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Midnight Mask & Other Interesting Ponies


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Greetings! While I'm new here, I'm excited to get involved in new RPs. If you want to interact with one of these characters, feel free to send me a PM and we'll figure something out. I'm constantly looking for new angles and RPs to be involved in, so expect this list of ponies to grow.

Midnight Mask

A spooky mare with a flare to scare!

Earth Pony // Female // Mare // Profile

// Current Active Threads
- Baltimare Mystery of the Spooky Ghost Ship

- Manehattan Fashion Faire
- Canterlot's Hearthwarming Party

Witchweed Charm

An herbal brewer with a disposition as bitter as her namesake.


Earth Pony // Female // Mare // Profile

// Current Active Threads

-Spellbound Hearth's Warming Gala-
-100 Country Kisses-



Emblazoned Charge

A knight errant determined to find the hero in every pony!


Crystal Pony // Male // Stallion // Profile

// Current Active Threads

-Jousting Lessons-

-Wonderful Day in Ponyville-


Bubble Bath

A bubbly naval officer with a seriously silly side.

Unicorn // Female // Mare // Profile

// Current Active Threads




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