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(Kirin) Azure "Iggy" Ignine (Ready!)


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Roleplay Type: world of Equestria
Name: Azure "iggy" Ignine
Sex: female
Age: young adult
Species: Kirin
Eye colour: orange
Coat: yellow
Mane/Tail: fiery orange with electric-blue streaks
Physique: average
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Researcher
Cutie Mark: NA

Unique Traits: 
-Like all kirin, Iggy bursts into flame when she gets mad, but she has learned to mostly controle this, including focusing her anger to further empower herself when in danger, but not lose herself to rage.
-While none of her spells are specially strong (possibly from a lack of practice more than raw ability), Iggy slowly pushes herself to learn as many as possible... often with comically disastrous results (such as accidentally changing Jasper's smoke into steam permanently) thanks to most pony magic requiring subtle modifications to be usable by a Kirin

Having grown up during the 'plague of silence' (as iggy liked to call it), There wasn't much for a foal to do except read and study, which she did with a passion. Having no voice made her even more introverted than normal, driving her deeper into her studies to the point when the cure was made available it took her several days to even realize it.
Afterwards, her regained voice did not help her win any friends as she spent her time questioning anypony who would listen about what she had learned, eventually being sent out into wider equestria to satisfy her thirst for knowledge (which if anything made it worse)
During her travels, she met her best friend Cloudy Skies and her 'little brother' Jasper, before finally deciding that the most appropriate place to settle was Ponyville, given both the fact it was near the Everfree, which brimmed with wild magic and secrets, as well as being something of a nexus of strange magical phenomenon - something she planned to discover the reason behind!

Character Personality:
Friendly, while a bit awkward Iggy is always ready to lend a hoof (especially if there's a chance of learning something new!) While she spends most of her time studying, researching, or performing experiments, she enjoys helping those around her as well. (Just dont try talking to her first thing in the morning or you'll be reminded kirin are part dragon... provided she even gets up...)
Character Summary:
Always eager to learn and help her friends, Iggy is a kirin out to solve mysteries and make everypony's day a little brighter (as long as she doesn't botch up another spell....)



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