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OC Art Request


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Hey art ponies! looking for art or posting banner for Medo!


I would give a picture or something to use as a reference for her, but I have absolutely no art of her at all. The only thing that I have for her is a character description from her Bio.


Here's her bio description:





Young Mare



Eye colour:





Medō's Mane and Tail are both black in color. Her mane is styled with bangs in the front, and flows down her neck in a rather tight braid. In very rare instances, she will leave her main unbraided, to which it will take a natural wavy appearance due to being in a braid all the time. Her tail however is smooth and kept as straight as she can with a small mane tie keeping it together with a small tuft at the bottom of her tail where it was all joined. Both her mane and her tail are immaculately well groomed thanks to her herbal knowledge.



Medō is slim, in physique and about the average height for most unicorns. Her legs are tone as she spends most of her time out walking in her fields watching the flowers and and gathering herbs for the many natural remedies that she makes. She also travels back and forth from her fields to Jikan-tekina Teien, as she's one of the major suppliers of the botanical spas in the city.



I am grateful for any responses!

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