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A "Crash" Course in Magic (Open!)


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It was a pretty calm and uneventful day in Ponyville. There were no zany mishaps, no monsters encroaching from Ever-free forest; just a calm, quiet day. Well, until now.

Above the Castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle there was a faint spark of yellow energy that repeatedly flashed into existence before disappearing, a few moments later it would return, although this time considerably larger and more intense before a loud almost explosive boom pierced the tranquilty of the town's average day, and a flash momentarily blinded any who were looking in the direction of the castle.

Once everyone had their sight returned they could see a large airship now resting... well not so much resting as skewered by the top of the star like spire on top of the castle. The impact; if one could call it such had shaken the castle somewhat but had caused no aesthetic damage to the building. The ship on the other hoof sustained a fair bit of damage and had smoke  billowing from the spire's point of Entry.



(new color scheme)


"Ngh... did it it work?" She asked nopony in particular, rubbing her head as she regained her sense of orientation. She sniffed once... was that? She sniffed again... smoke? Oh Sweet Namesakes of the Silverbeaks! The mare broke into a gallop and traveled to the engine room where she saw a sight that almost made her cry, instead it made her scream in pure anguish; a scream that practically shook every house in ponyville.

Once she let that out she wasted no time and took a fire extinguisher off the wall and swiftly ending the source of the smoke. "Don't worry, Zeph... I promise will fix you up as soon as I can... just don't fall apart on me." The mare patted the metal walls of the ship before heading above deck. She surveyed the landscape and her brow furrowed, "Where in Aquellia am I?" she thought to herself. Those thoughts ended relatively quickly as she noticed the familiar city in the distance; Canterlot. Judging from it's position and environment below, this must be Ponytown? Ponyburg?... Ponyville! That was the name. Well technically since Bevel knew little about the layout of Equestria beyond the location of the school she attended a while back and the location of where she was born... it couldn't hurt to check. What better way then by asking the locals?


She  then jumped off the side of the ship, looking like she was going to plummet to the hard ground below, but soon her saddlebags top flap opened up and a pair of helicopter rotor blade extended and folded out, spinning and keeping the mare aloft and easing her descent down... At first on the flat roof of the castle, and then when she realized she probably was going to have to salvage this helicopter gizmo to rebuild at least a portion of her engine. She then made some quick calculations in her head and teleported down to the floor in a yellow flash of magic.


It would probably be polite to introduce herself and explain the situation... especially to the pony who's castle she'd run into. Approaching the large doors the mare made use of the knockers that loud practically unignorable knocks on the door... that made her head ache from the sound. She then waited for someone to answer the door or anyone to approach her.


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Unknown to the mare, a pair of strikingly orange eyes were watching her from high up above...

A pair of eyes owned by a very, very confused guard officer.

"I, uh... okay?" Arcus wondered to himself, flying even faster towards Princess Twilight's home. He had just been sent over to serve as a patrol officer for the castle, and of course, of all things, an airship decides to embed itself on said castle, and probably temporarily blind half of Ponyville in the process.

Landing a few feet away from the door, with an audible clatter of metal, the stallion turned his attention towards the castle, finding a mare who was...

Jumping off the castle. Cra-...

Wait, was she the pilot?

And did she just fly?

And teleport?

"... Now, why am I not surprised? Another normal day in Ponyville, I guess... Except for the giant airship now stuck on the castle..." Arcus chuckled to himself, shifting the saddlebags on his back so that his bow didn't droop towards the ground as much. After a short trot, Arcus quickly found himself at the door, beside the mare who was using the knockers way too loudly.

Ouch, okay, that actually hurt his ears, wow...

Recovering quickly, however, he found himself staring at the mare. She definitely wasn't from here, as she, well, crashed an airship into the resident princess' castle. She was also quite tall, almost nearing his height, something quite surprising for the stallion.

Well, there's only one thing to do when a random mare crashes a giant airship into the princess' castle, and decides to knock on the door afterwards!

"Hello?" Arcus called out, as the knocking had stopped ringing in his ears. Looking slightly downwards at the mare, he curiously tilted his head to the side, shifting the weight of the bow on his back so that he wouldn't fall over.

"May I help you? Because you seem to have crashed an airship into Princess Twillight's castle." He chuckled almost amusedly, looking up at the airship which was indeed, stuck.

Yep, another normal day in Ponyville...

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Sometimes, days started off with an odd feeling that there was something in the air - something that, no matter how you sliced it, was gonna make the day a bit more interestingly memorable than you'd have expected otherwise...

occasionally, such days as these would start off with a simple encounter, a letter, a smell, a sight, or something else that attracts your attention.


