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Balder [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: CC

Name: Balder Kare

Sex: Male

Age: Adolescent Calf

Species: Caribou

Eye Colour: Baby Blue (#A1CAF1)

Coat: Light Brown (#AF6E4D) and White Piebald: Large white patch diagonally across his back, as well as the entirety of his underbelly. His right foreleg is pure white and his face looks as though it's constantly covered in fresh snow.

Mane/Tail: Red-Brown (#A52A2A) shoulder length and scruffy, though due to his piebaldism, the tufts near the front of his face are white.

Physique: Tall, and thin, what some would call gangly. Balder is taller than most of his peers, even reaching the height of some full grown caribou, though the length of his legs and his awkwardness with them have him rather clumsy. His antlers are rather small to begin with and his left one is even smaller than the right, leaving him with a bit of a head tilt on occasions. Due to his piebaldism, his antlers grow in a shade of pink.

Residence: Kareheim, the grand hall of Clan Kare's territory, located South-Southeast of Heil. Though now travels Equestria and the lands beyond

Occupation: N/A. Still in training.

Cutie Mark: Not applicable, though after having seen Jarl Sigrun during one of his father's meetings with the High King and other Jarls, he desires a tattoo of his own.

Unique Traits: Carries his family bow, Star Caller, and is quite adept with it. Were he to actually care more about fighting, he could easily become a force to be reckoned with from afar. When fired Star Caller shoots forth a volley of magical arrows along with any arrows fired, the arrows then burst into small glimmering explosions.

History: Ever since their founding, when their forefathers returned from the Spine, Clan Kare has followed the stars; Divining the messages hidden in them for everything from predicting the weather, to tracking the migration of game, to what destinies would come to their clansmen.

Jarl Haskell and his beloved wife Ragna followed the stars intently as each of their children were born. Each one being favoured by a different precious star. Olin, their firstborn son, by the Star of the Watchers, a star that foretold great wisdom and foresight in reading the stars. Runa, their second-born—a daughter, under the Star of the Sword, blessing her with a destiny of great battles and victories. Solvi, their third child and second daughter, the Star of Earth was her sign, a star tied to the greatest hunters their clan had ever known.

Ingrid, their fourth—a daughter as well, the Star of Air, a tie to the skies and long ships that sailed the caribou to countless victories in spite of strife and hardship. And Asmund, their second son and fifth-born child, under the Star of Night, a star that told little in its mystery, but often tied to Jarls and High Kings of eld.

Though it was their sixth child, another son, that brought confusion to the Jarl and Watchers. Balder, sixth-born child of Jarl Haskell, was born under a new star. One that had not shone in the time of their ancestors, a star that glowed a brilliant blue and left the Watchers baffled. There were no records that told of this, and so the calf's starsign was left uncarved until the council could divine the meaning behind it.

Balder's pelt was another curiosity to the clan. While it wasn't as new and confusing as the nameless star, it was rare to see a caribou with the patterning. Patches of snow white broke the light brown of his pelt and his eyes were left a baby blue. This drew many a curious look from peers and elders alike as the calf grew.

Being a son of the Jarl however, meant Balder never had to worry about being mocked for his strange colours, nor for his less than focused attitude. His siblings and parents cared for him greatly and taught them all that could. Or at the very least, all that they could get him to pay attention to.

The one thing that seemed to hold his wavering attention for long was archery. Whenever Runa would come to teach him the ways of combat, Balder would always favour the bow. Though his focus would divert to other things, in time the calf became a crack shot with the bow, able to hit targets even calves older than him could barely make.

As Balder grew the bows he once used quickly became too small for him. His height came to him quicker than any of his friends. By the time he was an adolescent he stood as tall as some full grown caribou, though his legs were the bulk of his height, leaving him looking rather spindly and lanky.

All in all, despite the oddities that surrounded him and the star of his birth, Balder lived a very happy life amongst his clanmates. And while he didn't know it yet, the day of his Will Test would set in motion great things for the calf, and perhaps for all of his clan.

Many many moons ago, Jarl Haskell's great-great uncle sat out for his Will Test, blessed with the chance to carry the clan's most prized relic along with him. The Star Caller, a large greatbow inscribed with the starsigns of every past wielder. Clan legend stated that the first Jarl of Clan Kare wielded this bow when the Tomb-Kings traveled the Spine, and with its power called down the very stars themselves against their enemies. However prepared he thought he was, the Wilds take far more than they give; The young caribou, and thus the bow, never returned.

Since that day, each member of Clan Kare who sat out for their Will Test has tried to find and recover Star Caller as well, that they may have greater glory in the eyes of the Jarl and their clansmen. But try as they might, the vicious dire wolves that roam the region refused to let them even one step closer to the bow's grave. Olin, the eldest of Jarl Haskell, was the last to ever get a glimpse of where the bow lay, before he had to retreat from the seemingly endless pack of beasts that harried them.

With a bow on his back and the small bit of armour that he could wear that fit him well, Balder sat out into the Southern Wilds. His clan's Will Test was to seek out the flower called the Star's Bonnet, a beautiful dark blue and gold blossom that bloomed only at night. Through harsh wind and snow, the young caribou marched on.

