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Changeling subset


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I realize it may be a bit much to request depending on how you view it, but I think I can make it fit well.

I've made a character application (I've set it to WIP for multiple reasons. If you want to find it, his name is Dramatic Flaire).

Anyway, I wanted to know if it was acceptable to have a character who's a half-pony-half-changeling. His pony half is Earth Pony, and he has a limited amount of changeling ability.

He can only change his colors, voice, and the length of his hair. His cutie mark remains unchainged, and he can't grow wings or a horn or change race or into inanimate objects. He can't even change his height.
If you'd like, you can look under "unique traits" on my character app for more details.

If I can get the race approved, that'll be one step closer to changing the app to "Ready"

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you. ;)

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Thanks, guys for looking it over and considering my request.

I'm going to give my app another once-over, and (hopefully) mark it ready. ;) 

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