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Dragon Age Origins: Ponies United


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Dolor charged ahead with Buccaneer, her large hammer coming down on one of the undead and crushing them. She moved to the front, switching to side swings, trying to get more value out of each swing. She swung her weapon back and forth, catching undead with each swing and either sending them to the side or destroying them outright. 




"I know what you mean." Tehengu said, taking to the air to get a better angle before he began raining arrows down into the hoard. Each shot hit a target, dropping or injuring an undead each time. He was focused on trimming the edges, trying to keep them more contained. 


His gaze scanned the battle for a split-second, seeing the ones approaching Dancer. The griffon turned his bow towards them, picking off her opponents for a moment before turning back to his task. 

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Buccanner knew Dolor was nearby, and used his strength and physical size in battle to actually shove several of the undead corpses into eachother, trying to keep them stuck at the chokehold. Despite his best efforts, the numbers were slipping past time and, unable to concentrate, hoped the others were capable.




Dancer would be greated by many undead, 9 soon became a dozen, each armed with a blade as they rushed in at the mare. Thankfully for the mare, Tehengu's arrows thinned them down to just 6, but the mare was still out-numbered. Despite having a numbers advantage, they lumbered forwards, attacking her one by one.



Dolor's swinging motion with her hammer would prove successful, taking out many undead without issue, most of them being torn apart with a single swing. However, that's when one of the undead actually damaged part of the barricade that was sliming the numbers, and nearly two dozen undead descend upon Dolor, most of them armed and the one that aren't baring teeth to try and bite the Minotaur to death.


At the back of the entire fight, Cryie stood, watching. She felt useless, without knowing the injuries, she couldn't cast any spells, and her combat spells would only prove to get in the way as always.... She looked at her staff, before looking back up at the fighting in front of her. She was so useless....Everyone was fighting for their lives, and there she was, doing, nothing.


As the horde of Earth-Borns funnelled through the barricade, from the castle, 24 Pegasi undead took off, and after some slight waiting, began commencing 'dives' against the team. Only several went after Dolor and Buccanner, but the majority focused on Tehengu. Somehow, the undead fliers had noticed the archer and how he needed to die. Armed with daggers and their own bones, they went in with the purpose of cutting the archer to pieces.

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"Move to a side!" A mare said from the sidelines, apparently comming from the town. It seemed so, and if she came fro there, where was she all that time?


The mare had been sleeping on the inn all the time while the main party arrived to  Redcliffe, and had been sleeping for most of the time. She had heard that the town had been having problems and decided to go and investigate. She arrived to the town early in the morning and got supplies ready for her for the battle during the morning, before going to sleep till the night, when she heard the battle would take place.

Yet she overslept. She noticed she had done it but she was still alive. That meant she was still in time! She took her stuff and ran towards the fight



The mare used magic to pull Tehengu down, away from the new hoard of pegasi undead that were targetng him. She had made it just in time. Maybe if she hadn't got there in that very moment, he would be in some serious problem.
As she pulled him down, what seemed as a magic sword formed in her left hand, holding her staff on the right one, as she got ready to intercept the new enemies.

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Dancer was concerned u the numbers coming at her; but they were attacking one by one, and that was there mistake.


she saw some coming at tehengu who helped her earlier. It was a simple motion but it shot her trust for him way up. The Ephesus were lunging at him and she threw one of her knifes at one, the knife hit but it had the unexpected effect of disembwing the beast. 


Blood got in dancers eyes. She was now in danger, she ran and jumped up on the barricade, she poked her eyes inducing to help clean them out. On top of the barricade a small sea of hands reached out for her. 


Once ce she could see well enough she jumped down drawing one of her spare lives and got to work. She took advantage of the fact that they were stupid and only attacking one by one, by making swift jabs at the eyes neck. And side stepped backstabbing when she could. 


But it just as she thought she cleared out a group, she looked to see someone knew helping the griffon. CRACK!"


While she was distracted  one had smashed his blade on her collar bone. She was shocked in pain and knew the none was cracked. And like that she was bit in serval places. The leather on her armor held, no bites would pierce her skin but she still felt the crushing of the teeth all around her. She could work her way out of it but she could barely move her left shoulder.


