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Marcen Motus [Ready]


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Name: Marcen Motus, aka Prince Mortem 


Sex: Male


Age: Stallion


Species: Unicorn


Eye Color: Purple 


Character Color: Mostly a dark gray, it transitions into a full black on the tips of his hooves and his horn. 

Mane/Tail: Both the mane and tail are a short cut and a simple style. The mane is swept to the right and the tail is left to fall naturally. Both are black in color, with a couple gray bits in the mane. He also has a little bit of a beard, also black in color. 

Residence: The Crimson Mercy airship. (The one owned and captained by my character Scarlett)


Occupation: Pirate, necromancer 


Cutie Mark: A skeletal crown, symbolizing his skill with necromancy and his past. 


Unique Traits: Magic; He is skilled in using necromancy and ice magic. 
Combat; Though he doesn’t like to use them much, he is trained in using a tower shield and morningstar. Combining these weapons with his magic, he keeps himself protected while dealing hits to the enemy. 


History: Unbeknownst to him, he was born the older of a pair of noble twins, next in line to lead his house. Unfortunately for him, his uncle had other plans. In order to keep the foals safe, Marcen was separated from his brother and put into hiding, and he ended up growing up in a unicorn family in Hollow Shades. Maybe it was the environment he grew up in that led him down the magical path he ended up on, but as time went on he started to secretly learn necromancy while also continuing his education in other forms of magic. Eventually, getting wanderlust and the desire to further his skills led him to leave home and explore the world. Through his travels, he furthered his skills with weapons and magic, eventually finding himself in the company of Scarlett and her crew. 


Personality: He is a pretty stoic individual, not very good at expressing emotions and often appearing to not have them. Part of the problem is that he often just doesn’t have any strong feelings, like he is a completely impartial observer to his own life. Still, he is considerate of others, and tries to avoid things that offend them if he can. Likewise, he does his best to care for friends, partially in the hopes it would help him feel something. 

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