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Draco Silvanus [ready ]


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Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Draco Silvanus


Sex: male


Age: Older stallion


Species: Hippogriffian


Eye colour: Blue 


Coat: Light blue / dark green


Mane/Tail: black / mint green


Physique: Draco’s most striking physical characteristic is his split fur color reminiscent of the fur patterns seen on griffins. His physique is overall tall, lean and strong built thanks to his time working on his ship where he sees plenty of exercise every day, but the food is sometimes lacking. His body is covered in scars head to hoof/claws thanks to his taste for danger and leading from the front. He carries them all with pride and passes judgement on others that are ‘clean of hardships’. 


Residence: ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ a three mast Sloop of War class ship armed with ten 6-pounder cannons and eight 32-pounder carronades. The guns are split with half along her port and the other half down her starboard. Giving her five 6-pounder cannons and four 32-pounder carronades per side giving her a respectful 158 pound bordside. She has a crew of 90, undersized for a ship of her class rated for 120, what limits him to full staff one line of guns well leaving his opposing gun line with an understaffed crew. 


Occupation: ‘Rogue Privateer’ or as most call it, pirate, and is the captain of ‘The Vicious Disgrace’. 


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: The blood of the Silvanus family runs in Draco, a family with a very long history that they claim started with a slave that took his freedom at the end of a sword and a stolen ship from his master. However the Silvanus family took root they have been a blood line of gifted sailers, captains and even admirals. And like all true borns of the Silvanus name Draco is no less gifted with his talents. A master of sail and navigating few captains can hope to keep pace, nor sail head long into a storm without blinking an eye like he can. 


History: Draco Silvanusm third son of Barak Silvanusm, an admiral of the Mount Aris navy, in a clutch of four was born as all true blooded sons of the Silvanusm famly. At sea. He was greeted with the song of sail, the light breeze in his face, the taste of the salty air on his tongue, the rocking of the ship to call him home and kissed by the sea. Such was the birth all born of Silvanusm blood share.


Growing up he was trained in ship life, calling his father's ship home, playing along its deck and flying about its sails. Yet he was never the most obenet of sons. He hated following orders and despised how his father planned out his life with no care to his own feelings. He was to join the navy and at the very least be a captain, less than that and he was a failure. And so he was forced to join the very day he was old enough to join, something he hated deeply. The navy did its level best to break him in but Draco found himself spending more time in brigs than on the deck. To call his time in the navy bitter may be an understatement as he despised the chain of command. Wishing for nothing more than freedom he found his breaking point when his own father ordered him to wash every deck of the fleet flagship. Alone. Disgusted with how his father treated him and tired of the navy life Draco broke into his father's own captains quarters. After taking all the gold he found he slipped away at dusk to seek his own life and fortune without his family breathing down his neck.


It was seven years later that Draco saw one of his family members again. In that time he traveled much of the world. moving from ship crew to ship crew before settling in with the crew of the Blood Rose, a privateer ship, working for a rich merchant family in Aquellia. Acting as first mate Draco was well respected and given a large amount of freedom by the ship's captain, a unicorn mare that went by the name of her ship, do there rather close relationship. In all respects Draco was happy with his life at that time and felt as if he found his place in the world. That was until the reunion happen. His brother Marca Silvanusm was a captain of Mount Aris navy with an axe to grid. Untested and not seeing combat he wanted an easy win to prove his worth to the family. And after watching the Blood Rose open fire on a ‘Mount Aris merchant ship’ he got his opening. Unaware that Draco was on the ship until his larger warship was boarding it. The meeting was not one of love as Marca saw this happy meeting as the golden cherry on top of his cake. He found himself a traitor to the crown! 


And so Draco found himself in chains, along with most of the ship's crew for piracy as Marca ripped up their papers and patted himself on the pack. Taking them back to Mount Aris to face trial Draco was moments away from facing his court trial when the world came crashing down around him. Mount Aris was under attack. In the confusion he broke free, trying to find his ship mates and most of all Blood Rose. The city was in a panic and Draco found himself swept up in the running masses. Try as he did to move downstream he found it hopeless. Following the masses he was taken deep in to the caves where fate played one more game on him…


A full decade passed. Stuck living in the underwater caves Draco was haunted by his failure to save his ship mates and Rose. He never knew her fate and hoped she somehow got away like he did. For the first few years he did his best to lay low, fearing his brother or some other part of his family was down there with him. Yet he never found one. It took three years for him to learn, he was the last known living Silvanusm and noone knew that his brother was going to put him on trial for treason. He was by all accounts a free bird… or fish. By the time the decade ended he had wormed his way in to inheriting every last thing he can from his family name. Sadly it was not a lot with much of its worth lost top side. But he still owned the deeds to the family owned land and docks. Something he planned to make use of. 


The first year away from the caves was nothing short of a blur. Selling off all the family land for whatever it was worth he got the coin to buy a Aquellia ship. Sailing all the way to Aquellia he looked far and wide for even a hint of news about his old crew to no avail. Yet he did not give up. Broken hearted and with much of his crew leaving soon as his coin dried up he found himself backed in to a corner. With nothing but his name and old ship he went back to Mount Aris a lost soul. And yet he found himself wanted soon as he hit the cost. As the last living Silvanusm and with a working ship Queen Novo had an offer. She needed ships and needed them badly. Draco made it very clear he had no wish to be her navy… But he was willing to work for her. For a price. Soon after he was a privateer for the queen, his ship was prepared, upgunned and given a steady paycheck.


