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Star Crusader [READY]

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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Star Crusader

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Eye Color: Amber

Coat Color: Whitish blue

Species: Pegasus

Build: Above the average height for a male pony, and built for both a mare and a pegasus.

Mane/ Tail Color & style: Reddish Blonde mane that takes on a near Militaristic fashion with some amount of flair. The left half of her mane is braided together into one long tail that has been thrown over her neck towards the right side of her head. And as for the right, it's a short cut bang that rolls over her right brow, as it curves towards the back.


Her tail is short cropped, and banded together near the base, following the usual REA fashion.


Cutie Mark: A Tower Shield with Wings

Origin/Residence: Canterlot when on Duty/ Stays with her brother when off Duty.

Occupation: Low Ranked Officer of the Royal Equestrian Army

Motivation: Law, Order, and Harmony

Dislikes: Evil Doers, Criminals, Injustice, Selfishness, disorder


Character Background:

Born to a Noble Family of Fetloch in Manehatten, Crusader was the oldest sibling of two, and also the largest. She always had a stern heir about her, with a natural resting glare which intimidated many other foals. She would often try to make a conversation, but any attempts she made with ponies whom were willing to give her a chance just went off terribly. Usually by her saying the wrong things, or just being a foal that’s awkward to be around. Naturally she became frustrated when ponies began to avoid her. And eventually she became a bit of a bully. When her brother was old enough to go to school. She’d walk him to class daily. Play with him during recess. He was perhaps her only friend. And was possibly the only pony in the school whom could get her intensity to die down a bit, so she was somewhat a pleasant foal.


One day in school however, she heard her brother cry out in anguish in the playground. A few bullies were picking on the poor foal. Something inside of Crusader drove her to action, quickly coming to her brother’s aide and beating those bullies back. When all was done, her brother pointed to her flank, revealing a new cutie mark. A  tower shield, with Wings. This symbolizes her daily pursuit and dedication to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


Later on, she began to grow fascinated with Joining the Royal Equestrian Guard. She spent hours studying, and training her body till it was time to join. Just before she enlisted, her mother Star Breezer, joined by her little brother presented her with a Family heirloom. An enchanted tower shield with a polished front, and branded with Celestia’s Sun, and Luna’s moon beside each other. This very shield had been passed down generation through generation to scions of the Nova Family whom were to make a career serving in the Royal Equestrian Guard.


Character Summary: Star Crusader, following closely to the Philosophy of the Nova family, and perhaps far more strongly than even her own mother, highly values honor and pride, with only Justice and Harmony triumphing further.


Crusader is about as Stoic as a brick, with keen eyes always keeping tabs over everything in her surroundings,. Not even something as insignificant as a church mouse can escape her scrutiny. That being said, she takes her job seriously. She will stand guard for hours on end, should someone tell her to. She will turn herself into a body shield to protect a helpless pony. Chaperone foals without so much of a complaint. Bring the wicked to justice with her righteous fury. And as for life... a little too seriously. She takes her mannerisms from work and applies them everywhere. Even when she is supposed to be off duty, she seems to forget that.


Don't underestimate her ability for conversations however. She's a very articulate mare, and speaks with proper pronunciations... even if some of the titles she uses may just be archaic. But she is also a no nonsense mare. And severely hates it when ponies beat around the bush . She can quickly become irritated when a pony dances around a topic (Though she wonders why no pony has requested a lovely evening with her.) Often calling them out to just spit it out, or to hurry them. She takes threats seriously, and any threats she makes will be more than willing to carry out immediately if she has to. Many ponies claims she doesn't have a sense of humor, and this is almost true.


And this is perhaps one of the weapons in her Arsenal. Intimidation. Even when it's not intentional, she holds an imposing form with her personality, her stance, and her stature. And she uses this to her advantage when trying to keep true to the pacifist ways of the Royal Equestrian Guard. After a dramatic entry by crashing down to the earth from the sky, or something simple as slamming her shield down to draw focus, she will demand the immediate surrender of her foe less they face her unrivaled wrath. Should they not humor her, she'll be more than willing to show that she is no spring chicken to chase, or combat.


But this sense of justice is also perhaps one of her biggest shortcomings. Usually openly announcing her presence... or being what is characteristically known in the Royal Equestrian Guard as Lawful Stupid. Crusader is an incredibly gullible mare. She will chase after obviously false leads, screaming into the air how she will defile their nefarious deeds. And return sulking about how the fictitious villain had gotten away.


And finally... there are softer sides to her. With foals, delicate ponies, beggars, and soft cute things. But the strongest in particular, her adoration for flowers.

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Hi! I'm happy to help you get this application approved :D


A  suggestion:


A few bullies had the poor foal held down and were force feeding him mud


WoE is meant to stay as close to slice of life for MLP FiM as possible. There are a few cases of bullying in the show, but nothing as drastic as force feeding mud. I would say it's enough just to say some bullies were bothering him, or at most pushed him down.



Other than this, I'd say the app is ready to go! Let me know here when you've made a change to the suggested area and we can move forward with this one! :)

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