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Gilda T3 (Ready)

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Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles


Name: Gilda



Gender: Female


Age: Adult

Species: Griffon: half eagle, half lion


Eye Color: Varying shades of gold


Character Color: This griffon’s body is mostly comprised of a deep tan colored fur. Her wings and tail tuft are a soft chocolate brown. The feather from her shoulders up are white, the ones near her head fading to a purple tint near the ends. She also sports darker purple eyes patches around both eyes. Her front legs are covered in golden yellow bird scales that match the color of her hooked beak.


Mane/Tail/Other: Though she sports no mane as she’s not one of those “lame ponies”, Gilda does have a rather long lion’s tail with a tufted end.

Physique: Gilda’s body is lithe and ready for action. Though she might pretend she spends no time on keeping herself up, Gilda’s fur and feathers are kept neatly preened.  From her purple tinged for-feathers, to her razor sharp talons, to her tufted lion’s tail, Gilda is one hundred percent ready to beat anyone at anything athletic!

Residence:  Gilda keeps a mid-level apartment style dwelling in Talonopolis, stronghold of the Griffins.

Occupation: This griffon has held a number of odd jobs though because of her unpredictable nature she has not held any occupation down for any considerable amount of time. She tends to fly wild and free, making it a point to stop and hang only with those she deems cool enough.


Cutie Mark: N/A


History:  Gilda grew up in typical griffon fashion. Her parents looked after her and raised her to be tough and to survive on her own. Griffons are generally not known for innately caring for each other and so her upbringing would not only be considered typical, but quite nice by griffon standards. The fledgling was reared with the “shape up or ship out” mentality being bred into her.

Gilda was sent to school where she quickly made a reputation for being a bully. She kept a close group of friends but never really cared for them as friends instead adopting the all too often griffon way of using each other for personal gain. She was constantly in trouble at school. Being cheeky to authority and mouthing off whenever she could soon found her in so much trouble she dropped school all together.


Her parents, though not happy with the outcome of their fledgling’s education, tended to look away. Gilda, in need of finding something to occupy her time took an interest in speed flight. When she had been in school, the one thing she had found some enjoyment in was athletics. She was truly a star when it came to flight, especially at high speeds! Now that she had ditched school she could focus on flying whenever she wanted. She joined up with other griffon racers, training as hard as she could. If she was going to do something, she was going to be the best!


Gilda’s parents again took interest when they discovered their daughter’s obvious talents for flight. They decided to enroll her in Junior Speedsters. This was partially to get her away from the nest for good and partially because they wanted Gilda to succeed at something. It was at this camp that Gilda was pushed beyond her limits and really developed the skills needed for extreme flying. She also discovered an affinity for another flyer during her time at camp, a pony named Rainbow Dash. A mutual love for speed made the two fast friends while at camp, though they later suffered a rift in their friendship due mostly to Gilda’s cocky nature.


Gilda now takes the odd delivery job in Tanlonopolis, Griffonstone, or other griffon settlements to earn her keep. Her bad attitude, and generally lacking work ethic make it difficult for her to hold down a lasting form of employment. This doesn’t bother her much and she has even been known to swipe something every now and again if she really needs it. When she’s not flying a delivery route, she might also be found working on her talent in baking Griffon scones.  Recently she discovered that she could bake scones that other griffons actually enjoyed eating! Only time will tell if baking scones is a profitable enough business to take some of her trick flying time away.


Character Personality: Gilda can be summarized at surface level as being brash, overconfident, and rude. She speaks what’s on her mind without a filter for the feelings of anyone else. She does however, have multiple layers. The griffon was raised to uphold an extreme sense of pride in herself and an unwillingness to believe that she’s anything other than the best. She doesn’t know what to do with the thought that she might not be the best at something and therefore does not let herself even think of the possibility of coming in second. Since she has been hard on any that have tried to be close to her, Gilda also feels lonely at times. This feeling may be the reason she appears so rude at surface level. She uses brashness to cover other, deeper, feelings. She would never admit to having any of these emotions though as that might be taken as a weakness.


Gilda is also extremely competitive and when she does have interactions with others it usually ends in some sort of challenge to show her prowess. It would certainly take a special sort of creature to break into her prideful exterior to see her deeper character.


Character Summary: It takes a strong griffon or pony to hang out in the vicinity of this griffon. Many are turned away by her gruff personality and overly honest nature. Those that do spend time with her better be tough skinned and ready for some extreme flight time. She has however, had a recent encounter in Griffonstone that has made her rethink the type of griffon she is. Perhaps there is something to be said for this ‘friendship’ thing? Gilda had always thought friendship was just some lame excuse for being weak and needing others to help you out, but for the first time ever she has begun to scratch the surface of what real friendship might be.


No matter what she’s learned recently, Gilda’s motto for life is still to be faster, and cooler, than anyone else around her… especially those dweeby ponies.



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