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(Unicorn) Twinkle Star (READY)


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Twinkle Star

Sex: Male

Age: colt

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: reddish-pink (usually covered by sunglasses when in public)
Coat: white
Mane/Tail: black

(Yes, he is an albino)

Physique: average

Residence: canterlot

Occupation: Singer/Guitarist (Con artist)

Cutie Mark: a single star with several smaller ones trailing it

Unique Traits:
His special talent is the Glamour, which enthralls all who hear it, clouding their mind. When he stops focusing on the ability, those around him have very hazy memories of being under the glamour and are open to suggestion of what happened during it (Though only to a limited extent) This power has made Star a literal rockstar since nopony actually hears him sing or play and afterwards the announcers praise him so they "remember" his performance being amazing. Note that this power only works in-person so it cannot be recorded or transmitted and is limited to those hearing him (so yes, earplugs nullify it)

Little is known about Star or his past, he burst onto the music scene selling out concerts and merchandise everywhere he went (though fans are dissapointed that he refuses to release any records) He always plays up how he is there for the fans and loves what he is doing; that he is living a dream.

Mysteriously his parents never accompany him, he is instead chaperoned as needed by bodyguards or other associates of his. (Though they are routinely interviewed and always have extremely positive things to say about their son).

With enough digging and the right connections, one can discover that Star graduated from primary school with honors, but did not start out that way --- his early records are filled with him being the victim of bullying and failing or barely passing any of his classes. However that all changed this last two years, when suddenly the bullying stopped, his popularity rose (with him being elected to student council) and his grades suddenly all became perfect A+ or higher.  This was also when he began his singing career and earned his cutiemark - which is what he and his family credit for the turnaround in his life.

Character Personality:
If you meet Star on the stage or an event surrounding one of his concerts, he is overflowing with kindness, humility, and love for his fans and for all of equestria...

...but if you meet him in a dark alley at midnight... he is the most cold hearted and analytical pony ever to be born. The only emotion he will show, besides stoicism is rare hatred and rage (usually and almost only when sompony mockingly calls him "Twinkie" or "Tinkle"). Something broke this pony's heart and froze it in ice long ago, leaving him a heartless monster... but a monster who can manipulate and deceive fans by the thousands... the only question left is "What is his endgame?"

Character Summary:
Idol by day, villain by night. Star will sing praises of you one minute and stab you int he back the next if it is to his benefit.  It is a shame that the joyous mask hides a pony so hollow and empty inside, filled only with darkness.



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Hi :D Looks good to me!


Just one edit:


His age says 'foal' but I think that's a bit too young based on his picture and story. I think he's 'colt' age based off of characters like Pound and Cake being 'foals' and characters like the CMC being fillies. If you can make this switch then I can stamp away!

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