For Spike, this day started off with a rather interestingly loud THUD that seemed to come from above...a reverberation throughout the castle followed which, aside from knocking his bowl of breakfast gems to the ground and disturbing a few other minor things, didn't SEEM to have the most effects on anything hugely, and there didn't seem to be any massive attacks on Ponyville that the nearest ceiling window could identify...but there did seem to be an awful lot of smoke billowing out in sight. At first, the young dragon worried there might be a fire or something and had felt the initial burst of panic that would have had him respond by calling out for Twilight...but it was the loud banging from the front doors that got his focus away from doing so.


Visitors? What...but couldn't they see there was something odd going on outside?

" I'm coming, I'm coming... " Spike calls out as he rushes to the door...not exactly sure what was going on, nor whether or not Twilight was aware of it yet.


After a moment, The door is opened as Spike peers his head around to see just who was outside...observing a rather out of place young mare standing there. There was probably lots the young dragon could have said, and how he could have emphasised the point that there was smoke outside...but for the moment, he was simply trying to stay calm and collected himself. In fact, all he could really out and say was a moderately quizzical " Uh, hello? What can we do for you? " as a general query - there was likely time afterwards to, well, bring up the topic of the smoke and the shaking shortly anyway!
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"Oh thank goodness, a local." The mare  thought to herself as she turned to face the stallion who had approached her. 


When he posed his potential offer of help she looked him over as if scanning him with her golden yellow eyes, taking in every feature and muscle and making not of his armor. "I'm assuming you're a member of the Equestrian Royal Guard. If that's accurate, I don't think you can unless you are able to get me a few important components to a magic infused Airship engine... Thank you for your offer though. " Soon the sentence this pegasus had spoke clicked in her head and she blinked, "Hm... did you say a princess lived here? which one? there's four of them now, right? She isn't the type to through ponies in jail for accidents is she?" She asked, a hint of worry in her voice. Her fancy accent was beginning to slip through her speech.


A dragon? How intriguing! he couldn't be the princess could he? wait no that was a silly notion, a dragon as a princess would most likely be unthinkable. He must be her servant or something similar. "Oh, yes. I was hoping to speak to the owner of this castle to apologize for this blunder of mine." 


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"... Magic infused airship engine?" Arcus silently thought, now even more confused than before. Still, he had to answer...

After all, a question was there.

"Yes, a princess. Princess Twillight Sparkle, to be exact." He replied, looking back down at the mare. Huh, she looked quite worried... But that would probably be expected of someone who just crashed into a royal residence... Oh, right. Jail time. Riiiight.

"Oh, jail time? I'm not sure if I can answer that, ma'am. It's up to the princess to decide." Arcus sighed, staring at the humongous wooden doors.

"But, just between you and me, I highly doubt that Princess Twillight will do so. She's quite known for her kindness." He chuckled, noting that she had quite the unique accent. Huh, even being deployed almost everywhere, he couldn't quite remember... Being deep in thought, Arcus only looked slightly surprised as the doors opened. After all...

Wait, was the Princess here alread-...

Oh, right! She had a dragon!

Admittedly, a very small dragon, but a dragon nonetheless. Mentally facehoofing for forgetting, Arcus turned back to the doors, staying silent as the two conversed.

After all, once a guard, always a guard...

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Sunrise Beach was in a pretty good mood - she'd had a decent day, had just finished a really good hoofball practice with her besties Purple Haze and Marzipan, and it was a lovely day out.  So how could this have happened?  She stood there, frozen, having just turned the corner to see the castle.

"Ehmercelester" she whispered.  Was this possibly her fault?  It wasn't her fault.  She wasn't on duty, princess Twilight gave the little page the day off.  Should she have been on duty?  Her feet were running away with her, racing her towards the castle despite her being tired from hoofball.

"I totally wasn't on duty, like this totally wasn't my fault!" she blurted out in a panic in Spike's direction, then belatedly asked, "Like, is everypony OK?  Can I help?  Do I, like, need to go get anypony?

She paused and leaned backwards, staring up at the impaled airship... "How in Equestria are we going to get this off the tower before Princess Twilight comes back and like totally OCDs over it?" she asked desperately.

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Welp, this was turning into a scene - he wasn't really sure exactly how this was going to be resolved easily, considering that this wasn't just a ball or a bird stuck up on the castle, but an airship...Spikes immediate thought was that not many of those come through here to begin with and as he looked up at the one that was currently casually residing up on the castle, he had a pretty distinct feeling that this one wasn't going to be moving for a little bit.