"need help here!" She shouted. As she worked trying to free herself

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Tehengu had spotted the incoming threat well before he had been pulled away by magic. He growled slightly, but said nothing as he took advantage of his extra time to let loose arrow after arrow into the flying zombies coming at him, dropping them one after another. As they got too close, he flew away, leading the remainder of the ones chasing him into a spot he wanted them to be. 


Folding his wings, he dropped, letting gravity take over as he flipped over and fired an arrow straight into the head of one of his chasers, leaving two more to take care of. He spread his wings, using his momentum to propel himself back into the air and slashing with his sword as he passed right by the one that had been furthest away, slowing it down and allowing him to take them out with two more well-placed arrows. With that taken care of, he flew back to the battle, trying to keep any more zombies from joining the pile on Dancer. 




Dolor didn't really worry about the coming horde, her armor would protect her. Still though, she placed herself as a wall between them and her teammates, delivering one powerful swing after another to destroy the undead. When she saw Dancer go down, the Minotaur began wading over as fast as she could, clearing a path with her hammer. 

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At the front, Buccanner had no knowledge of the arrival of yet another mage, however he heard Dancer’s call for help and saw Dolor running off to help the Jester. In part, he knew he should have expected nothing less, but the number of undead that clambered at him nearly doubled, and even as much as he spun hid double-sided blade, the undead started to get knicks at his armour, damaging it and starting to tire the Grey Warden as a cold feeling raced down his spine. He couldn’t hold out forever.

The undead moved closer to Dancer, knowing she was injured. Several of them went to bite down, only to become victims of Tehengu’s arrows or swept away from Dolor’s hammer. None of them made it onto the injured mare, however Dolor would find herself circled and charged by nearly a dozen undead. Additionally, a group of half a dozen undead started heading straight for Tehengu, almost as if they could detect he was removing a large amount of their numbers.

Despite having been a newly arrival to the fight, the undead turned their attention almost instantly onto the new mage. With the barricade at the front slowly breaking down and Captain Buccanner failing to hold back wave after wave of undead, nearly a dozen of them made a charge for the newly arrived mare, all armed to the teeth.

Cryie couldn’t believe her eyes. A…another mage!? But this one was like nothing she’d ever seen, this one had summoned a blade out of nothing?! She knew a staff when she saw one, but the blade? What technique was that?! She was so enthralled that she missed Dancer being overrun until she heard her friends call for help, and fear flooded through her as she ran towards the injured rogue, staff in hand and seemingly ignorant to the undead that were there. "D-Dancer! I'm coming, hold on!" she yelled, unaware of the attention she had just ensnared upon herself. Anyone with a set of combat eyes would see 5 undead aiming for the healer as she made her way to Dancer to assess her injuries, but Cryie lacked these eyes, seeing only her patient needing her help.

The waves of undead were far from ending, but at the back, unseeable unless one looked past and over the horde, one undead moved with purpose. While all those which blindly charged into battle were Earthborn, this one had a horn, a staff. Climbing up onto a rock, it’s rotten green eyes looked over the battle with something that could be considered intelligence, more than just a simple undead minion, as it observed the battle before it.

As the wave of Pegasi were cut down, another 2 dozen took to the air, however, they stayed out of Tehengu’s range, circling around the castle, a looming threat but not one, yet.  

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"Well this is going to worse than the time I lost my innocence.." The clown joked deep inside her brain!


But her subconscious mind was right! As of now they were losing! She scanned the battlefield. She had to find a way out now! Her life as well as all the others depended on it!


No one in particular was in a position to help her! She Used her good arm armed took a few seconds to aim and threw her knive into the eye of a zombie coming at cryie 

"PAY AT... UGH ATTENTION!" She yelled to the girl. The whole battlefield was a mess!


dancer took a deep breath. One arm is probably broken. My friends are being overrun and zombies are munching away at my armor. I gotta harden up, and find a way out! She looks around the battle field and for a moment her eyes met the green orbs across the way. A rush of hatred and malice went they her as she saw him 

"just you wait!" She said out loud before looking around!


The hatred surged thru her body and melted away the pain. Nothing mattered except getting free and winning this fight! Her brain shut off all unessary functions and became a pure killing machine! Adrenaline laced her blood and her muscles tightened with the rage to survive


a large undead farmer was shambling towards her with a pitchfork! This was her chance. She had one blade in her bad arm. And her good arm was free. "COME ON!" She roared ready to do or die! 


as the dead farmer strikes with his weapon the world seemed to slow down! Dancer raised her good, free hand and with her forearm knocked the fork out of her way, and using the momentum against him sent it into he head of a undead on side! 


