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Name:  Jeronimo


Gender: Female


Age: Adult


Species: Griffon


Eye Color: Varying shades of amber depending on how the light catches them


Coat: Jeronimo’s back half is that of a black panther. Her fur is a lustrous black with inlaid leopard patterned spots also in black. The spots are not visible unless the light hits them just right. She has a long sinuous tail that ends in a rather large tuft of fur.


Plumage: Her front half is that of a raven, smooth and well preened. Her feathers, like her coat are shimmering black. She has dyed the ends of the feathers that run between her ears and down her neck to her back bright turquoise. The feathers that fringe her eyes are dyed this same brilliant shade.


Other markings include turquoise bands that encircle her hind legs right above her hocks and a turquoise dyed tail tuft.


Physique:  Jeronimo is lithe and sinuous.  She moves in a cat-like manner  with a certain fluidity, balance, and grace. She has a piercing gaze and has often fixated others of her species (particularly males) with her amber orbs. Her bird-like front appendages are strong and lightly battle scarred. She keeps her talons, front and the retractable hind well sharpened.


This griffon was born and bred in a military fashion. She embodied much of the philosophy of her father who served in the Aquilla marines though she is more of a free spirit when it comes to the details of the matter. Though she can hold herself in a professional light, she does not strictly adhere to such ways.


Residence:  This griffon resides in a top floor penthouse type dwelling in the city of Talonopolis. Because of her postion in the Navy, she is often not at the penthouse. This griffon calls her bunk aboard ship her second home.


Occupation:  Jeronimo proudly holds the title of an Ensign in the Aquellian Navy.


History:  Jeromino was born to loving parents of high class in the city of Talonopolis. Both mother and father constantly doted upon their little fledgling as she grew up in their high rise home. Griffons of high class are said to reside in the tops of the buildings of the city, the view from little Jeronimo's window opened up over the wide city all the way down to the Raptorclaw River. Her mother had a love for the finer things and Jeronimo often went with her on her trips around the city. They visited all the nicest establishments, and from a young one Jeronimo was used to the best of the best. Her father was a clean cut Vice Admiral of the Aquellian Navy, with ranks of loyal griffons at his command. The flag ship of the fleet was often under the command of Obsidian and he ran her efficiently and effectively.


In her adolescent years, Jeronimo took on the wild streak that ones of that age so often do. She traveled around the city one her own as much as her parents would let her. Her father however, tried to keep a stern bridle of discipline on his willful daughter. This of course caused a rift between the two which lasted a number of years. Though Jeronimo had this wild spell, during which she had turquoise brands adhered permanently to her face and legs, she still retained a love and respect for both her parents. Eventually as she aged the griffoness mellowed a touch allowing for the bond of father a daughter to return.


Jeronimo eventually followed in her fathers claw steps, joining the Aquellian navy as a recruit. She was a bit older than the other recruits and soon advanced through the ranks. She has worked with dedication, discipline, and determination through the years to gain the rank she now holds.


Cutie Mark:  N/A


Character Summary: Though she is the picture of a clean cut military officer when on duty, there is much more than meets the eye to this griffoness. She has an electric personality that both attracts and repels griffons and ponies depending on their personalities. Not just any pony can handle what this griffoness dishes out. Her military training makes her hard and also a bit blunt. Her times spent on the city in her younger days however gave her a love for parties, adventure, and scenes that normally wouldn't befit one of her stature. At times she feels she is leading a double life due to the fact that much of what she loves in life is not tolerated in the profession she has chosen. Still, she does her best to make the pieces fit together.  Her work also makes it hard to find the right sort of some griffon to spend her time with. She would however, love to have a griffoness to put her wing around.


Jeronimo is overall a mixed bag. Clan cut, proper, respected and admired by her ranks in the navy of Aquilla while at the same time enjoying much of what life has to offer to a griffon ready to live a wild and free life style. She hasn't quite figured out who she is yet, but that doesn't stop her from living each day to the fullest that she can!

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