His focus shifts to the one who seemed to be the pilot - there was no avoiding the fact that she kinda looked really outta place around here, somewhat...a very unusual dress sense that he was pretty sure would send a certain fashionista crazy in the worst possible manner. The crowd gathering seemed to be a little bit excitable too - the guard nearby seemed to be more overly curious but calm about what was going on, which the dragon considered somewhat understandable...but the young filly that Spike had seen around and met a couple of times seemed a little more rattled about what she was seeing. Spike didn't even want to consider how Twilight would respond to all of this himself, and it seemed like this was the exact same thought running through the younger fillys head as she looked up at the scene on the roof with a mix of confusion and panic...whiiiich Spike was probably just as familiar with as anypony else.


"Oh, yes. I was hoping to speak to the owner of this castle to apologize for this blunder of mine." 


It occured to Spike that he was being spoken to - after managing to get himself free of the small state of uncertain reverie that had taken ahold, he finally addresses the Curious mare who had so rudely crashed into the castle!

" Oh, Uh...Twilight? See...I don't really, uh... " He scratches the back of his head a little. " I don't really know where she's at right now - which is...uh...probably not all that helpful. "


The exclamation from the young filly reflected how Spike was feeling right about this moment - there was a vehicle stuck on the castle, Twilight wasn't going to be happy about that in the least...probably.


...Oh dear. 
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Bevel let out a sigh of relief upon hearing that the princess was known for her kindness. It may not have entirely ruled out the possibility of imprisonment but at least now the likelihood of it happening had greatly decreased. 


"It's not." Said the mare in the trenchcoat plainly, "But thank you anyway, Monsieur Dragon." Soon an overexcited filly popped into the scene. How on earth was this her problem? Did she work for the princess too? Again, unexpected, but hardly an issue. Apparently she had some sort of authority as she did have the ability to help out or get somepony. When the mystery filly questioned how they were going to get the ship off the tower, Bevel simply watched her as the filly voiced her worries. 

"Hm... So the princess doesn't enjoy accidents? Shame that. This one's a bit bittersweet however. On the bright side, the Aetheric Airship Teleportation device works... " The mare walked back and looked at the state of her ship. "Downside is that it needs to be better calibrated and have a better spatial awareness component. Otherwise this is going to keep happening. As for getting it off the castle -before- she returns... depends on how long she'll be out and how long it takes me to find the replacement parts and move the engine the spire has impaled..."


"I'd advise against sending anyone into that ship or trying to have someone remove it magically. If someone uses magic or hits the wrong thing it could result in an immense magical feedback loop; if that happens then I'm not sure what will happen to the castle's roof, or whether the ship will explode and open a portal to Aquellia." The dusty coated unicorn got back up and pulled a large, rather ornate spanner from seemingly nowhere and pointed it at the ship before slipping it into the coat she wore; no small feet as the Wrench itself was about as tall as the mare holding it and it showed no sign of still being in her pocket once she put it  away.

"I can't blame her if she stresses over it in the way you said... I can snap at a griffin if they so much as misplaced a book in my study. All the more reason to help me find some assistance and components  for repairs, right?"

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Looking over the scene in front of him, Arcus silently stood and wondered...

"Huh, looks like we've got somepony else here... Does she work for the Princess too?"

Quickly glancing over in the new mare's direction for only a moment, his attention was quickly diverted back to the airship's pilot, who had started to talk about something quite... worrying. Specifically...

Aetheric Airship Teleportation Devices...

Immense magical feedback loops...

Portals to... Aquelia? Aguelia? Aquellia?

Oh, horseapples.

"So, we have to find parts to get an airship off the roof of Princess Twillight's castle, before she gets back, without disturbing it too much, and possibly causing massive damage to this castle if we do it wrong?" Arcus chuckled, looking almost, almost amused. Quickly wiping the almost-amused look off his face, however, was the mare's act of taking a ridiculously oversized spanner out of her coat, and seemingly stuffing it back in with no effort. This day.

This day.

At least it can't get any weirder, right?...

Wait, you probably shouldn't ask that.

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Oh dear - however was he supposed to handle this on his own...without Twilight around at the current moment, he had nobody to call on to take over the issue.

He wasn't even sure where she'd gone to, and considering this wasn't just taking a message for her but handling a situation that would clearly be of a big concern to the princess...well, Spike was stuck for ideas on the best approaches.


" Ugh, wish I knew what to tell ya. " he says with a small sigh - looking up at the poor sight of the aircraft currently nesting on the roof of what was now considered home. " if we had more guards around the place, I reckon they'd have helped...buuut... "

Twilight seemed to not really care much for having too many guards around the castle, even after the whole time travel incident...he could never really figure out why, but kinda assumed it was because perhaps they looked kinda unfriendly posted around the places they were usually seen, and the princess of friendship probably wasn't overly fond of enacting something that would make her appear far less approachable to those she was supposed to be keeping close. 


