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[AoH] Sea of Petals - Sign Up/OOC


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If you though to visit the island nation of the Far East, you couldn't choose a better time! The Neighponeese Shogunate celebrates the yearly cherry trees blossom, but also it's 5th century of existence, which mean fairs, celebration and - for those in the know - opportunity.  Many different characters rally to the event, each of them with reasons for their presence.

Will this trouble be opposition?


Or both?


Sides involved:

Aria Ami  - The newly christened lovely duo of Platinum Gem AKA Prince Blueblood and Ossia di Nerezza as the villainous protagonists. After Ossia's latest stunt in the center of Manhattan, she managed to convince Blueblood to skip country to wait out the uproar. And what's better place them celebrating Neighpon? A land where magical relics old and new are for the grabbing. Supposedly.

The Titanic Tobohime! - For the young Yo-Kajiu this will be most likely her first big public appearance since she was gifted with ability of miniaturizing herself and capable of equine speech. Will she able to prove herself, or will the festive novelties prove to distracting?

The Courageous Kaminari - The Shogunate anniversary is not a reason to stop being vigilant. Sanda know this, keeping a watchful eye over upcoming events. But can she spring into action, when things even she couldn't see coming arise?

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21 hours ago, PyroBlaze said:

Well, I’ve got Sanda for this. 


17 hours ago, Pretzelparty said:

I'd be willing to bring In Tobohime if she coudl be fit in.


I was counting on both of you being in this ;-). Welcome aboard.

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