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Midnight Oil [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Midnight Oil
Sex: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Areion (Bat Pony)

Eye colour: Purple
Coat: Gray

Wings: Violette and Purple
Mane/Tail: Charcoal Gray
Physique: Smaller the most guard ponies, but of simmilar size to other stallions his age. He also has more noticeable fangs then most Bat Ponies.
Residence: Canterlot, Equestria
Occupation: Royal Guard Recruit

Cutie Mark: A gas lantern in front of a full moon. It represents his love of the night, as well as his willingness to work as hard as he can to get a goal done


Unique Traits: Midnight Oil may not be the biggest or strongest of those in the Royal Guard, but what he lacks in strength he more then makes up for and speed and agility. He has excellent vision and hearing, and is a master of keeping to the shadows and avoiding detection at night.



Midnight Oil was born in a remote area of the Eponnie Mountain Range in a small colony hidden deep in the wooded terrain. He is the only child of Velvet Wing and Iron Cross. Growing up, he was one of only a few children that lived in the colony. His mother, Velvet Wing took it upon herself to act as a teacher from the few foals and a classroom was built onto their family's house. As Midnight grew older, he quickly developed a love for reading and learning. Often he would stay awake well into the day getting lost in the worlds he read about. When he wasn't reading, the young bat pony would put all his effort into his flying and playing games with his father and other foals.


As the young areion aged, Midnight's thirst for knowledge grew. Knowing that her son had learned everything that she could teach him, Velvet made the difficult decision to send him, as well as a few others, to a nearby pony school in Fet Loch. His first day of class unfortunately would coincide with the news of the return of Nightmare Moon.... Walking into town he could feel gaze of everypony in the town locked upon him as he heard the whispers...the 'Spawn of Nightmares' comments. Midnight's first day of class would not go much better as he new classmates wanted little to do with the bat like pony, though a few would try to make his time in school miserable. He would shrug this off as the days went on, focusing on his classwork, earning him the nickname "Teacher's Bat," as he would receive his fair share of bulling.


Upon finishing his studies, Midnight would travel to Canterlot after hearing about possible openings within the Equestrian Royal Guard and the chance to serve the Princesses of Equestria, especially the Princess of the Night. At the Royal Guard Academy, Midnight would rise to the top of his class once more, honing his night based skills and being placed on the Night Guard upon graduation and receiving the rank of Specialist.


Character Personality:

When Midnight Oil is in a sociable mood, his humor and charm shine through. He can seem a bit distant at first, however once he warms up to somepony new, he can often talk their their ears off. When he is not feeling sociable, he can seem distant, lost in his innermost thoughts. Midnight has been known to zone out from time to time, being distracted by the beauty of the night sky or his own thoughts. He is most comfortable around his friends and family. He can be socially awkward around mares his own age and can occasionally put his hoof in his mouth.The bat pony also enjoys his alone time. Often, Midnight can be found with his muzzle buried in a book, reading about adventures and fantasy.

Midnight Oil has an ambitious streak. Throughout his life, he often has been questioned about his ability because of his size. He often will put every bit of his energy and time to prove those that question his skills. He had also applied this same mentality to his studies, often 'Burning the Midnight Oil' to achieve his goals.

Though he is pretty easy going for the most part, Midnight dose have a temper, albeit with a long fuse. On rare occasions he has lashed out at those that have hurt his family, family honor, or his friends.


Character Summary:

An ambitious areion that always puts his full effort into whatever endeavor he attempts, Midnight Oil is puts his full effort into what ever he puts his mind to. He was born and raised in the Eponnie Mountain Range before moving to Canterlot to join the Equestrian Royal Guard. He is fast and agile and ready to prove himself and work his way up the through the ranks. Midnight is also a book worm, often reading in his down time of fantasy, adventure, and history. He may seem shy at first, but takes a while to warm up to new ponies as he attempts to gauge their character.

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