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Caramel Corn [Ready]


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Name: Caramel Corn


Gender: Female


Age: Filly


Species: Earth Pony


Eye Color: Pale purple


Character Color: A caramel orange 


Mane/Tail: Her mane is messy and spiky, puffing out from her head a bit and reaching down to her back even with some of it pulled into a ponytail. It is mostly a magenta color, though around the area of her left eye it is purple. This purple area includes an inner part of the ponytail and extends a bit down her neck. Her tail is relatively short, and is similarly spiky like her mane. It also shares the same colors, with the purple being the interior and the magenta outlining it. 

Physique: She tends to be shorter than other fillies her age, but she makes up for it by being strong. She has the kind of strength that comes with growing up on a farm, and she likes to maintain it even when there’s not as much work to help out with. She also has freckles on her face. 

Residence: School of Friendship. Originally from her family’s farm near Bittsburgh. 


Occupation: Student


Cutie Mark: She does not have her mark yet. 

Unique Traits: Aspiring Mechanic; She has always been interested in how things worked, and would often take apart stuff and try to put them back together. 


History: Growing up in the Corn family, Caramel was the middle child of three, though she was actually the firstborn of her father. Not that she knew that her older sister was only a half-sibling, or that it mattered that much. It was a happy life, and a busy one with all the farmwork to help out with. Whenever she had free time, she would tend to hang out by herself, reading or trying to figure out the mechanisms of their more complex tools. 

Once her older sister left, things got a bit more lonely around the house, and she ended up drawing more into herself, only really interacting with the rest of her family. Worried about the solitude, her mother eventually sent her off to the Friendship School in Ponyville to try and get her more friends. And bonus, she would be closer to her sister!


Personality: She is a friendly pony when she gets to know someone, but being an introvert means it can be difficult to get to that point. She is very curious about how things work, and tends to try and figure them out by herself. She is very chill, not very likely to get angry at others. 

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