Spike wasn't really sure if the filly had any idea as to where Twilight had gone, and the guard was a new face to the dragon...which wasn't really all that helpful either. Uuuuuuugh, What else was he supposed to do?

" Of all the times Twi decided to have some personal time... " he mutters to himself in a small utterance of a sigh. " something like this has to happen...I have no idea how we're meant to deal with this myself! "


Ah well, all he could really hope to do is see if she came back sooner or later and to offer the pony whatever means of assistance he could, although right now he wasn't exactly sure what he could do other than offer something to eat in the meantime - it seemed like a generally good thing to do as a fallback, but he didn't really wanna be presumptuous and assume that she was in the mood or even interested in anything close to a snack right this moment in time...no, for the time being it seemed a much more prudent idea to simply follow what was going on and try to do whatever was asked when it came up rather than simply throwing his own thoughts out there.

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As Sunrise Beach listened to the strangely dressed pilot talk about her airship the young filly's head tilted more and more to the left with a confused expression as she attempted to make heads or tails to what the stranger was saying.  Ecstatic Airship Transport? Spacey Awarness?  Sunrise held her forehooves to the side of her head as she shook it from frustration. What the hay did those terms even mean?!  This pony and Princess Twilight would likely get along really well with their incomprehensible egghead language, if this weird pony didn't crash her ship on top of the castle of course.


What was worse is that the pilot pony claimed that if magic was used, that the ship could explode?!?  And make portals?!?  Well okay the portal part sounded pretty radical, but not the explosion part, at least not on top of the castle!  Which made Sunrise wonder, was crashing a ship into a royal castle a crime or something?   She looked at Spike, who due to neither Twilight or Captain Armor Lead being around, was the closest thing she had to a superior.  "Like uhhh, Sir Spike, do we have to like, arrest her or anything?  It was like an accident, but like I dunno, is crashing into royal property like a crime?"  Sure she was just a page, and he was just Twilight's assistant, but they should do something right?  They did have a royal guard there, at least she thinks the pegasus stallion was a guard.


Fortunately the pilot mare had perhaps a better idea, getting parts! Or as she called it "com-po-nuts", "Oh like, uhh, we probably have some of those com po nut things, like the princess has a whole lot of weird magical junk in her basement from doing her experiments!  Like maybe some of the nuts are in there? We just gotta, like, figure out if we have to arrest you and junk!  Right Sir Spike?  Or like do we ask the guard about it?"

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"Zat is about the size of it, yes." Stated the mysterious mare matter-of-factly. "If things are truly so desperate than I could make due with a trip to a scrapyard if there's one in town... is there?" 


"Once again, My apologies to the owner of this place. "The mare pushed her goggles down and winced before immediately shifting them back up and rubbing her eyes. the magical signature of this palace alone was blinding! Much like the pony who worked there said, there were likely a lot of potent magical items inside... that or something else was at work here. "Well as you left the door open I suppose I'm already allowed in."Just like that the mare calmly but energetically cantered forward and into the castle doors, pulling a pair of glasses from her pocket and slipping them atop her muzzle.

"If you do plan on arresting me, I hope you know I've no plans of leaving my ship in the cl- er hooves of some stranger. "

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"Ponyville doesn't have a scrapyard... Right?" Arcus silently wondered. After all, he had spent much of his time as a guard deployed in Canterlot. Ponyville was a pretty peaceful place, usually needing none, to very few guards. But with the rise of Princess Twillight's new castle, well...

Things have definitely changed. And quickly, at that.


Speaking of quickly...

"Did she, just... trot in?" Arcus stared, speechless for a moment, as the mare simply trot into a princess' castle. You couldn't just do that, right? Unless... Well, unless that was a thing here that he didn't know of. New post, new place, after all...

And with a new place, comes a new question. A question Arcus felt like he hadn't asked since his early days as a guard, serving in Canterlot.

"Ooookay. Now what?"

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"Like uhhh, Sir Spike, do we have to like, arrest her or anything?  It was like an accident, but like I dunno, is crashing into royal property like a crime?"


Arrest? This wasn't something Spike had ever even considered before - the idea that maybe he'd have to perhaps, maybe, do some kinda house arrest or something of that nature...surely they didn't need to go there YET, right?

