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Cherry Jam[Ready]


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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Cherry Jam

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Amber

Character Color: A light magenta boarding on pink. 

Mane and Tail: Mane and tail are both silky sea green with streaks of bright green running through them. She keeps her mane and tail long and flowing when not in the air. Her mane drapes down in a long wave over her neck with stray strands of forelocks left free to wisp over her face. 

Physique:  Jam isn't quite as toned as she used to be in her Wonderbolts days. She moves with poise and capability both in the air and on the ground. Though she has an injury to one of her wings, still is still capable of flying. She just can't fly quite the way she used to.

Residence: Currently she resides in an apartment above a bakery in Canterlot. 

Occupation: She once worked as a trick flier for the Wonderbolts. Since her injury she has taken to baking and runs successful tart shoppe and bakery in Canterlot. 

Cutie Mark: Three starbursts of different sizes, one larger than the others. The stars are yellow with orange centers. In front of this is two red cheesies on their stem.

History: Jam was born to two pegasi in Cloudsdale. She spent her early days scraping by in classes so that she could be on the school's flying team. Her father was a speed flier, competing in Cloudsdale derbies when he had the chance. He also had a full time job working in the Cloudsdale weather factory. This allowed Jam to see that though there might be something you truly love, responsibility often leads to one having to invest time and effort into endeavors outside of one's true passion. Her mother stayed home when Jammer was young, raising the little filly and her brother.

Jam's parents always believed in their little filly and were so proud when she made the second string of the flight team at her school. Jam was happy with this but always wanted to be first string. She practiced and trained intensely, honing her skills for the coming year's tryouts each season. It was during one particularly intense training session that her cutie mark appeared! Triple stars with...cerries in front of them?! A symbol of her love of flight for sure and the cherries...well they remained a mystery for a long time! It was during her third year of high school, years later, that she finally achieved her dream of being a first string flier. Though she was not the best on the team, she gave it her all and had a great time!

When the year of graduation came, the flight team got to sign up to try out for the famed Wonderbolts! Jammer had never been more excited! Her coach was in charge of choosing who would get to go to the Wonderbolts tryouts as only the best fliers from each school would have a chance to tryout with the famed flying team! They held a tryout at school to pick those that would go to the Wonderbolts competition and though she flew her absolute best, she was not chosen to try out.

She continued to work hard, not letting the defeat get to her too much. Once she graduated she was able to attend a tryout for ponies that were past the age of high school. She had never stopped training, pressing as hard as she could after her dream of being a top flier. During the tryout, she attempted a trick maneuver that hardly any other ponies would dare to attempt! The ponies running the try outs saw the guts and determination Jam displayed and she was chosen to be a flier for the Wonderbolts! 


Jam flew for the Wonderbolts for about a year, loving each day of her new adventure in life! One days she was training and decided to throw in a new, particularly dangerous, flight maneuver. The result was a full on crash into the ground. Along with other inquires that healed after while, she ended up permanently straining a muscle in her wing. It was an injury she couldn't recover from completely. Though she can still fly, her days of flying tricks are over. 


Since her injury kept her from returning to the Bolts Jam made her way to Canterlot to take on something she'd always dreamed of but never been able to do in Wonderbolts training...baking! It was once she was working with the good stuff that she figured out why her mark had those delicious looking red cherries! Top athletes could not hope to taste the wonderful treats of tarts and cakes but she had a;ways wanted to! She took her salary from the Bolts and started her bakery where she now turns out wonderful treats of Canterlot citizens and even further away! Her bakery has built a good reputation! 

Summary: She is fun, loves to laugh and joke. She feels everything intensely and is often given over to her emotions. She loves her family and friends and can often be found spending time with ponies she is close to when she's not working with a smile on her muzzle in her bakery. She tries with all her might to keep a happy spin on her life. Though there are areas, especially in the area of flight that can bring her down, she tries to look for the good! 

This mare never does anything half way. She's all or nothing and never backs down. It takes a certain type of pony to be her friend, but once she has made a friend she will never let them go. When it comes to stallions and sometimes mares she can be something of a flirt, often leading to the embarrassment of particular pony that can't quite handle her intense nature.

All in all Jam is a lot of fun to hang out with! She lives life with all she has; when she's baking or hanging with a friends.

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Hi, Firefoxx!


Overall you've got a good character but I have noticed that her character summary makes her sound a lot like Rainbow Dash in her personality. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps some additional aspects of her character, like hobbies or interests she pursues in her downtime, might make her stand out as her own mare a little more. And, the more you have for a character to work with, the wider variety of situations you can play her in, too!


Let me know what you think.

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