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Frozen Delight's Carnival Stand(open)


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After meeting and chatting with all of her friends at the Spire, it was time for her to get to work. Sure she wasn't going to be too much on making bits here, but still She liked seeing smiles on everypony's faces and she presumed that ponies in the Crystal Empire wouldn't be that much different taste wise that most ponies in Equestria. At least, she was hoping that they didn't. Everypony loved snow cones! Even Fire Heart Loved snow cones and she hated everything cold! Of course, that stemmed from the fact that she was an elemental mare like herself and her element was the polar opposite of hers to the point where anything extremely cold actually hurt her. She can't say that she'd be any different with anything that was very hot. Except for showers. She loved really hot showers. But then again she's fairly certain what she considers very hot would most likely be luke warm to other ponies.

She giggled at her thoughts as she approached the Faire director and paid the bits for the booth-rental fee so that she could start setting up. She checked the booth that she had rented and it had the appropriate space that she needed. With a little bit of magic she super-chilled the cabinets in the stall as she began to put many different fruits in them. She made sure to get more from some of the local stalls just to make sure she had enough for the faire. As soon as she had everything situated and her snow cone syrups assorted, she dropped the sign holding her menu down onto the front of the stand.


Popsicles: Free!

Flavors: lemon, lime, raspberry, cherry, punch, grape, apple, watermelon, orange, strawberry, mango, banana, papaya, blueberry, and fruit punch.

Ice Cream & Sherbet: 1 bit:

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry(Ice Cream), Mint, lemon, lime, raspberry, cherry, punch, grape, apple, watermelon, orange, strawberry(Sherbet), mango, banana, papaya, blueberry, lemon-lime, and fruit punch.

Snow Cones: 2 bits

Flavors: lemon, lime, raspberry, cherry, punch, grape, apple, watermelon, orange, strawberry, mango, banana, papaya, blueberry, fruit punch, and any combination thereof

Milkshakes: 2 bits

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Mint

Smoothies: 4 bits

Flavors: Strawberries & Cream, Orange Dreamcicle, Mixed Berry, Apple, Cherry, Pineapple, and all other flavors listed under snow cones with any combination.

As soon as she had her menu posted, she also placed her sign down that said that she was open for business. All of her prices were significantly reduced, as these days weren't about making bits, they were about making ponies smile, and she knew that not many vendors would just have something that their customers could get for free, and considering she could make popsciles endlessly, she wasn't worried about anything about giving them away. For the moment, she would just happily await her first customer.

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Ta-Daa was in her element! This was the biggest day of her life! Not only had her parents brought her to the Crystal Faire, they had let her be on her own for a few hours to check out the carnival booths! Seldom did her parents let her out of their sight outside of being in school, but even more rare was the occasion that they gave her time to explore on her own. The little unicorn clicked her hind heels together as she made her way slowly down the road, enjoying every sight and sound that faire had to offer. The sweet smells of various goodies drifted about, mixing with the tart aroma cider straight from the barrel. There were toys and gadgets, gizmos and who knew what else! What a day! Ta-Daa's eyes sparkled at the thought of all the fun. She even had her own little coin purse, inside of which some bits jingled together.

"Oh, so many choices and so little time! What do you think we should do first?" She spoke to a little caterpillar that was riding on her shoulder. Ta-Daa had a knack for finding little friends. She had picked the caterpillar up earlier in the day. Odd for the little fellow to be about this time of year. Perhaps that was why its fuzzy little body was light blue.

Soon she was trotting by a stall selling icy treats. Even though it was rather cold out the thought of a snow cone sounded soooooo good! "Wow! I wonder if they have triple berry surprise flavor!" She moved towards the stall and saw that the vendor was a pretty blue unicorn.

"Hi!" The little unicorn filly spoke up. "My friend and I would like a treat! What do you think is the best thing here?" She smiled winningly up at Ice Storm.

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U4NzHv7s.jpgTex Critter

Walking along the midway of the Crystal Faire, Tex Critter, that singing cowpony, spotted Ice Storm's stand! With the unicorn stallion were a half dozen of his, critter, friends. There was Bucky, the beaver; Millie, Dillie and Billie, a trio of bunnies; Charlie the sheepdog and Felix the cat, who happened to be riding on Charlie's back. Tex stood in line behind TaDaa, and couldn't help notice she too had a critter friend.

"Howdy thar, little filly," the Western attired stallion said as he levitated his hat to tip it to her, "mah name's Tex Critter, and I noticed ya got a cute little critter friend! I loves critters, lookie at all the ones that came with me to this here fare! What's yur name?"

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It didn't take too long for her first patron to arrive to her little stand that she had. She took a few moments to just take a look around at all of the beauty that was all around her from the crystals, but that was soon brought back as she saw a small purple filly approaching her stand with an even smaller caterpillar on her shoulder. She seemed very excited to see her here and it made Ice Storm happy to see that even far away from home she could still put a smile on a young filly's face. When she approached she asked what she thought was the best thing here. Ice smiled. "Well, everything I serve is quite a treat, but I specialize in my snow cones. I personally think they are the best thing that I make, and I spend quite a bit of time eating them myself," she giggled. "Might I be able to get one for you? I don't know if I can make one small enough for your friend there," she said with a small giggle as another stallion began to approach her stall with a bunch of different pets. She smiled as they approached. For the time being, he seemed quite interested in the filly, and the caterpillar that she had, although began to wonder what types of treats his little friends would like as well.

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"Might I be able to get one for you? I don't know if I can make one small enough for your friend there,"

Yum! A snow cone sounded really really good! Ta-Daa licked her muzzle at the thought of the sugary sweet treat she would soon be sharing with her friend.

"Oh, yes a snow cone sounds really good! I wish I had so many snow cones that I could spend as much time eating them as you!" Ta-Daa figured that anypony running a stall offering such treats would have an endless supply for herself! "What do you think?" She asked her caterpillar. "Should we make our own triple berry surprise? They do have three kinds of berry flavors." The caterpillar inched around a little, a sign that Ta-Daa took as a "yes".

"Ok, a snow cone for us please. Can you do raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry all mixed together for us?"

As she waited Ta-Daa saw Tex Critter approach with his animals. Her eyes widened in joy. There were so many critter friends! She could hardly resist running right over to say hello, but she didn't know the stallion yet. Her parents had strict rules about speaking with strangers.

"mah name's Tex Critter, and I noticed ya got a cute little critter friend! I loves critters, lookie at all the ones that came with me to this here fare! What's yur name?"

Well now, he had introduced himself! Now they weren't strangers. Ta-Daa smiled charmingly at Tex. "Hi mister Critter! My name's Ta-Daa! Wow, you've got so many animal friends. Mine my friend is this little caterpillar...he doesn't have a name yet. I just found him this morning." She looked at the caterpillar. "I wonder what I should call you."

As she waited for her treat she noticed the dog and cat Tex had with him. "Your friends are so cute! Do they like to be petted?"

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U4NzHv7s.jpgTex Critter

"You sure can pets all mah critters, little lady!" Tex Critter neighed, prompting all of his animal friends to stand in line, preparing to be petted by their new filly friend. "They're all quite tame, and they do love bein' around young fillies like yurself!"

Tex now directed his attention to the printed selections.

"Ya sure do have a fine selection of cold treats, ma'am!" the Western attired unicorn stallion neighed, "I'd like a pineapple smoothie, and I'll also order five apple snow cones for mah critter pals except for Charlie. Poor dog can't hold a cone with his front paws like all the rest of'm kin. Bowl of vanilla ice cream for him, be easier fer'm ta eat it like that. How much I owe ya?"

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