" I...don't think so, Sunrise... " Spike says with a small nervous glance...certainly not entirely sure just what kind of procedure should be undertaken regardless of this new 'possibility''. " I've...never done that before anyway! "
Spike didn't really get much of a chance to contemplate this situation more as the newcomer and cause of the current state of events seemingly invited herself into the castle - there wasn't exactly a plan for this, and he sure as heck didn't have the physical or magical abilities to eject the unexpected visitor...although, he supposed, Twilight probably wouldn't 'mind' terribly much beyond the initial conversation and discussion of what was going on. Either way, there was now an inquisitive stranger making her way into the castle, and a rather perplexed dragon currently looking on at the scene scratching his head in mild bewilderment.
" HEY, Wait! " Spike called out, following the curious pony inside...oh Celestia, what in the world was he supposed to even do now? This had taken the young dragon so much by surprise that he really had no idea how to handle it!
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Sunrise Beach was ready to accept Spike’s answer, given that she wasn’t sure how to arrest a pony anyway, was she even allowed to do that?  Neither the princess nor her immediate boss, Guard Sergeant Armor Lead ever broached the subject, probably because it was ridiculous to even assume a page had that kind of authority, but there were no guards around, well at least any that were in Twilight's service.


Suddenly though the stranger decided to walk right into the castle, Sunrise wasn’t even entirely sure if that was allowed but given Spike’s reaction it certainly didn’t appear to be the case.  Well since it was really just her and the little dragon, as she didn’t know if the pegasus stallion was allowed to interfere, it was up to Sunrise to do something like totally brave and guard like!  She ran ahead of the strangely dressed mare and skidded to a stop while turning around to face her.  “Halt in the name of Princess Twilight!” Oh wait, wasn’t it Spike who didn’t want to mare to go in?  “Er, like I mean, halt in the name of Princess Twilight and Sir Spike!”


She would need more than just her own small frame though, looking from side to side, the little turquoise filly spotted a few guard lances leaning along the wall in one corner.  Sunrise’s horn glowed pink as she dragged one of the heavy lances along the ground towards her, making an awful scrapping noise, and with visible strain, magically lifted it in a haphazard fashion between the pair with the business end pointing right at Bevel, “you like, shall not pass!”

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As the inventor continued to stroll through the halls of the castle, she took note of the strange architect. She didn't pay much heed to the two making a ruckus behind her, the mare was about to post a question to the dragon who was the owner of this place's servant... but before she did the filly from before skidded to a halt and then immediately turned around to face her. "Halt!" said the young filly, apparently  acting in the name of the owner of this castle. 


"You knight dragons in Equestria? that's ... interesting, ill advised but interesting." 


Soon the filly lifted up a lance and pointed it right at Bevel. The Mare just looked over the filly with her yellow eyes, "If you're threatening me with that... I should point out that I think the princes would be even more angry with those present if a mare who needed was found injured by a lance and an airship on top of the spire..." The mare coughed and leaned to the side as she tried to get a look what was further down the hall, "Besides you said there may be things within that could speed the repairs up... if my ship is removed things will be good as new. If you arrest me you'll dissapoint the princess as I won't be able to ... or just won't want to remove my airship and the negative efffects I mentioned earlier could come to pass... now care to lower that weapon?"

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"Update the circulation statistics for the week, check. Update the list of books needing to be repaired or replaced, check. Make a lists to summarize the other lists, check. Now to find the home of all these books returned!" 

Lore looked at the towering haphazard pile of books by the desk. For some reason several ponies had visited the library during the week, bringing back books that were read in exchange for new books to check out. But now the stallion had to get the monstrous pile to a semi-organized set of smaller piles based on their types. 

"Guess I'll start be separating the fiction from the nonfiction... what was that banging sound?" 

He paused and listened, but there was silence. Thinking it was nothing, Lore returned to his work but then...


The force of whatever that was shook the whole castle, causing the pile of books to fall on him. 

"What in the name of Twilight's Starry Crown was that?" Lore said as a wave of fear swept him. Quickly he dashed out of the pile and galloped out of the library. 

"The castle is under attack! All guards protect and get the Princess to safety!" 

It was then that Lore saw there was Spike and Sunrise Beach there with a unicorn who looked worse for wear. Was she the cause of the boom? 

"Err... let me guess. the castle isn't under attack and I'm overreacting again, right?" 

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A quiet and peaceful day in Ponyville! It was a fairly rare occurrence for what seemed to be the hotbed for drama and mysterious magical events in Equestria. Starlight Glimmer herself being responsible for one of them. With birds singing and the wind blowing softly, the unicorn couldn't help but to allow herself a moment of sunning near the window of her room as she brushed her mane. "Ahh. It's great to have a quiet day to just think and breath and..." the mare's revelry of the beautiful day was immediately cut short by a thunderous explosion that shook the entire castle, causing her to tumble from the stool she sat on "W-what in Equestria was that!?" did she smell smoke? That CAN'T be good!

Scrambling to her hooves, Starlight bolted from her room and down the halls and stairs of the castle. Skidding to a halt before turning around and going a different direction. "Left...no...right!...Wait no left!" she mumbled to herself as she began to open doors randomly. "Closet, no! Bathroom, no!...I don't even KNOW what that one is." this castle was like a labyrinth! It would take her forever to get any of these rooms memorized. For now, she had to find Spike or Twilight, surely they'd know what was going on!

