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(Earth Pony) Brassy Hammer (READY)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Brassy Hammer
Sex: Mare
Age: Adult
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Blue
Coat: Gray
Mane/Tail: Red/Orange
Physique: Very Strong (She's a smith, she can practically tear trees in half)
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Resident blacksmith of E.V.I.L.'s base
Cutie Mark: Large Smith's Hammer Crossed with Tongs
Unique Traits: Formerly a notorious sellsword, she now forges/repairs weapons and armor for Team E.V.I.L. 

Growing up the only foal to a blacksmith, Brassy spent her youth learning the craft. Unfortunately, her father has the misfortune of repairing a sword for a dishonest and cheap pony who first refused to pay, then killed the smith in cold blood.

Seeing her father's fate, brassy took a warhammer from the forge and went after the murderer. She tracked him for several weeks and in her broken state, didn't even give him a chance to defend himself, smashing his skull in with her warhammer the first chance she got. Unfortunately he had associates who heard of this, and by the time brassy returned home, they had made sure there was no home to return to, having burned everything made of wood and shattered everything made of stone, even managing to somehow split her anvil in two.

So, seeing as she dealt with her father's death by seeking vengeance, Brassy set out with the same goal in mind...  her broken mind deciding she rather liked killing - she liked the rush of power knowing she got to choose whether her enemy lived or died, and she became quite infamous across the land, often being called 'bloody hammer' or 'crimson hammer' by those slightly more cultured. 

In time, this life caught up with her though, she made many enemies and no allies. She was on the verge of ending not only her career but her own life when she was approached by E.V.I.L. - offering her a safe place to resume her smithing duties, free of persecution and protected from the law from her past crimes. She accepted and has been crafting and repairing weapons and armor (mostly forgeries of solar/lunar armor) to this day.

Character Personality:
Strong, Prideful, but usually cheery. Brassy seems like a typical smith, loving the forge and working metal, always eager to please her customers... but unlike a normal smith she'll also gladly recount her days as a sellsword... While she is slow to anger, that anger burns as hot as her forge, so its best not to tempt her, she didn't earn the name "bloody hammer" for nothing...

Character Summary:
Former Mercenary and psychopath, time has mellowed out most of Brassy's bloodlust, and she regrets is, though only because it impacted her ability to run a smithy and live a normal life. She now smiths for E.V.I.L. and dreams of a day she might get to walk in the sun again.



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