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Bolts Quartermane [ready]


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Bolts Quartermane


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Bolts Quartermane
Gender: Stallion
Age: Young adult
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Brownish grey
Mane/Tail: Brown, always well kept, and brushed meticulously smooth.
Physique: Fit, but not athletic.
Residence: Manehattan
Occupation: Architectural Engineer
Cutie Mark: A single bolt
Unique Traits: Bolts is a math genius. He can do complicated mathematical formulas in his head like no other. He know what works and what doesn't. He's very analytical, and evaluates everything with a technical mind that just doesn't quit.

History: Bolts and his twin sister Nuts were born on the same day to their parents Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lila Quartermane, successful business owners in Manehattan. From the beginning, their parents tried to teach them good business sense, hoping they'd follow their hoofsteps and one day take over the family business. Bolts was very receptive to this teaching. He felt it was very useful information that he could really learn from. Even tho, business wasn't really what he was interested in. He was more interested in learning the way things worked, and how he could get things to do what he wanted. Specifically structures. He was enamored with the feats of architectural engineering that surrounded them in Manehattan. He was always thinking about ways he could improve upon the designs of buildings and structures and loved to work with his sister on her crazy ideas, making them into things that could actually work.


// This is a summarized version, the full version can be found in Nuts' app if you're interested, since the story is the same //


One fateful day, Nuts came to him, in the middle of the night, with some design ideas to build a treehouse. She thought this was the perfect way to save the only tree for several blocks in Manehattan and simultaneously earn their cutie marks. Bolts agreed to help draw up the blueprints.

They worked all night on the blueprints, and brought them to a friend who worked in construction so he could build it. 

They oversaw the construction of their tree house and upon its completion, they signed their names on the blueprint and earned their cutie marks. Also saving the lot. Which remains untouched to this day.


Since that day, Nuts and Bolts devoted their lives to their talents in architecture. Bolts went to engineering school, and Nuts to design school. Though they went to different schools, they were never more than two hoofshakes away from each other. They were simply inseparable. These days, they work together on some pretty big projects, designing buildings that ponies from all over Equestria get to see when they visit Manehattan.

Character Personality: Not as outwardly energetic as his sister, but he has his own kind of energy. He prefers to show his excitement in a little more subdued a fashion. He is highly cynical, analytical and leans toward skepticism. He keeps his eccentric sister grounded.
Character Summary: Bolts works closely with his twin sister to design architectural marvels, that he then heads, with his sister, the construction project to build in Manehattan. He's a bit of wet blanket at times, but his sister keeps him on his toes. He likes to figure out the mechanics of things and analyze the logic of what he encounters. His cynicism and skepticism is often challenged by his sister who is by his side every step of the way.





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