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Limelight [Ready]


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Name: The One...The Only...Limelight!


Sex: Female


Age: Adolescent Filly


Species: Unicorn


Eye Colour: Lime Green (#32CD32)


Coat: Powder Blue (#B0E0E6)


Mane/Tail: Long and wavy Cornflower Blue (#6495ED) and Blond (#FAF0BE) mane and tail, both styled with a slight swirl to them. Limelight often can be seen wearing a short, starry blue cape - based off her idol's - as well as similar top hat and a pair of white cuffs on her forehooves.


Physique: Slightly long legged with an average weight.


Residence: Rainbow Falls, but traveling.


Occupation: Aspiring Showmare!


Cutie Mark: Spotlight shining in the shape of a Star.


Unique Traits: She can sing, she can dance, she can walk the tightrope! As a showmare, Limelight tries to be good at a little bit of everything, though this leaves her masteries very spread apart. Her (in her opinion) greatest talent however, lies in her ability to replicate nearly any magic trick or sleight of hoof given enough time. She may not be as good with offensive spells or even many defensive spells, though she has plenty of room to grow and talent to spare. Give her a chance with the razzle dazzle of vanishing acts, illusions or the like though? Then she really shines.


History: Everypony needs a hero! For some it's the brave mares and stallions of the REA, putting their lives on the line to protect Equestria and their allies from those who seek to do harm. For others it's teachers, paving the way for the youth of today to be the bright minds of tomorrow. And for others still it may simply be their parents, always there for them with love and patience no matter where life takes them. But for some though the choice in hero is a little...questionable.

Limelight was born to an average family, a mother, a father, an older brother. Plain as plain could be! At least that's how she felt anyway. Her mother worked as baker and her father ran a bookstore. Her older brother was away, training to be in the REA! And little Lime was bored. Dreadfully so. As peaceful and beautiful of a place Rainbow Falls was, there was little for her here.


The majority of her friends were pegasi, most of whom had little interest in land bound activities when the Wonderbolt Academy was always nearby. As entertaining as it may have been to watch them practice, it wasn't for Limelight. She couldn't fly, what did she care? This rift between her and her friends interests often left the young filly wandering around the village bored or laying in her room wishing for a more exciting life. And with how funny fate can be, perhaps just that was in store for her.


On a trip with her family like any other to Fillydelphia to visit some family, Limelight found herself at the right place and time for what she would consider the most awe inspiring, astounding, mystifying, and most importantly; inspirational performance she had ever seen. A performance by none other than The Great and Powerful Trixie!


Acts of magic, sleight of hoof, and showponyship the likes of which the filly had never seen, The Wonderbolts were nothing compared to the most magical pony in Equestria! Every day while she was in the city, Limelight would find a reason to wander off from her family just to catch another show. By the time she and her family returned home to Rainbow Falls, Limelight had made up her mind. She wanted to be just like The Great and Powerful Trixie when she grew up.


For months she would practice the things she had seen the mare do, with little success in the beginning. She begged her father to order books on tricks and magic and illusions, or singing, or dancing, balancing acts, juggling, anything she could think of that could get her up on that stage! Day in and day out she practiced, she wanted to, no. Had to be the best. She had to live up to the lofty goals she saw in her idol.


Her hard work, perseverance, and determination would pay off in the end. With her friends, family, and neighbors all gathered round, with the music playing and the spotlight shining, with a confident smile, a top hat and cape, a pair of cuffs, and a flourish, Limelight took the stage. Her first show, while certainly not perfection by any means, was a sight to behold. Showing off the tricks and illusions she had practiced, a juggling act, even sawing a pony in half! Her greatest trick that night though was her vanishing act.


With a twirl of her cape and a puff of smoke, Limelight disappeared from the stage, only to reappear behind her audience, earning her a round of applause! The sound of which only grew louder when they—and the filly herself—saw the new cutie mark that rested upon her flanks! She was sure of it now, this was her destiny. She would be one of the greatest showmares in all of Equestria!...Perhaps even the lands beyond in time!


While putting on shows for the town or her family was all well and good, Limelight knew there was far more to the world, and that ponies everywhere could do with a little entertainment! And so, doing what she could to follow in the hoofsteps of her hero, young Limelight purchased her own traveling cart with the allowance she saved and sat out to see the world, and let the world see what she can do. Maybe she would even get to meet her idol someday!


The stage is set, the curtain is drawn. Equestria must make ready for The One...The Only...Limelight!

Character Summary: Limelight is a sweet young girl with a great passion for the magicians and mages of the then and now! Above all though she holds a huge admiration for The Great and Powerful Trixie. While having never personally met the mare, Limelight counts her as the greatest magician she's ever seen and hopes to be even half as good as she is someday. Perhaps, even surpass her and become a world renowned unicorn in her own right.


While she had heard rumours stirring about her idol—how she lies and brags and boasts—Limelight pays them no mind at all. Jealousy runs deep in some ponies, and unless she sees these traits herself, she'd never believe it. And even if she did, would the rose coloured glasses she views the mare in let her?


Overall, Lime is not quite like her hero. On stage she can be just as showy and flamboyant, if not more so at times, but she never boasts herself as more than she is. She can't claim to be the greatest, or the worlds best, or even close to that. After all, don't those titles belong to Trixie? Off stage she's just as sweet and humble as can be, proud of her accomplishments, but never painting herself as the end all be all. Though while she's certainly as kind as your average pony, were someone to make a jibe towards her hero? Well...prepare for a long rant.

Text Colour: (#32CD32)


Poison Joke Reaction: All of her tricks and spells backfire, either not functioning at all, or giving the opposite reaction.


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Hi! I've given this a review for you :) only a couple small edits and this will be ready to go!

You mention sleight of hand technique a couple of times in the app... Perhaps change this to sleight of good? Just keep keep things pony.

Lit is mentioned in the last paragraph that Trixie is her mentor. I think it should be left at idol so there is no implied relationship between the two. This is for general RP reasons. If a Trixie player decides to go this route with you in RP that's fine of course but in the app relationship shouldn't be implied so as not to box players in.

Let me know here when you've made the edits and I'll be happy to pass this up for you :)

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