Sliding and stumbling her way through, Starlight rushed into the grand hall! Great, she found them!...Not so great, she couldn't stop! Did someone wax the floors or something?! Thinking fast, the mare's horn lit up and magic wrapped around her, picking her skidding form off the floor and to a complete stop just inches away from crashing into Spike and...whoever the other two were. The young filly looked familiar at least, but the earth pony didn't seem so. "Uhh...hello everypony."

Well no one else seemed to be in a panic. Clearing her throat Starlight calmly set herself back on the floor. Quickly snatching the brush that was still left in her mane out and tossing it aside. "Spike, what's going on here, exactly? Did something of Twilight's blow up?" she asked, glancing between the little dragon and the small crowd of ponies before settling back on Spike. Surely somepony had some answers.

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Sunrise Beach had to think the situation over, there was really no one in authority in the castle to look to for answers, well maybe Lore Weaver, but he was the royal librarian, which meant he had say over the library, but not the rest of the castle.  Then there was Starlight Glimmer, Sunrise knew very little about her other that she was now a student of the princess and a powerful magic user who once did something awful, although Sunrise didn't know what.   In any case, she wasn't charge of anything, did that mean it was all up to Sunrise?!  She was just a filly!

Sunrise stood as tall as she could we a determined look while doing her best to hold the heavy spear afloat with her limited magic.  She may be just a filly but she was also the royal page of her highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle of the Rainbow Kingdom!  She had to protect the others, even if they were adults, and the castle!  Still, the strange unicorn mare did make a lot of sense.  Twilight would be awfully upset to see some airship stuck in the spire of the castle, and although Sunrise was sure she would not be blamed, it surely would be far more awesome if it was revealed that the little page helped get the airship off before Twilight came back!

The large metal lance clanked loudly against the ground as she finally released it, she really didn't have a choice, she wouldn't been able to hold it up much longer regardless.  "Fiiiiiiine, but you have to be like, supervised at all times and junk!  this is royal property after all!"  Given Sunset was the closest thing to an authority in the room, that meant she had to do the supervising, whatever that really meant.  Something about watching and stuff, at least that is what she got the impression it meant from school whenever Cheerilee "supervised" activities.

 "Umm, anyways, follow me, everypony, the basement is, like, this way!" Also potentially dangerous, but she wasn't going to say that part out loud.  "But, you can't touch or take anything without permission and junk, cuz' it's all like the official property of the princess!" "Uhh, well, like, anyway, the princess has rooms with her science junk and stuff, maybe we can, like, find something in there that can help?"  Sunrise looked about at the other adults, she'd have to just trust them to help if things got bad, but that didn't make the butterflies in her stomach go away.



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"Merveilleux, ils n'êtes multipliant." Said bev to herself under her breath. The appearance of a purple coated stallion and a ... more pinkish-purple unicorn came out as well. They both seemed to be familiar with this place, possibly more so than the small filly who bad been pointing a lance at her earlier. At the stallion's question she nodded, for starlight's own she shook her head, "No, Something of mine has taken a great deal of damage and I need locate part for it to be safely taken down from the tallest spire of this rather garish structure." 

"It's a long story with a long explanation. If you must know about it for whatever reason I will tell you on the way to... the... basement." The pony paused a moment and couldn't help but glance back at Sunrise questioningly. Why would a princess keep technology of any sort in the basement? Seemed rather wasteful. But it was not her place to criticize royalty, especially when in their midst.

"Can these two serve that role?" she asked, pointing a hoof to the stallion and mare who now stood nearby. "Pardonnez-moi, I did not get your names." If she HAD to be supervised by somepony, Bevel felt it best it was by two sensible adults and not an overactive filly... no matter how well she meant. She looked over the two curiously, almost as if she was inspecting them.

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Well this was an interesting change of pace for his otherwise routine day! Lore was about to ask the newcomer who she was when suddenly Starlight Glimmer entered. He wasn't sure what to think of the mare. On one hoof he heard whispers of what she did to Twilight and her friends, yet on the other she seemed willing to redeem herself and Twilight trusted her. Still Lore didn't know how he should fit in the mare's life if at all. Her entrance though was not the most graceful as she skidded on the floor like a hockey puck on ice!

"Uhh...hello everypony."

"Hello there, Starlight," Lore Weaver said, "Are you ok? That was quite a spill you took."

Lore had to admit that the young page, Sunrise Beach, was very enthusiastic about her job of assisting the Princess, maybe too much as she held a spear aloft with her magic.