On the third night of his journey, Balder had at last found the flower he sought. Clipping the flower and carefully placing it within his satchel, the caribou could easily have returned home and completed his Will Test, a celebratory feast and a night of revelry would await him. But as he glanced back towards home, and onward to where he knew his family's bow rested, his pride pressed him onward.

As much as the young caribou felt his family and clansmen loved him, and he knew that they did, he knew he could do more. He could make them proud. On the fifth night, Balder finally saw it. Off in the distance, nestled on a stone sat the bow. It was unmistakable, it was just as his father's stories told. As he drew closer, the air filled with sound:a low growling which slowly grew, as from the woods drew a pack of wolves, snarling and drooling with their eyes set right on Balder.

Shocked, the caribou took a step back in fear, eyes darting around at the predators though they did not advance. Curious, Balder took a step forward and the beasts growled, drawing closer to him. It was then that a realization struck. Maybe they weren't wild and mindless beasts. Perhaps they were guarding something. Something like the bow!

With this thought in mind, Balder removed his bow from his back. Just as the wolves began to circle him, he tossed it away and let it land at the feet of the pack. Knowing he had thrown away his only real chance of retaliation, the caribou hoped his gut feeling was correct. With a calm and even tone, Balder spoke to the wolves as one would when calming a frightened animal. Slowly he drew closer to them, stopping if they showed signs of anger or fear.

Though the wolves eyed the lanky caribou, their circling had stopped as he drew nearer and nearer as his body language and tone showed him to not be a threat. When finally Balder was near the pack, near enough to feel their breath bearing down on him, he reached into his pack and pulled out his last few meals, setting them before the wolves.

"A trade!" he told them as he pointed at the bow. He wasn't sure if the beasts understood him, or if it was the prospect of a free meal that distracted them, but slowly they dispersed away from the relic's resting place.

Cautiously Balder approached the bow. For as ancient as it was, it showed no signs of wear or decay, and the wood seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. Hefting the large weapon onto his back, the caribou beat as hasty a retreat as his awkward legs could allow, before the wolves could have a chance to change their minds.

The journey home was long and painful. Though he had rescued his family bow, he had no food for the travel home. But caribou, even cloud headed ones like Balder, would never give in so easily. And when his clan's territory was in sign, Balder rushed forward, slowly ploughing through the snow before collapsing outside the gates.

When next Balder awoke, the frigid cold and howling wind had gone, replaced by warmth and the sound of a crackling fire. Blinking the sleep from his eyes, the caribou was greeted by the site of his family and the bow he worked so hard to retrieve by his bedside. Eagerly he regaled them with the story of how he came about the bow. All of them seemed surprised by this. It was a line of thinking none of them had ever thought of before. The Jarl himself, however, wore a look of realization on his face.

For now, it could wait. His son had returned, not only with the Star Bonnet but with his clan's most prized possession. A feast of feasts was in store for the boy, whom none in the clan could help but recognize as a full grown bull now. The celebration lasted from dawn til dusk, and when the celebration had died down and Balder had made his way to bed, Jarl Haskell carried Star Caller to the Watchers to consult with them.

As the sun rose on another morning Balder stumbled his way out of Kareheim, only to be met by his father and the elder Watchers greeting him. The Jarl proudly presented his son with the greatbow, with a new rune etched onto it. The old rune for peace, one not used in many moons. The Watchers explained, that in light of Balder's action, the nameless star that he was born under would come to be known as the Star of Peace, a sign of hope and change.

With this, his father bade him go to Equestria and the lands beyond, to act as a diplomat for his clan. To help show the world that change was coming to the caribou, and that peace could be a reality.

Proudly, Balder accepted, and with the blessing of the Watchers and the hopes of his family and clansmen, the young caribou set forth on a ship to Equestria. He wasn't sure what to expect, and a nervous fear lingered in his heart. But he knew he couldn't let his family down!

Not long after his son had left, Jarl Haskell attended a meeting with the Jarls and the High King once more. Telling the council the story of his son, his nameless star, and the events that transpired during his Will Test. It was then that he decided, his clan which had stayed neutral on the High King's stance, who waited for the stars to show them who was right, would side with the High King and add their strength to his.

Character Summary: Balder is a bit of a space case at times, his head is in the clouds and oft times it can seem like he looses interest in things he's doing. But rather he just splits his attention in many different ways. Though when the need truly arises, he can focus and keep a good conversation. As well as a child can anyway.

When you get to know Balder, he's a friendly and determined caribou, and while he may not be as strong or willful as his burly clansmen, he can hold his own should he have to. Being his clan's diplomat means that he's more than eager to meet new races and learn of their culture and teach them his. Usually though, this turns into listening to the ponies talk, visiting the places they speak of, and forgetting all about his job.

Balder's lanky height and odd colouration was never an oddity back home, but the former can cause a number of awkward moments for the caribou, stumbling over himself or other ponies, not being able to fit through doors as well, among other things. Which makes him rather sensitive of his height now and makes it a point of easy embarrassment.

Text Colour: (#A52A2A)

Poison Joke Reaction: His legs grow even longer, making him too tall to do much of anything without kneeling or crawling.


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This looks good to me. I'm going to put it up for second review.


One little note to check; you called the bow Star Caller and Star Call in the unique traits section. ;)

Ah! Thanks! Didn't even notice X3

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