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Dusk Til Dawn (ready)

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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Dusk Til Dawn

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Steel Grey

Character Color: Light lavender

Mane and Tail:
Dusk’s mane and tail are very long and quite straight. She lets her locks flow freely, always allowing a few stray strands to lay over her face. Both mane and tail are electric green with streaks of aqua throughout. 

She keeps herself fit though she doesn’t need to try to keep herself skinny. Her build it naturally light, giving her a graceful step and smooth way of moving on the dance floor.


As she is a successful professional DJ, Dusk’s accommodations are on the nicer side of Canterlot. She owns an upstairs two level apartment with enough room to entertain guests.


This unicorn’s profession is also her passion in life. She is one of the most widely known DJ’s in Canterlot. Most of the bigger clubs in town have invited her to host events, though her main employer is the Electric Mane. At this club she is the resident DJ and also in charge of planning most of their events.  She is good at what she does though rarely takes on apprentices, she has been known as the mentor to some of Canterlot’s most well known DJ’s.  

Cutie Mark:
A vinyl record with a break down the middle. One half is yellow, the other purple.


It was in her early days experimenting with music that the unicorn earned her mark. She was in her room with a couple of her friends. They would list off two or three songs and Dusk would quickly figure out a way to lace their beats and words together. Then she would sing back the results. Though she had done this on her own many times it was super fun to have some friends to admire her obvious talent at mixing tracks.


After she had sung back a couple sets, her friends were stumped as to what songs to offer next. It was at that point that Dusk just started picking songs and linking them together herself. Her friends were really amazed with her skill and Dusk couldn’t help but smile. There was something that just felt so satisfying about finding how two songs could blend together without a break.

It was at some point during this afternoon that her flanks began to tingle and the mark appeared! She was so excited to have a mark that showed something she already had a passion for! In the years to come this passion became a career that many ponies could enjoy the results of.



The unicorn filly was born and raised in Canterlot and has called the city her home ever since. Her parents raised her well, helping her not only to develop strong friendships but also to cultivate a passion for what she loved. From an early age, Dusk had a fascination with music. Sure enough this fascination turned into a skill and then into a passion in the young mare’s life.


When she was enrolled in college, Dusk had a chance to experiment with all sorts of music. She could play a couple instruments well but what really took her interest the most was mixing songs together. No pony could put together a mix like Dusk! She seamlessly blended songs, and due to a large amount of time spent in her headphones, she knew enough songs with enough different rhythms to mix tracks that could last a club all night! It came as no surprise to herself or her parents that Dusk took up the task of becoming a professional DJ once she had finished college. This profession was not usually lucrative but due to her talent, Dusk became a sought after performer for many clubs. She eventually nailed down a permanent position at the Electric Mane.


A few years after that, Dusk took on her first student. A unicorn with a passion for making music not unlike herself. Dusk first met Vinyl after a session at the Electric Mane. Although at first Vinyl had seemed like any other fan filly, there was just something about her that made Dusk agree to take her on as a student. The partnership ended up successful with both unicorns benefitting from the outcome.

Dusk has worked at the Electric Mane for a few years now. Though she loves her job, she finds herself wanting to go and experience more of life than what Canterlot has to offer. She has often thought about taking a trip to somewhere new but only time will tell when she will be able to trust another pony to take her place while she’s gone.


Character Personality:

Dusk is seen by most as an extremely cool pony. Some are intimidated by her because of her looks and her obvious talent as a DJ. Once ponies get to know her however, they will discover that she is quite down to earth. In her friendships she is one that others choose to come to. She is trustable and reliable. She is also great at conversing with others as she makes ponies feel safe when she is around. She seems almost motherly but chooses to try to make herself seem more like a cool older mare as she has no interest in being a mother to anypony.  


She is also professional, taking care to make sure her reputation as a DJ is never tarnished by foolish behavior. Though she can get down with the best of them on the dance floor, Dusk balances herself by having a head on her shoulders and making smart decisions.  This is one reason why she makes a good mentor for up and coming DJ’s. There are not many ponies that can say they have been trained by Dusk Till Dawn, she very picky about which students she will take under her wing.


Character Summary:

Dusk is confident, funny, and self controlled. She knows how to mix business with pleasure and has fun doing it. She makes a fun friend once ponies get to know her. Dusk is passionate about music and being professional at her job. She does find herself torn sometimes as she likes to have a great time and party but also likes to be professional . Though she has thought about taking on a different career, she could never leave behind her love for making music tracks.



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