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New Race: Giraffes

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Where are they popular? this is the first I've heard them as being  a race of interest.

They were a thing for some time on DA, and furaffinity, reddit, and derpiboru. I'm not sure if they still are, but I should have probably said "were a popular race". I can't confirm that now.

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Here's the slippery slope: we allow X new race, and now players will want Y and Z other races too since they're either similar or because we allowed X race in the first place.. Whenever we allow something new (not just a race), I will ask all players to consider:


1. Does the new race keep with the flavor and theme of a FiM-based roleplay?

2. Would a race like this appear in actual story canon?

3. Will it interfere or disrupt the roleplay for others?

4. Will it interfere or disrupt existing, established canon?


Chronicles was originally designed to grab whatever didn't "fit" in World of Equestria. It was made for those that wanted a structured RP environment above something like FFA. It's a tricky thing to define and keep consistent since we're basing the roleplay environment on a cartoon. It's an ongoing challenge to figure out what it is, and how far we want to take it before we're in FFA territory.

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