Arimed with coin and a seaworthy ship he took back to sea with a fresh crew. His time with Blood Rose trained him well for the life as a privateer. He learned much underneath her and passed on her way of running a ship. Trust, care and family made a ship. Everything on that ship must be on it out of wanting to be there and wanting to work for you. And so he won his crews hearts. Working alongside them, sleeping in a hamic like they did and eating the same meals alongside them. With a new family he found his place again. The pain and loss of what was faded away in time. Mostly hunting down other privateers and pirates that prayed on the slowly rebuilding navy and merchant fleet of Mount Aris Draco got skilled at ship combat and often took part in the bordering of other ships. And in one such boarding of a pirate ship he came face to face with the mare he once loved. She like him was much older scared and shaped from the years apart. But no matter the scars and time both knew one another the moment they met each other's eyes. Draco was as shocked as she was, the battle dying down as both crews saw there captains staring down one other in tears. 


Draco was faced with the unthinkable, he found the mare he respected with all his heart and one time even loved, and here she was a pirate. All the crew saw her attacking the merchant ship. Worse yet they were backed up with a navy ship that joined the battle. He had no choice but to take her in. Her ship was full of gold, more than he’d ever seen before. No more going by the name Rose she known as as Black Mane, a feared and wanted pirate the sea over. She made her crew stand down and offered her hooves up to him for chains without a word. She never spoke one word to him well they sailed back. Her ship pulled along behind them. Every last coin was to be given to the queen. He, his crew will not see one drop of it. Such was the will  of the queen. Watching Black Mane walked away in chains and heaps of gold pulled out to be tossed into the queens bank dug a growing pit of despair in his heart. Made all the worse as Black Mane finly spoke to him as she was taken away. “Is this the freedom you wanted?” and not a word more. 


Her words hunted him for days. Was it? Was he free? Not really. He was just a pawn for the queen. She took all his hard work and paid him a small wage for his crew. The ship was hers. The guns hers. She can seize it whenever she wanted. He was just a hired thug and the mare he searched for so long was going to rot in jail or hang by his claws. As the navy grew the need for his work was going away. The day will soon come that the queen  will not want him. Than what? What freedom did he have? Black Mane, Rose, she had it all. She talked about being a pirate even back when he dated her. The two joking about it side by side. To be free from all, be there own king and queen.


What did he love most? The open sea. No flags, no crowns. It's why he left his family. It's why he found Rose to begin with. Why he had a new family in the crew he held close. He dreamed of retiring at sea, free to do as he wanted. Why not do it now? He was not getting younger and the world was changing. Airships were taking the skies, ships of steel were rumored to possible and steam was replacing sail. Was this the freedom he wanted? He knew what he had to do. He had to take the leap. Calling for all his crew to meet him at the ship he told them the truth. What he was going to do. Long ago he was almost sent to jail a traitor. Today he was going to be a traitor. Their pay was going down, the queen was ending her contracts with others like them. These days were numbered and they all knew it. 


And so he offered them the power to leave or to stay. He’d not force them to leap off the deep end with him. But with a smug grin he saw not one want to leave. They are family, they were in this together. And so as dusk took the sky he greeted a shocked Rose, spinning the jail keys on a claw with his smug grin on his face. “This is the freedom we both wanted.” Was all he had to say as the sound of exploding gunpowder rocked the jail cells. The following battle for freedom was hectic as he battled side by side with her to the docks. Sails opened, anchors ripped from the sea as his ship took to the sea. 


Meeting with Rose and what crew they saved he and her had a tearful reunion in full. She explained that she can't’ stay on his ship. She had to get her ship back and save the rest of her crew. He did not want her to go, he just risked it all for her but she promised to meet him again. There may yet be hope for what was between them. But he had to find himself first. Gifting her and her crew what Pearl shards he can spare her the two parted ways at the first port they reached. Looking to his ship, all flags cut down he knew deep down this is what he wanted. No flags. No crowns. Freedome. In joke he called himself a vicious disgrace to the family and found it so fitting he put the name to his ship. He and his crew were a vicious disgrace and he’d not have it any other way. And so he took to the sea, carving a new name for himself as his posters sat side by side with Black Manes. 


Character Personality: Stubborn, heartless, greedy, backstabbing two-timing cat are all ways one can describe his personality yet such remarks are made by the ones that only know him at the other end of a cannon. His smug grin is infamous and featured on many a wanted poster. But to his crew he his shockingly caring and generous as he views them more akin to a family. As such he often leads from the front, works alongside them and will not give them a task he’d not do his self, and often has. 


This has lead to him being hurt countless times but time and time again he will be the first to rush in to battle cheering his crew onward to riches. But this is not to say he is gentle or soft. He will not blink an eye at sinking a ship to get what he wants. His love and outgoing charm is only for the few that have won a place as family in his eyes. Just never betray that trust he placed, for his wrath to being betrayed has no room for Mercy.


Character Summary: Draco Silvanus is a pirate hailing from Mount Aris. With a long and sorted past he has seen much of the world and underwent many hardships in his life. Yet the act becoming a pirate was not forced on him, buy the path he took with his own claws. With a need for freedom and the power to do as he wanted he hates flags, crowns and other such things. Believing in a world without them where one's own worth is made only by there self.  He is well loved by his crew and feared by others he follows his dreams with a love few can match. He has no dreams of getting rich and settling down some big home. He dreams of one thing alone, living free to his last breath. No laws shall bind him. No crown shall comaned him. The sea is home to the free and the free alone. 

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