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[AU: Age of Heroes] Dark Core [Ready]


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Alternate Universe: World of Equestria: Age of Heroes


Super Villain Name: Dark Core


Alias: Dawn Valiant


Sex: Male


Age: Colt


Species: Unicorn


Eye Colour: Emerald Green (#50C878)


Coat: Charcoal Black (#333333) (Dyed from White). Often wears a Dark Purple (#25003A) cape with many a hidden pocket.


Mane/Tail: Red (#860000) scruffy mane with Charcoal Black (#333333) Tips. Red (#860000) tail, medium length, straight. (Dyed from Blonde)


Physique: Dark is around average height with slim and toned muscles from years of fleeing from those stronger than him advancing in a different direction.


Residence: Evil 'Lair' near the Froggy Bottom Bog. Really more of a shack than anything. Not particularly noteworthy by most standards


Occupation: Super 'Villain'. Aka Major Pain In The Flank.


Cutie Mark: A Silver Shield shaped like the Sun.


Empathy: Being an empath means more than just being empathetic. At its most simple of levels, you can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, even temperaments of others without reading the apparent symptoms. Making it easy to understand the introverted, or to see the real emotions hidden behind false ones. You can attack someone in a personal and emotional way because you know exactly what emotion is flowing through them, and can use that knowledge to play against them.


Dark is still learning about his power, at the start he's mostly able to read others and even get brief echoes of thoughts tied to those emotions or the briefest of glimpses of impacts left on the environment or objects (Clairaudience), and use those against them. In the future he'll start to learn how to project emotions onto others (Empathic Projection), copy their powers by tying an emotion to them (Empathic Mimicry), see glimpses of the past (Psychometry), and other emotion or empathy related powers. That is, once he stops being a little jerk.


Defensive Magic: Just like his mainline counterpart, Dark holds a talent for defensive magics, his main go to being solid shields or bubbles of magic. Not being the strongest 'villain' out there, the colt needs a way to keep himself safe from goody two shoes heroes and other villains who they they're more evil than he is! Which they totally aren't!


Backstory: Born to a long line of Stalliongrad Heroes, one would have thought young Dawn Valiant would not only grow up respected, but also to follow in the hoofsteps of his family and bravely defend Equestria from those who would wish to do it harm. But then, that's not taking into account how cruel children can be sometimes.


Dawn was raised well, taught right and wrong by his parents, got along with his younger sister, tried to live up to the heroic image his family had set forth. Even studying hard in school. But to some kids it just doesn't matter who you are or what you do, or even if your parents are heroes, you can still be a target. And a target he was. Being soft spoken, Dawn never even tried to fight back against his bullies. Being tossed into lockers, chased through allies, tied to flagpoles, you name it. It was his thought that some hero out there would stop it right? That's what heroes did, helped ponies in need?


Try as he might to make friends out of the ones who teased him so, nothing ever worked. Before he earned his cutie mark he was 'blank flank', even after earning it by saving himself and his sister with a well timed bubble of magic, it didn't earn him any respect. He hadn't got his super power, so he was a 'super dud'. It was just one thing after another with no sign of help in sight for the poor colt. He was resigned to his fate even as his little sister did her best to cheer him on.


It was the same thing, day in and day out. 'Heroes, what a laugh' he began to think. His parents would always tell him that sometimes the hero you need most is inside of you all along. What bunk. Here these bullies were getting away with this, sure they'd scolded if caught, and sure maybe they'd get detention. But it would just keep happening again and again, even making it worse if he was why they were there. This welled up frustration and feeling of helplessness caused an awakening deep in the colt, even if he hadn't realized it at first.


Over the course of weeks, he began to notice he could 'feel' what other ponies felt. At first it was just disorienting and confusing, giving him headaches and nausea as it just wouldn't stop. But eventually he found that if he just relaxed and ignored it, it would stop. And so too if he focused hard enough, he could pinpoint just who was feeling what. It was his power manifesting, he knew it! Sure it wasn't what he would have liked. Having much preferred something like laser eyes or super strength to get revenge. But he could make it work!


With enough practice, Dawn was able to figure out his bullies insecurities just by listening to their feelings, so to speak, it was hazy at first but came clearer over time. With a few scuffles and brawls, the colt was eventually able to find just the right things to say to reduce the bullies that one tormented him into simpering sobbing messes. And it felt great! Revenge was certainly sweet, and just furthered the colt's belief that villains got more out of life than heroes ever did.


Ruminating on that thought, Dawn finally came to realize what he had to do. Packing up his things the colt left under the cover of night, leaving Stalliongrad and his family’s lineage of ‘heroism’ behind. He could never be a hero, so instead...he would be a villain! With his destiny decided, Dawn dyed his pelt and mane to match the new name he would wield. One that would strike terror into the hearts of millions! Dark Core.


Now, deep into Froggy Bottom Bog, off the outskirts of the Everfree Forest, the evil colt sits in his evil lair...well. Truthfully it’s more of a shack, but don’t let that fool you! It’s still totally evil! But still. He sits in his evil lair-shack, making his eeeeeevil plans. Someday, he will take over the world! Or at least that’s what he likes to think.


Character Summary/General Notability: Dawn Valiant, now known as Dark Core, comes from a long line of heroes. Though bullying and the like led him to becoming a ‘villain’. Truthfully if one were to ask any of his ‘victims’ the villain is more of a pest or an annoyance at best. His Empathic powers let him really push their buttons, he’s stolen things, vandalized things, but never really done anything truly evil. However if someone points that out to him, he’ll likely go into a long tangent of how evil he is, how it’s far better than being a good-twoshoes, or how they’ll work in the salt mines for their insolence.

Deep down though, past the cheap pelt dye and grumpy rough exterior, Dark could be a hero. It would just take time, patience, and understanding from outside sources. After all, family has to say those things! Outsiders can be brutally honest.


Text Colour: (FF4000)


Poison Joke Reaction: TBD

(As mentioned in the name description, this is an alternate version of DC for Pressy's Age of Heroes AU. I've also made sure to get her permission to post it as a full on Bio rather than just in the OOC topic itself)

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