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[Hippogryph] Cloudy Skies [Ready}


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Cloudy Skies


Sex: Male


Age: Young Adult


Species: Hippogryph


Eye colour: Yellow


Coat: White


Mane/Tail: Brown and red


Physique: slim, slightly smaller than average


Residence: Ponyville


Occupation: Research Assistant / Storyteller


Cutie Mark: NA


Unique Traits:  
-As with all hippogryphs, had a shard of the Pearl that allows him to transform into a hippocampus. 
-claims his slender frame was "built for speed and agility" (though really he's just smaller than average)
-Above average intelligence, below average common sense.


Having been born and raised in Seaquestria, Cloudy had only the vaguest idea what his name even meant. He spent a lot of his early life learning about his race's history and any scraps of knowledge he could gather. However, as he got older this got him teased quite a bit and as with most young creatures, made him turn on his attackers. Cloudy was often being disciplined for getting into fights, however this had the net-positive effect of slowing and eventually ending the teasing (and stocking his ego considerably)
After the storm king's defeat, Cloudy took his chance to see the world, making many new friends... and more than a couple enemies... though one friend really stood out in his mind, a kirin named Azure Ignine. The two became very close, being strange creatures in a strange land, but despite what many think, they are more like siblings than lovers. It was Azure's desire to study the "wild magic of the everfree" that lead Cloudy to settling down in ponyville to be with his friend. . . even if he'd rather not have to deal with Jasper. . .
Unfortunately, with the ponies of equestria knowing so little about hippogryphs, Cloudy found himself explaining (and embellishing) both his race's history and heroism as well as his own. Often 'reenacting' events that were supposed 'legends' with extensive bravado... whether he had taken inspiration from another over-enthusiastic egocentric ponyville resident was something a lot of the town's populous often wonder...



Character Personality:
Young and full of energy (as well as being full of himself), Cloudy can come off as a bit aloof and sometimes even an airhead, but he's a good creature who cares about his friends and those around him, never mad at having to stop an exciting tale he was acting out in order to help others (much to the frustration of any listening). 


Character Summary:
Despite being a little smaller than average, cloudy is full of heart and the desire to help his friends and any in need... though if he can brag about his or his race's 'history' in the process, he will gladly take that opportunity.



(Apologies for the low-quality image edit... not many hippogryph vectors available so I had to edit a JPEG... x_x )

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