This is gave her the room she needed! She groaned as she tossed the blade into her good hand and went to work stabing at those biting her! She was quick and meticulous going for necks and eye sockets, getting more and more mobility as each dropped! In a few seconds she was free, but her battle high was wearing off and the pain was coming back. She jumped and rolled trying to get close to dolor and buccaneer.

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"Damn it!" The mare said when she noticed she has now gotten attention, exactly what she didn't wanted to start with. She seemed to be outnumbered, yet this creatures seemed to be rather clumpsy and easy to tell when they were going to attack, so a few well placed attacks and dodging quick enough should do the trick. Besides, her magic would be able to keep her up and running for a while. She was a mage after all! And one that focused on fightning alongside other warriors rather than standing on the back of the battle, attacking from afar.

She turned to a side, towards the new wave that went after her. She waited for the undead to sorround her, or rather close to her, then moved her hand towards her forehead and released a small wave of force around her, making the undead creatures be pushed back by her magic before charging against them, creating a magic barrier around her as she started to swing her magic swords from left to right, trying to take down all she could.

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Tehengu saw the new threats approaching him, diverting his attention to keeping them away from him. He fired arrows into them for as long as he could, switching out for his blade as they got too close. He kept on the move, slashing or stabbing at them before moving away so they couldn't surround him. During one of these moves, he noticed the undead with the staff, and his eye narrowed. 


"Undead with the staff in the back! He's probably the leader!" Tehengu called to whoever could hear him as he focused on his pursuers again. 




Dolor looked around at the undead surrounding her, the thrill of battle giving her strength as she charged to meet their charge. She used her horns as a weapon, impaling one and tossing it away before giving a battle cry and using her horns, hooves, and hammer to dispatch undead. 

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Dancer would be able to avoid the incoming attacks and make it to Dolor, right as the Buccanner backed up from the front. The barricade had been broken down and now endless waves of undead were streaming out. Buccanner would use his large blades to try and clear out the area the three of them were standing, before swearing at what he saw.


Cryie was in trouble. Not only had Dancer ran away from her, she realized far too late she was now surrounded by undead. Fear consumed her, she could barely fight, and nowhere near this many! All her magic was good for was protecting others, so useless when she couldn’t look after herself! She tried to run towards Dancer, Dolor and Buccanner, but the undead massed between them and the unicorn ended up backing away, scared, surrounded, and alone. She covered her head and dropped to her knees, muttering the same word over and over again. ‘No’



While the newly arrived mage knocked down her first wave of attackers, another wave set their sights upon her. Only massing a number of 10, these ones were different, armred with actual armour and proper military grade weapons, and charged, moving with more fluid actions then her previous attackers.


The green eyes stared right back at Tehengu, having noticed the archer spotting it. The undead mage wasn’t very intelligence, only capable of following its orders. A faint green light started growing from its horn, but nothing came of it…yet. Tehengu’s undead would start to get more interested in Dancer, Bucanner, Dolor and Cryie, who were all in the middle of the fight, instead of him on the outside of the fight, with only stragglers going towards him.


The undead that did surrounded Dolor, Buccanner and Dancer didn’t throw themselves in recklessly, but lumbers in, using their mass of numbers to wittle down the fighters, getting a blow here or scrath there occasionally.



Back at the castle, the ciclying pegasi in the air moved, using the battle’s shifted pace as their distraction, and moving behind the team, planning on raiding Tehengu and the other mage, assuming they didn’t see the attack coming.


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Dancer stood behind the two warriors watching; it only took a second 

"we're losing ... Losing" she moans softly as she shambles to cryie


"ok time for the real battle. I've spent my whole life using my muscles and weapons. Now I need to use my words. Something I never really done like this before. Heck my job is being a fool! But right we needed that little Mage! .. Wouldn't be a battle of it was easy. Never easy, never for me."


she came and stood over the balled up little girl and fell to her knees hugging her. 

"It's ok ... We're all just as scared as you! Being warrior isn't about fighting others, it's about about fighting your own doubts and fears. I need you. You have the power inside! Heal me; use your magic to keep us strong! I know you can. I wouldn't of brought you here if I knew you couldn't."


she leans in and whispers 

"the pain of losing family. The fear of death; inside it never really goes away ... But in moments like this; you can grow stronger than it." 