"Um...Sunrise, pointing weapons at ponies isn't a great first impression," Lore said realizing that he was a little hypocritical since it was him shouting for the guards. But now the focus shifted to the pony who he was not familiar with.

"No, Something of mine has taken a great deal of damage and I need locate part for it to be safely taken down from the tallest spire of this rather garish structure." 

"And from the noise it cause this something must have been very large I take it. Are you alright?"

"Umm, anyways, follow me, everypony, the basement is, like, this way! But, you can't touch or take anything without permission and junk, cuz' it's all like the official property of the princess!" "Uhh, well, like, anyway, the princess has rooms with her science junk and stuff, maybe we can, like, find something in there that can help?"

Lore didn't know why the filly was taking them to the basement, but perhaps there was something stored there that could help the hapless mare.

 "Can these two serve that role?" she asked, pointing a hoof to the stallion and mare who now stood nearby. "Pardonnez-moi, I did not get your names." 

"Oh, forgive me, this excitement made me forget to introduce myself. I'm Lore Weaver, Head of the Royal Ponyville Library. As for assisting you, I'd be happy to do so as from the sound to that crash whatever is on the roof sounds big and will many to remove it. Oh, and may I ask your name miss?"

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"Oh I'm fine! I've had worse spills than that before!" she replied to Lore with a small chuckle. Being covered in a small avalanche would certainly qualify as a worse spill, Starlight was sure.

As the dark coated mare explained only the littlest bit about what happened, Starlight couldn't help but to arch a brow. "Starlight Glimmer. And forgive me for being a teensy bit curious on this, but how does something 'accidentally' crash into a several story tall castle?" given, stranger things have happened in Ponyville, if the stories from Twilight are any indication. But still, it sounded more than a bit odd.

"Wait. Oh no no, I wouldn't be any good for leading anyone around anywhere in this castle." the mare laughed and shook her head. "I'm lucky enough I found my way here...on the fourth try." also lucky for her, was the fact that Lore Weaver seemed to be much more capable of finding his way around...maybe he had a map Starlight could study...

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The young turquoise filly was pretty familiar with, and trusting of Lore Weaver, but Starlight Glimmer was a mystery to her, still if the princess felt the lavender unicorn was good enough to be her student, then she must be alright, at least Sunrise hoped so.  In either case she felt the need to justify her actions so far to the librarian, "like well she walked right into the castle without permission after crashing her like, crazy contraption on top of the spire!  So like as the closest thing to like a royal guard, I had to stop her until I knew it was like all safe and stuff!"  She then proceeded to salute although Lore Weaver wasn't her superior even if he was an adult, in fact the closest thing she had to one was Spike, who seemed more confused than anything.


Sunrise Beach felt incredulous that this strange Bevel pony gave her that look adults all too often do, that look where they question a young pony's decision, just because they are young!  Adults, they always think they know everything!  "Well like duhhhh!  Of course the basement!  You like think her lavenderness keeps all her equipment like, in the library, or the throne room do ya?"  She actually held her head up high after that outburst, after all she is part of the guard right?  Well okay, just a page, but a page to the guard of her majesty Princess Twilight Sparkle!


Sunrise Beach marched on down to the basement level of the castle; it wasn't well know but the basement was the largest floor in terms of space, because it could all be underground and thus made it the logical choice for storage and for Twilight's labs.  Of course that lead to the question, which rooms had any useful items in them to help in this situation?  "Hmm, like I forgot how many rooms there are down here and junk, well maybe it is like, this first one and we'll be totally lucky!" Sunrise opened the door, but instead of storage it turned out to be the room with that radical magical mirror portal Twilight had and where she very specifically and often emphasized to never, ever, ever enter without her being present.  Sunrise quickly slammed the door and faced the others with an embarrassed smile, "eheh, well like, nothing in there!  Let's try like, the next one!"

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The dreads on the mare's head shook slightly as she nodded; assuming the bookish stallion meant purely in regards to physical damage. Brushing one of the locks from her mane she sighed, She may have to wind up ditching these one day. Speaking solely in sense of physiological damage: Bev was ... decent. She had a few bruises and nicks on her hooves, there was a bandaid over the bridge of her nose but there was no telling whether that was from the crash or from something that may have happened before it. 


The two unicorns' concerns were valid. Having a large object suddenly materialize on top of a building was hardly an ideal situation. Her lips parted so she could try and explain but Sunrise's response more or less beat her to it, however, one pair of words seem to make the mare freeze in place as if she'd somehow been met gazes with a cockatrice. The following action proved that wasn't the case as she slowly turned her head to the filly. The mare's eyes looked rather wide and her pupils looked more like pinpoints looking right at the seafoam filly... the nervous twitch in her left eye wasn't making her seem any less unhappy.


