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How about anime?

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I also didn't see a thread for this either. lol.


Anyone else on here watch anime? I watch mostly english dubbed.


Angel Beats currently. It's quite the lengthy list. I'll just post my MAL list I guess?




Anyway... Angel Beats is pretty interesting so far.


My Soul, Your Beats! is my new jam.



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I've watched some as well. I'm too lazy to list them, and I likely wouldn't remember all the ones I've seen anyways. But yeah, I prefer dubs too. Subtitles distract me from the action too much, cause I have to spend time reading them instead of watching what's happening.

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I've watched many anime over the years. I've since become more and more selective of what I consume. Off the top of my head... Longest running anime/manga I've enjoyed is Detective Conan. With that I also got into Lupin III. My favorite of all time was probably Naoki Urasawa's Monster (which in turn made me interested in all his other manga... seriously fantastic Mangaka). Satoshi Kon is a favorite director of mine. 


I don't have a MyAnimeList (never was interested enough to really make one...) But I'd surmise it would be pretty long... I did enjoy Angel Beats... But it didn't strike me as much as others have claimed. But I don't regret watching it. It is a fantastic series in it's own merit with a great OST.

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I looked over your anime list, might I suggest some of my favorites? Yes they are all dubbed.


Black Lagoon (action.)


Sekirei (if you're into ecchi and or harems.)


Baka and test (for comedy)


Jormungand (action and a bit of ecchi)


Devil is a part timer. (comedy mostly)


Future Diary (some of everything I suppose, my all time favorite anime.)


Hellsing Ultimate. (action, since I see you watched Elfen Lied, blood isn't a problem for you lol)


Durarara! x2 (is being dubbed, it is currently on episode seven I believe.)


Freezing (it's pretty good, both seasons are dubbed.)


Maji de Watashi ni koi Shinasai! (comedy and ecchi.)


Kill me Baby (goofy comedy.)


Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. (mecha.)


Date a Live (action, comedy,)


Highschool of the Dead (action, zombies)


Absolute Duo (School, supernatural. currently being dubbed, on episode six.)


Infinite Stratos (mecha and Harem.)


Bride is a Mermaid (comedy)


Horizon in the middle of nowhere (a bit of everything I guess.)


Is This A Zombie. (action, comedy.)


Devil May Cry (if you played and enjoyed the games.)


That is all the ones I can think of at the moment.

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I appreciate your recommendations, I really do.


It's just, with some animes, they are based off of light novels, manga, etc. that are still ongoing. I like to finish a series, so, if an anime doesn't cover all of the source material, I end up wanting to go to the source material to finish the series.


Freezing, Infinite Stratos, Black Lagoon, and a plethora of animes are like that.


I'll think about it but it's hard to finish these series when the series is still on-going with their source materials.


P.S.: I've already watched Baccano and LOVED it.

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