Dancer then then went limp putting some weight on top of her, her body still.

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Lullaby gave a few steps back when she noticed this new wave of attackers. She was able to dispatch the first one easily thanks to their clumpsy attacks and rather weak weapons, but this second wave. This one was different. It was stronger, with better weapons and armor, as well as a more fluent type of battle. Were this, soldiers turned into this creatures? It had to be. There was no other explanation to this other than that. She turned back, to see the others, and noticed that the pegasus were gathering behind them, and her magic barrier was soon to expire.

She turned back to the front, ontly to be welcomed by a tip of a sword. scratching her cheek. "Ahh..." She said as she jumped back quickly, cleaning her wound. "So that is how you wat to play..." She said softly, the magic sword fadding away as he got ready her staff. She looked to the others, noticing a group at the very center of the battle. She had to do something! She moved her staff up and after a moment it seemed she had banished into thin air. What had happened to her? Yet the other members of the partie would be able to sense her, like if she was still with them.

The undeed, well, she simply moved past them, life if she was a ghost, only to appear suddenly behind an undead going towards the group, sending it flying towards a side into a wall as she materialized near them, casting a magical barrier around them to defend them all she could.

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Cryie felt something on her back, and winced, expecting it to be one of the undead surrounding her. She was taken aback to hear Dancers voice, and her words echoed through the scared mage. She tightened her eyes before feeling Dancers weight, forcing the girl to move forwards, and looked around at the chaos that was the current battlefield.


Despite his strength, Buccanner was outnumbered 6-1 and was getting tired, no matter how many skeletons he cut down, more replaced them and the small cuts had started to paint his armour red. He let out a mighty battle roar and crushed a dozen skeletons in a single strike, unaware of Dancers attempts, and unwilling to die just yet.


The barrier erupted by Lullaby gave the entire team a brief moments without undead hording on top of them, but the bashed and crashed against it wanting to get inside. Even if Lulluby kept all her magic in the barrier, it wouldn’t last longer than a minute under its’ current assault.


“Dammit!” Buccanner smashed his leg into the ground in a rage “We’re totally screwed, outnumbered and I’m certain I’m bleeding in half a dozen places. The town’ll be overrun if we can’t push them back! But we’re not backing down, I don’t care if we’re meant to stop the blight, I won’t leave these people to their fate!”


Cryie stood up, and looked everyone, their injuries and exhaustion, and took a deep breath before looking down at Dancer, and smiling weakly. In a twisted way it was funny, she’d never tried mass healing before, never found the need to, yet, with a new family, she would have to look after them. She thrust her staff into the air, keeping a solid grip as she dived deep into her mana pool, ripping through the veil and sucking out magic from the Veil “p-power….!” She said softly, yet powerfully as her spell kicked into effect. Slowly the parties injuries would be healed, cuts vanishing, bones back into place and even energy replenishing at a rapid rate, lines erupting from the mages staff into each member of her family to keep them alive!


Right as Cryie’s restoration and healing magic kicked into effect, a green magic ball smashes into the barrier, shattering it regardless of the power Lullaby would try to keep it stable, and a new wave of undead would rush in. As the group continues to fight, regardless of what injuries of energy they expend, they’d find their injuries slowly being healed and their energy slowly repenishing, as long as Cryie’s soft green magic flows from her staff.

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Dancer felt the flow of energy go thru her. It felt amazing. More than enough to bring her back to full. 

In reality it was just some bad bruises and a a few broken bones .... But cryie didn't need to know that.

she stood up adjusting her leather armor "thank you cryie. You saved my life." Just then the barrier crashed and they had a horde of zombies coming at them 

"more life- more pain, right?" She asks as she runs forward leaping over a zombie and planting the blade firmly In its neck. She landed on the floor and stayed low cutting them at the legs and groin staying, low and quick to avoid movements for them that would be natural and easy to perform. 

She calls out. "Buck! Keep center. Tanga (flubbing her words do to speed and the gravity of the situwation) cover me!" 

She then spins on the floor coming up with a piroet slicing the throats of all the ones around her giving her just a moment of peace.

"cryie stay behind buck, keep him strong. .... New person. Cover the right. And dolor.... Smash!"

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