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Wave Chaser [Ready]


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Name: Wave Chaser


Sex: Male 


Species: Unicorn 


Age: Stallion 


Character Color: A slightly pale blue


Eye Color: A type of salmon color 


Mane/Tail: They are of medium length, both very flowy. They look almost like a burning fire or waves going back and forth. Both are a mix of a pale dark green and a more blueish green in equal measure. 

Physique: He is very well muscled, indicative of someone who makes an effort to work their muscles, but not overly so. He likes to keep his soldier’s figure, despite his high rank. He is also taller than most stallions his age. 

Residence: Baltimare 


Occupation: Admiral of the Royal Equestrian Navy 


Cutie Mark: A wave composed of stars. To him it represents his skill with sailing and his determination to see things through to the end. 

The day he earned his mark was during a boat trip with his father. The purpose was to get practice sailing, and quality time as a bonus, but it turned out to be more than they bargained for. As they were out in the open waters, they ran into a storm and sort of lost their way. Thankfully, his father was able to navigate them, but that meant the rest of the work was on him until that was done. Even after, he had to take care of most things since his father had to keep checking their bearing to keep them on track. Eventually they made it back to port, and even though he was exhausted, Wave didn’t stop going until they safely docked, at which point he laid down on the nearest surface, which happened to be the deck, and soon fell asleep right there. His mark appeared while he slept. 


Unique Traits: Water Magic; He is very adept at utilizing water magic, controlling it to a much more precise degree than levitation could. He can focus it to the point of it cutting through stuff, able to make effective blades out of it. 
Ice Magic; He has dabbled in ice magic too to give him more defensive options than dodging. 
Combat Training: Mixing both magics with hoof-to-hoof combat makes him a force to be reckoned with in melee combat, and his water magic makes him a terror on the high seas. 


History: Wave’s life was certainly an interesting one. Growing up the son of two naval officers, or a former one in his mother’s case, he was certainly not lacking in tutoring on that front. His foalhood was a mix of typical family activities like playing games or going to the park and activities meant to build his skills. Still, he enjoyed himself as he grew up, and wanted to learn more, to his parent’s relief. 

As soon as he grew old enough, he was directed onto the path of becoming an officer as well, doing just that when he completed the schooling that went with it. He rose through the ranks due to hard work and his desire to see things through to the end. Certainly his skills in combat and magic helped too, and eventually he even rose to the rank of Admiral. He spent the time since working his flank off to keep things running smoothly and live up to the office, and making his parents even prouder than before. 


Personality: He is quite nice and honest with those he calls friends, at least honest to the point he can be, given the information his position allows him. Still, he is fairly strict when it comes to work, he had to be in his position, though he’s not without forgiveness or understanding when something can’t get done, it just needs to be earned. He mostly saves formalities for official meetings, but if someone insists on using titles elsewhere he’d oblige them. Due to wanting to see things through, he’ll oftentimes overwork himself trying to complete his work, having to make a conscious effort to tear himself away to rest at times. 


Summary: A hard-working unicorn, he sometimes needs a kick in the flank to get him to relax. 

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