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Minerva Sheartalon (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Minerva Sheartalon
Sex: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Griffon (Osprey/Snow Leopard)
Eye Colour: 'Meteorite' Blue (#2B2280)
Coat: French Grey Fur (#BCBBC4) with black spots. Wings spotted and tipped in white. Light pink beak.
Mane/Tail: Crested (Almost Cardinal like) Athens Grey (#EEF0F3) feathers. Long slender tail tipped in white.
Physique: Average Height, Sturdy Build.
Residence: Formerly Talonopolis, Formerly Rockwington.
Occupation: Sky Pirate.

History: Born to a common family living in the General Level of Talonopolis, Minerva never had much in the way of money or comfort. Her father worked a tiring, menial job and her mother hardly made anything on tips.
Having a sharp tongue that matched her beak, Minerva often found herself in scuffles with schoolmates. So much so, that she eventually was expelled and barred from returning. Every fight she got into, she felt was justified. No one could get away with insulting her or anyone she considered a friend and get away with it, not without a few knots on their head. Her parents, while displeased with how she handled the situation, did commend her for her loyalty to her friends.
Eventually when she was a late fledgling, Minerva and her parents moved from Talonopolis to Rockwington. A place that, they hoped, held better opportunities for both them and their daughter. It was here, among the more diverse crowd of griffons and ponies, that Minerva was actually able to stay in school. She still got into fights now and then, and trouble still found her, but she made new friends that had her back, and kept things from escalating more than they needed to.
Her behavior in Talonopolis before her departure though, left a sour taste in good few of her former classmates' beaks. And a few years later, they had tracked her down. Surrounding the griffon outside of a tavern, Minerva easily recognized them and readied herself for a fight. One she figured she may not win this time.
Though as the fight was getting ready to start, a fifth griffon pushed his way past her former classmates. She didn't recognize him, and so she told him to buzz off and stick his beak in someone else's fight, that she could handle them with her claws tied. This, however, didn't chase him off. And after a bit of protest, the duo sent the attackers packing. Minerva, reluctantly introduced herself and gave thanks.
The well dressed griffon introduced himself as Tarisio Goldplume, Captain of the Zephyr's Kiss. She had heard news about a griffon stealing a ship from the Museum in Talonopolis. She never expected it to be the son of the owners. After some food and drink at the tavern, more of Tarisio's crew arrived, and the griffon offered her a proposition. A spot on his crew!
Minerva had arched a brow at this. The crew seemed a bit...lacking. Tarisio clearly could handle himself, but they needed more muscle. And so she agreed. On one condition, that she take charge as his First Mate. Tarisio chuckled at this, but to her surprise, agreed. And now, five years later, the crew of The Zephyr's Kiss is still going strong, stealing gold and hearts as they please!

Character Summary: Minerva is a strong willed and strong backed griffon. Growing up in a less than kind part of Talonopolis made her slow to trust, but when you gain her friendship, you've got a stalwart friend for sure. As the First Mate on The Zephyr's Kiss, she has a commanding presence, able to keep even the most rowdy of her Captain's crew in check.
Her rough demeanor is mostly on the outside, as her friends will attest, Minerva is a friendly and protective griffon, one who would defend what she stands for til she couldn't stand anymore. All in all, Minerva is the sort of griffon you don't want to be on the bad side of.

Additional Info: Scars across her left eye, lower neck, outer left flank, and inner right thigh.
Poison Joke Reaction: Turns physically weak, struggling to lift over ten lbs.
Font Colour: (#2B2280)

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Hm, I like the fact that you included the poison joke reaction; I may have to start doing that with my own character apps.


Anyhow, on to the evaluation proper!  


It looks good to me.  I don't think this version of a Sky Pirate is too extreme for WoE, though that kind of depends on how much of a rogue Minerva ends up being.  As long as we're not talking about anything too violent in the heists, it should be OK.  I'll send it up for review!

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