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Unicorn Singlestone (READY)


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Dont know how this old app from ~2012 vanished, but it apparently did...


Name: Singlestone

Gender: Stallion

Race: Unicorn

Appearance: White and Grey Color Scheme, wears a jumpsuit with tools sticking out of it, also now wears glasses due to acute nearsightedness as he grew older

Cutiemark: Singlestone_CM.jpg

Special Talent: Inventing

Job: Scientist/Magitech Engineer

Very easy-going and usually relatively calm (unless you damage something he's working on)

From an early age, Singlestone liked to tinker with things, despite being a magically-inclined unicorn he loved science. He studied at canterlot (first in primary school, then highschool, and finally at the university), and continued his studies beyond what almost any foal -and even many adults- would have considered normal. It was during his experimenting with low-level molecular magic that he earned his cuteimark and realized, or rather confirmed, that his future lay in inventing and researching.

After spending many years as a professor and researcher, his funding finally ran out. Much to his surprise, he found himself a spot as a chief engineer and copilot with the infamous skypirate Harle Blackclaw, where he continues to pursue his passion of research and invention 



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