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Burning Aegis [Ready]


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Name: Burning Aegis


Gender: Male


Age: Stallion 


Species: Areion 


Eye Color: Purple


Character Color: A very dark purple, like a starless night sky. 


Mane/Tail: Both his mane and tail are split between red and ash gray, with the red being the part closer to his body. His mane is of a medium length, really just a spiky mass of hair that partially goes over his right eye. The color switches right after it passes his eye. His tail is just as spiky, though relatively short, with the red pert underneath and gray on top. 


Physique: He is rather well-built, with a good musculature. He is taller than most stallions. 


Residence: Canterlot 


Occupation: Lunar guard, part-time musician in a band. 


Cutie Mark: Three different music notes emblazoned on a flaming shield. To him, it represents his two passions, music and guarding, and his burning desire to be the best he can be at them. 


The day he earned his mark was during a summer camp. He was wandering the woods practicing his singing, unaware of the filly following him until he heard her scream. Darting to the sound, he found her cowering from a bear. Not knowing what to do, he broke out into song and ended up distracting the bear so the unicorn could run away. When she was safe, he took flight, the glow from the mark appearing temporarily blinding the beast and allowing him to escape relatively unharmed. 


Unique Traits: His ears are unusually acute, even for his kind, but thankfully not any more vulnerable to loud noises. This really helps with tuning his band and singing on key. It also helps to hear trouble coming. 


History: Aegis was born into a family of guards. Both parents were guards for a time, and he learned from them as soon as he could hold a weapon. Thankfully, that wasn’t all he learned from them, as his mother enjoyed singing as well. It was more of a hobby for her, but enough of a taste to get him hooked.


As he grew up, he flip-flopped between becoming a guard and becoming a musician, attending camps for both throughout the years. He didn’t know he could do both until the incident that earned him his mark.


From that point forward, he progressed down both paths at the same time, though he tended to keep them rather separate as he went, leading to the differing personalities. 


When he became a part of his band, the music side of his life really took off, taking him all around Equestria on shows. His life became a balancing act, and he went back to flip-flopping. Sometimes he was a guard with a side on singing, and sometimes he was a singer with a side of guarding. It mostly depended on how busy the band was, really. 


Personality: Aegis almost seems like he has more than one personality. When he’s on duty as a guard, he becomes very professional and vigilant. The model, stoic guard. When his shift is done though, he acts much friendlier, especially with mares. He becomes much more laid back and carefree. It’s hard to tell which one is the facade, if either one truly is. 


Summary: Vigilant guard by night, rocking singer by day. 

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