alright! To battle boys! And Midnight. Let's show those hoity Atlus punks not to mess with us!"




"Come on, we need that team spirit to go up! I know you must all be miserable but we can at least look like we're trained soldiers." Allen Sighed deeply, " You all need to start acting with a bit more professionalism. Quite frankly, You bring shame to the good name of Atlus. They'll all think we were raised by animals! " Upon hearing the announcement that they were fighting right now, Allen was a little taken by surprise. " Well, I guess theirs no time for a quick planning session then. Just right to the jaws of death. I like the way you're thinking Vinny, let's hope they don't embarrass our genius to bad."


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Once the teams have arrived at their respective gates, red lights flash to signal the staff to clear the area. "Please stand in a line and don't move" an engineer said before closing the gate. They went over to the control panel and waited for their signal.


"This is it!" Slash said with a smirk as he extends his gauntlets to his elbows and tightens the wrapping on his hands. 

Professor Oobleck and Professor Port were the commentators for the tournament and had just finished wrapping up the last battle. "For the next match, we have Beacon's Team Samaritan versus Atlas's Team Cavity!" Port yelled into the microphone.


Vinny inhaled and exhaled deeply to try calm himself, not because he's nervous about the fight, but because of how Allen was getting on his nerves. "You talk to much Allen" he said as he calmly put his hands behind his back and widened his stance. 


The roof starts to open up above the teams and the platform they were standing on started to raise. 



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Midnight's hands tightly curled around her two blades, and let out a deep breath. On the battlefield, cold logic ruled. It wouldn't matter who stood against her, she'd cut them down without hesitation. Not to kill however, that would surely come later. For now, her orders were to put on a good show and win. Surely Kayden's entire plan was based around a simple fact: She was one of the best. She would make her way to finals - The Faunus glanced at her teamleader, for her plan to work...She'd have to be selected to move on...


"Stick to the plan" The girls voice came out almost dead, emotionless as her eyes shifted, the spark that came up during times of fun died and was replaced by the soldier inside the girl "I'll draw the fire of their backline and make sure they struggle"



Kat wasn't sure how she got onto what was a moving platform, but even she realised combat was about to happen. Letting out a sigh, the ranger picked up the weapon on her back and flicked switch. In a whirl of mechanical devices, the battle-axe becomes a very large sniper rifle. The weapon had a low fire-rate, but made up for it by hitting astonomically hard. For someone with a 'normal' aura, they could maybe survive two-three shots at most before it punched through and made them vunrible. A very powerful weapon.

"We should, get matching flowers...a-after this" The girl muttered softly, half to herself and to her team. 

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As the teams were elevated up to the arena, the audience cheered with excitement. Slash looked around with a big smile on his face, waving to the crowd. He glances to the opposite side of the ring, recognizing the team he saw at the waiting lounge. "Atlas Academy...hmm" he thought, eyeing one person in particular. 


"Of course, Kat. Pick a good colour for me." Vinny said as he analyzes the opposing team, narrowing his gaze. He cracks a small smile upon recognizing their faces, things could not have worked out better for Vinny.


"Before we begin, let's see what each team gets for their terrain!" Professor Port yelled into the microphone. Hologram screens appeared behind each team with an icon representing a type of terrain on them. Suddenly, it started to roll like a slot machine, scrolling until it finally landed on one. "On Team Samaritan's side...Forest!" the area behind the team was suddenly covered in trees, thick and dense. "On Team Cavity's side...Beach!" behind team KAVT appeared a sandy beach with many rocks and a body of water. 

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Midnight let out a sigh, spotting the enemy team. 3 Guys, one girl. Almost instantly, the girls zeroed onto the other girls weapon. It looked like a rifle of some kind, and the Faunus grinned. An easy target if she could get close, but surely her allies would protect her? Would leaving her to Tehengu be better? Her Sembalance was better equiped to deal with ranged attacks, however she was still capable to fighting against the best of them in melee. 


Kat smiled warmly at Vinny "Hmm, a rose for you V.." She muttered as she looked down at her rifle, and lifted the weapon up. She could see the people opposed to her...Did that mean she had to fight them? That was her job here right? To engage in battle? What hard work...


The arrival of the terrian mattered a lot to Midnight. Behind them was a forest, perfect cover from that girl with the rifle, provided cover for her to work with. And beach meant there was little places to properly hide, sure rocks break line of sight but that was about it all. Midnight had a rather simple plan that'll work with the team...

"They've got one ranged-attacker, the rest seem to specialise in swords combat. T, handle her. Once T drops their range advantage, it'll force them to come right at us. Once they do, we'll crush them easy"


On the otherside of the battlefield, Kat looked down the high-tech scope of her rifle and zeroed in on one of the members of Samaritan.

"He looks, interesting. Faunus, male. I can't see a sword on him though, but I'm sure a few hits from Snacks'll take him down...O-oh, am i...meant to be using my mimic to make them forget who i am again?" 

The girls Sembalance, Mimic, would have been useful if not for her air-headedness. She could make a 'mimic' of any person, making identical clones to confuse the enemy. Assuming she got their appearance correct (Spoiler alert, she often doesn't!). 

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Tehengu looked over the opposing team, taking note of their weaponry. One long-range fighter, it seemed, he’d have to focus on her first. And bonus, there was little to no cover on the beach side for her to hide behind. He glanced back towards the trees behind his team, appreciating all the cover from that rifle. 

“Agreed. I’ll focus on her to start. It might be a good idea to draw them closer by hanging back, hiding amongst the trees.” He said, doing his best to assess the situation. 



“Matching flowers? Sounds fun, Kat. I’d be down for that.” Terry smiled at the girl before moving his focus onto the fight ahead again. All this open space on their side might be a better arena for melee combat, but that bowman might cause a problem with all those trees to hide in. 

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"I can distract them to make it easier for you guys. My semblance and weapon allow for great mobility, especially in the forest" Slash said as he inspected each of their opponent's weapons. "Be wary of other features their weapons might have and their semblances too." The fact that Slash didn't know any of their semblances made him a little nervous since they could be hiding a powerful semblance up their sleeve.


Vinny puts his hands on his tonfa behind his back. "I can provide cover fire for Terry and Allen. With the forest as their terrain, they will likely try to draw you in. Separate them and bring them out so that Kat can easily take them down. I'll stay to cover everyone."

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