"... Crazy... contraption..." The mare took a deep breath and calmed herself. Levitating a small box from her saddle bag along with a screwdriver. it made a high pitched but oddly pleasant sounding tone with each turn. "Sunrise beach, Right?" she began, "I'll have you know. That that crazy contraption itself is the work of several years of my life. The device inside it that allowed me to get here is the result of several months of development... " She narrowed her eyes at the filly for a few seconds, "Do you know what it's like to have something you've sunk countless measurements of time into and have it mess up so horribly? If you do, please share." 


A few more turns of the screw on top of the box and back it went into the pocket. "Okay... I'll explain in a bit more detail. I have been working on a method for faster travel by making use of teleportation techniques combined with my own designs and technology... It was going to work fine but an assistant back home (who will find himself packing when I get back) gave me the wrong charts and maps to work with. The one I was given clearly showed that below where the ship would have materialized harmless was supposed to be a simple looking library that took up little vertical space. At this time in the morning there is normally no one awake so risk of pegasus getting caught up in my ship were slim... and even if they'd been present the fail-safes would have moved them to a safe area in the ship. somehow this showy building was not included in the charts... and because of that the re-materialization was done -over- the spire my ship is resting on."


There was a hint of sadness in the unicorn's voice as she spoke but she made a sound like a gulp and continued to follow Sunrise into the basement. At least she knew her way around. The Mirror she'd exposed at best got a look of irritation from the mare in question so she just walked ahead, wondering to herself if this new princess was the vane type... No time to worry about that now. Bevel pointed to the next door, "This one?" She asked in Sunrise's direction.

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"Wait. Oh no no, I wouldn't be any good for leading anyone around anywhere in this castle." the mare laughed and shook her head. "I'm lucky enough I found my way here...on the fourth try."


"Oh I get lost here many times as well, and I work here!" Lore said with a chuckle remembering how he found himself in a broom closet rather than a bathroom. He was glad to see that Starlight was ok, but her comment on Bevel crashing her ship was something also on the librarian's mind. 


"like well she walked right into the castle without permission after crashing her like, crazy contraption on top of the spire!  So like as the closest thing to like a royal guard, I had to stop her until I knew it was like all safe and stuff!" 


"I see, but what if you attacked the wrong pony, like Starlight or me or the Princess? I know those wouldn't be on purpose, but accidents do happen. still you had good intentions protecting the castle from danger." 


Sunrise's comment on Bevel's ship struck a nerve with the inventor as she explained how much time she spend building it only to crash it. 


"I can't say that I ever spent years building something for years, but I certainly know about something you've devoted time to and see it fall. I used to have a bookstore in town for a few years. It was a great place, but the Tirek came and destroyed it while fighting Twilight Sparkle. But if there was something I've learned from that, never to give up and remember that things can and do work out in the end."


Ending his motivational speech, Lore began to wonder if spending his time in the castle was slowly turning him into Twilight! That speech he gave certainly sounded like her! Maybe his studies on personality absorption among like minded ponies had a grain of truth in it. What took his mind off this was Bevel's explanation of the ship and a teleportation device on it which made the ship re-materialize on top of the castle. 


"Don't worry, I'm sure there is some way to get your ship off the castle. I don't know much about large crafts, but I assume that it can't take flight again due to some malfunction or drain of magical power supply. Despite there being four unicorns here, I don't think we can safely bring the craft down using our combined telekinesis without risking our lives or others. Many of the ponies are now out in town in their daily routines which adds to the danger. Maybe the Princess has something to restore power or even boost our magical abilities temporarily to move the craft to safely."


"Hmm, like I forgot how many rooms there are down here and junk, well maybe it is like, this first one and we'll be totally lucky!"


"Agreed, there could be anything down here! Just be careful all, there may be some powerful magical artifacts that Twilight keeps safe here." 


He spotted something in one room, a giant mirror attached to some magical machine. It looked inactive but clearly it was a portal. Twlight gave Lore the same message of not touching the portal or enter through it. He wondered what lay beyond, maybe something interesting or something terrifying! Sunrise quickly closed the door with an embarrassed look. 


"Oh...right that," Lore said to Starlight, "I'm not sure Twilight told you but she wants nopony using it except for her. She even told me that! Not sure why, but I'm not going to tempt fate and try." 


Bevel suggested another door which Lore opened up with his magic. It led to a room filled with strange machinery and an unusual looking helmet connected to it by wires, as if the purpose was to monitor the pony wearing it. 


"Another mystery, although I doubt this machine will be useful for moving the ship. Onto the next one."



The room in question is like the basement of the Golden Oaks library where Twilight tried studying Pinkie Pie and her Pinkie Sense. See "Feeling Pinkie Keen." 




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