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Rapid Fire

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Name:  Rapid Fire


Gender: Male


Age: Stallion


Species: Unicorn


Eye Color: Ice Blue


Coat: Dark tan with a chocolate brown dorsal stripe


Mane/Tail: His mane and tail are white with black running down the center. His mane is kept cropped into a mohawk style with the white outer hair fringing the darken inner strands. His tail is kept cropped rather short as well which allows him to show off his rather muscular hind quarter. 


Physique:  Rapid Fire, as a member of the royal guard, keeps himself in tip top condition. He has always been on the heavy weight side due to his muscular build. He works out daily along with his usual exercises that are a regiment of guard ponies. He can be light on his hooves, but chooses to ere on the side of brawn on most occasions.


His coat clings close to his body, leading even more to his chiseled appearance. Most ponies see him as a rather handsome and capable individual. He has the build of a half draft horse and as such has quite stocky limbs. His black hooves, on which he wears studded shoes, are large and powerful. Overall, Rapid Fire is a pony others might feel intimidated around until they get to know him.


Residence: He currently keeps two places of residence. As an active guard pony he has been issued a bunk in the royal barracks where he stays when he has long split shifts. He also keeps a small upper room in Canterlot which he rents for a reasonable sum.


Occupation: Rapid is a guard pony through and through. Since the days of his youth it was his dream to wear the armor and serve in the elite ranks of protection for the princesses of Canterlot. He has been working his way up through the ranks and now not only runs shifts on active duty but also trains the younger, less experiences recruits.  


History:  Born to loving parents, Rapid Fire grew up in a stable and safe environment for his early years. He went to school and got along fine with his class mates. He was into sports and did well at most of the activities he put his hooves to. He was never picked last for any team and was liked well enough by most ponies. Rapid had close group of friends consisting of various ponies from his school. They would spend their days playing at school and roaming the streets of Canterlot in the afternoon, looking for fun things to do.


When he was of age his parents let him enter the training school of the REN. He took to it naturally and excelled as a cadet. It was only a couple years later when he was initiated into the program as a fully fledged recruit. Rapid was trained in various combat and defense techniques in the regiment of the REN of which he took most favorably to spear styles. His current guard uniform consists of the standard issued plate armor in gold to denote his rank. A blue plumed gold helmet adorns his head and protects his face. He also carried a long spear with a decoration pennant in the colors of the princesses of Canterlot attached near the blade.


Update: Rapid has transferred to the Twilight Guard! He now sports the TRG armor and wields a rather intimidating long sword in his magic. His status as far as having a coltfriend are unknown since his move to a new guard. He may be on the lookout for somepony special again! 


Magic: Rapid has developed his magic to special in the use of fire. As of late his magical aura has taken on the look and feel of flames. He can control how hot the flames issue and he can use his magic to wield his long sword. 


Cutie Mark:

Rapid was enjoying another lazy Saturday with his pony friends in Canterlot. They roamed far and wide through the city, adhering to their parents’ directions on where to go and not go as best they could. On this particular day they had trotted to the edge of town that skirted the cliff face. It was more natural on the edge of the city with lots of plants, birds, and small animals. Rapid and his friends decided it would be fun to set up some tin cans on an old fence rail and see who could knock the most over.


Once the cans had been set up they each took a turn. One pegasus used a sling shot to bring down two cans in three shots. An earth pony kicked up some rocks, sending one can off the rail and into the grass. When it was Rapid’s turn he decided to try some unicorn magic! The young stallion stood, eyes fixed, body poised, focused on the cans lined up on the rail. He lowered his horn and concentrated on knocking down those cans.




His friends stood with their muzzles open as the rapid burst of blue unicorn magic knocked down the cans in quick succession. Rapid Fire had been practicing his aim for some time but he hadn’t been able to deliver magic bursts so quickly before! They set up the cans again and with a little concentration down they went!




As they were setting up the cans for another round Rapid’s flanks began to tingle and his cutie mark appeared! He trotted around proudly showing off the new mark. It was a golden bow, outlined in black with three blue flighted arrows with heart shaped tips resting on the string ready to be fired!


He continued to learn about his mark as he grew up. Not only could he make rapid bursts of energy from his horn, he also had the ability to protect and spread confidence to others. The heart shaped arrow tips were a reflection of his ability to care about others and use his abilities to protect and encourage others.


Character Summary:

Rapid has always been a likeable stallion. He always had friends and others he could confide in. As he grew in stature, he also grew in confidence. From the time of receiving his cutie mark his goal in life was to become part of the Royal Equestrian Guard.


Aside from being a member of the guard, Rapid had lots of other interests. He loves being in the outdoors and going on adventures. He also likes to spend time in Canterlot, enjoying what the city has to offer. It was on one of his days off, roaming the city that he discovered a dance studio. Before Rapid had always seen dance as a waste of time. It just wasn’t for him and didn’t reflect any of his interests. He decided to poke his head in, just to prove to himself that he was right. That was when he saw Solar Swing for the first time.


The young stallion was dancing like Rapid had never seen before. The control and strength needed to do what this stallion was doing was breath taking. Before he could stop himself Rapid Fire had walked into the studio and seated himself to watch the rest of the practice. When it was over he collected himself and made his way over to introduce himself to the dancer. It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship, the details of which are yet to be seen!


He is motivated by a sense of loyalty to his career path and to his coltfriend Solar Swing. Rapid usually displays a rather calm and collected demeanor unless he is around Swing. The bubbly and energetic nature of his coltfriend has a wonderful affect on Rapid. He tends to talk much more, and be a lot more open whenever his coltfriend is around. Though he seems brave and strong, Rapid finds a great deal of courage from Swing and is quite affectionate in showing his gratitude to his special some pony.


Rapid is still working out what he will become in life and he often feels like a book half written. He knows that meeting Solar Swing was a major step in the direction of figuring himself out, but he has a long way to go. Though he appears confident and courageous, Rapid has found it essential to have the support of his friends along the way. Of course he would never let the new recruits know this! He’s very tough on those he is training, but it’s for their own good!


Overall, Rapid is a great stallion to have around. He is good at protecting others and making others feel safe. He is also fun to have a conversation with and is always looking for adventurous activities.



Permission to use Solar Swing given from SteelEagle

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Looks good! I take it that this application is finished so I'll pass it along to the next phase. 

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