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Kireina Hinode [Ready]


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Name: Kireina Hinode


Sex: Female


Age: Filly


Species: Longma


Eye Color: Her eyes are red in color


Character Color: She is primarily a pale yellow in color, while the scales across her body and part of her wings are orange.


Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are rather long and wavy, leading to some curls on the ends. Both are basically an even split between the same orange as her scales and a pink color, alternating colors back and forth. They are both well-maintained, and styled after Prince Ishi's hair. (my Ishi, if there was confusion there)


Physique: Her body is rather lithe, and somewhat taller than other fillies her age, contributing to a bit of an elegant air about her.


Residence: Her actual home is currently in Kyoma, but she currently resides in Ponyville.


Occupation: Student at the friendship school. 


Cutie Mark: She has yet to receive her mark.


Unique Traits: While she has no real talent with using her magical breaths, only able to utilize basic techniques, she seems to make up for it with strong, elegant flight and natural beauty and grace. This lends to her interest in doing some modeling. She’s also partial to writing her own stories or poems from time to time. 


History: Born into a fairly well-to-do family in Kyoma, her childhood was a pleasant one. Her mother was a fashion designer, and often got her to model designs as she grew up, leading to her interest in modeling. As she kept going though, her parents began to see where she was headed in terms of personality and lack of friends, and decided to send her to the school of friendship they had heard of from clients. 


Personality: While not unfriendly, per-se, she is more interested in her grooming and writing than interacting with potential friends. She’s by no means shy though, and is more than happy to strut her stuff on the catwalk or read out her poetry for an audience. She can actually come off as arrogant or aloof sometimes. 


Summary: A young filly in love with modeling and the written word who could do with spending more time around her peers and less above them. 

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